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  1. Hi Jordan! I am your prayer partner for WAR this year. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for your to be ready for camp, that you have a positive attitude, that you learn a ton about yourself and our amazing God, and that you have fun. I will check back daily to read about all the amazing things you are up to when camp begins.

  2. Hey Jordan! So you might have two prayer partners…because I am yours too. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    But I am praying that you have an awesome time at camp! I know for me camp was always a great time to make friends, be challenged, and have fun. So I pray that you may have all of those as well. I am praying that you enjoy your time there and that you get to learn about God’s awesomeness!


  3. Hi Jordan!
    Today is the day you leave for the Ranch! I pray you are excited! You are going to have an amazing time trying new things and making new friends! Have a wonderful time, and I will be praying for you and your family!

  4. Hi Jordan, We have been praying for you. That you have a great week and that you feel good about the time you spend at camp this week. This is an awesome opportunity for you and the others and pray you will meet new friends and have a great experience. Jim & Carole

  5. ADVENTURE! I pray that you have an amazing adventure at camp this week! I pray that you will have an awesome time exploring Gods beautiful creation. I also pray that you may adventure out there and make friends and have time to reflect on life! Have an amazing time!!


  6. Hey Jordan-

    Today is your first full day at camp right? I am praying that you are excited for the next week ahead full of fun!

    I pray that as you get to spend time at camp you have opportunities to focus and reflect on who Jordan is. I pray that you have opportunities to reflect on your past and how that has led you to who you are today. I also pray that you can focus on the present. As well as look forward to the future!

    There are so many things you can accomplish in life! I know for myself the tough times of my past has impacted me greatly on who I am today and who I want to strive to be. I use those pasts hurts to pursue the dreams I have for my future. I pray you do the same.

    Have an AWESOME day!


  7. Jordan! It was nice to meet you yesterday bud! Hope the first night was fun. I saw the pictures of you on the climbing wall and ropes course, I’m proud of your bravery and trust in others and YOURSELF! Keep trying new things this week!!

    I pray you are learning new things about yourself and God. I pray you are feeling loved and supported by the other campers and the leaders. I pray you are happy and excited for each new day!

    Praying for your family also – that they seek comfort in knowing you are going to come back a changed young man!!

    Be blessed and happy!

  8. Well here you are, two days of WAR are already done. I hope you are not only having fun, I hope you are opening your heart to what GOD is telling you. This is an amazing opportunity, the kind of experience that can be transformational, you just need to listen to what your leaders are telling you. It can be difficult to see the light through the darkness, but it is there, you just need to truly open your eyes to see it. We are praying that it will make itself known to you!!!

  9. Hey Jordan-

    It looked like everyone had a great time learning and riding the horses at camp. It also looked like a great time around the bonfire hearing people’s journey of their struggles and hardships and how they came to Christ. Those are such amazing times! I pray that you enjoyed your time with your fellow campers but also with the leaders there. I pray that you continue to be inspired and impacted by the words and actions that you see from your leaders.


  10. Jordanโ€ฆi am so glad you are at RR. i look forward to getting to know you and look forward to our time of sharing over the next months. i trust your time at RR will be an experience you will share with me in detail. have a God time this week.

    1. From Jordan: yah I’m having a good time. The best part is the horses. My horses name is Buzz and he’s cute. Love you.

      1. I bet the horses are a lot of fun. How is it taking care of them and cleaning up after them? I’ve seen all the pictures on Facebook and it looks like a really great time. Love you

        1. I see you’re going to be leaving for your hike up north. That should be a real good experience in finding yourself. Miss you a lot. Will have to make something good for you for dinner when you come home. Love dad

  11. Hey Jordan!
    How’s Buzz? I’m so excited for all the things you have been learning! What’s your favorite part so far?

    I’m praying you are being a leader – being kind to others, demonstrating trust and honesty, and being brave. Try something new today!


  12. Hey Jordan!

    It looks like everyone has been having a great time! I am praying for your health. I hear quite a few campers have gotten a cold. I pray that you may be fully healthy to enjoy the rest of camp!


