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Hiking Trail Day One

The girls have successfully completed their first day on the trail and they did awesome! They truly showed their strength and perseverance in the face of a tough new challenge. They encouraged one another and pushed each other towards they goal. Since there is little to no service on the trail, blogs posts will most likely not be available. Teens and staff are doing great though.

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. – James 1:12

Using His Strength to Overcome Obstacles

We began our day with diving into God’s word and focusing on Romans 1:20. The girls were asked, “What is the most important thing God made?” He made us, and he made us in his image. Kabita shared an example of this by saying “ we were created with mouths that can speak and share his word with others.” God carefully crafted our world and all of the people in it.

After breakfast, the girls went to riding lessons where they were able to learn some new skills. They were also able to play a game on the horses called “red light/ green light” where they learned how to better control their horses and have some fun!

During an entrepreneurship activity the girls were challenged to think creatively and construct the tallest structure possible. They were given spaghetti noodles, marshmallows, string and tape. They worked together to create a plan, execute their ideas and achieve their goal. They realized that in order to be successful  they needed to communicate with each other and work as a team.

The afternoon was filled with camp activities such as swimming, archery and tamahawks. The girls pushed themselves through a water obstacle course and tried paddle boarding and kayaking.


Many of the girls overcame their fears and challenged themselves to go on the zip line. They climbed the 40ft. tall ladder and made the plunge despite their hesitation or worries. They all provided encouragement and support for each other throughout each activity.

After such a long day, the group of girls gathered in the Stone House and were able to hear some words of motivation from Jen, an  entrepreneur and previous Remembrance Ranch Leader. She shared her story and provided some wise words of advice about how to overcome life’s circumstances.

Please continue to pray for the girls as they intentionally work on their personal goals.  Look for details of their personal goals tomorrow on the blog.

Day 2 Wake-up

These girls sure do love the animals! It’s been great watching them experience  God’s beautiful creation as they  interact with them here on the ranch!

We kicked the day off with breakfast and chapel this morning. After chapel we took a swim in the lake! The girls had lots of fun cooling off on this hot day.