  13. Hi Jordan, Sounds like camp is lots of fun. I would like the horse stuff a lot. It’s Wednesday already but not so hot this week. Pray you are having a great time and that it will be a memory for a lifetime. God loves you and His love and forgiveness are the most important things in life. We are praying for you, Jim & Carole

  14. Jordan:

    I look forward to seeing you tonight…hope the day is awesome, no rain and lot’s of fun. Is camp boring? I know you thought it was going to be…I’m just curious to know if you are having a good time. It sure looks like you are. Buzz seems to be happy you are partnering for the camp ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. JVK! Whats up? This adventure reminds me of survivor man or bear grylls or something. Hope everythings going ok, you can email or call me any time im in the office now pretty much from 8-3! Im wanting all good things for you!

    1. From Jordan: yah in having fun and I had to say bye to my horse. I bet you don’t miss me lol just kidding

  16. Hey Jordan-

    How was the event this evening? I am bummed I couldn’t make it out. But I am sure you and Buzz did great! It sounds like it would be a blast.

    I am praying that you all have some nicer camping weather and are able to enjoy some sunshine. Also, just praying that you have peace being away from home, friends, and family. I pray that you are enjoying your time and learning a lot.


  17. Hey Jordan!!
    It’s trail day! Praying for good weather. I hope you are having fun, learning about yourself, making good choices and new friends. Have fun and be safe! Prayers for learning and growth!!


  18. Hey Jordan!

    Praying for you as you continue to explore and have fun at camp!

    Something that I was thinking about today was the fear of change. It is easy to stay within our comfort zone. It is easy to stay the same because changing is uncomfortable. So I pray that as you have had the opportunity to reflect and challenge yourself this week that you will take the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. I pray that God challenges and encourages you to allow change to happen. Stepping out in faith is always frightening but put your trust in Christ and he will lead you! Hope you have a great day!


  19. Hey Jordan –

    You don’t know me but I wanted to drop a note to just say that I’m praying for you this week. Our good friend Kevin is one of your leaders this week and my big brother Dave is another one of your leaders.

    People like me, who love our friend Kevin and my brother Dave know that our God is a God of HUGE things – in fact – things that you might think are impossible. I pray that you see His power and might and feel His unconditional love. I hope and pray that you’ll open your heart to the God of the universe this week. The Savior of the world made you uniquely in His image and loves you just as you are!!

    Jordan – you’re on an adventure of a lifetime this week and with God on your side, there’s nothing stopping you!!

  20. Hi Jordan, Have been praying that your week continues to go well and you are growing from this experience. When we allow God into our lives everything isn’t always perfect but we can depend on Him. He knows what is best for us and His love for us gives our lives meaning and happiness. He cares for us and guides us through the tough times. That’s His promise! So end up the week strong and give thanks to God. The best to you, Jim & carole

  21. Hey Jordan-

    Praying for ya! I hope you are having a great time, learning a lot, challenging yourself, and making great friends.


  22. Hey Jordan-

    So I don’t know what kind of music you enjoy listening to. But sometimes I find that music is a great way to connect with God and reflect on life. It can be an escape, but a healthy one. Some days I find myself listening to artists that sing of Gods wonder, his provision, and his love. Other times I listen to music that is a testimony of someone’s life. Have you ever heard of NF? I like music that has a beat but that is glorifying to God. Music that is real. So I am not sure if music is an “escape” for you. But I pray that you find time to spend focused on you and processing the good and bad days because we all have those.

    I pray that you allow God to work through you, whatever that may look like. May God challenge, encourage, and inspire you.

  23. Hey Jordan!
    Been thinking a lot about you all since I saw you Thursday. I’m hoping that everyone is getting along well and that you are being a strong positive leader at camp. I pray that the weather is okay for you, that you are opening up to your fellow campers and leaders, and that you being to realize your true potential. You are a super cool kid, and I pray you are using your talents for good!! Continue to press on and rise above!


  24. Hey Jordan-

    I just want to share a Bible verse that I was reading today that I find so amazing.

    “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. ” -2 Corinthians 5:17

    This verse holds such power. As a child of God we are NEW. That means our sins are forgiven, it means healing takes place from the many hurts we have endured, it means love abounds and we are covered in God’s grace. We are transformed. It is a transformation that does not change our life circumstances are makes life easy. But it is a transformation of our hearts.

    I pray that through this week you have been transformed. I pray that you recognize the constant flow of Gods grace and love. I pray that you dedicate your life to God and allow yourself to be transformed into a young man who follows Gods heart.


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