Day 5

Day 5 of the journey truly revealed the growth in each of the girls. It is very evident that The girls have developed strong relationships with one another. But most importantly, their relationship with Christ has thrived. Their ability to acknowledge Gods presence throughout the day is inspiring.

Just as every other day, the girls started their morning with super great attitudes. The sound of Laughter and joy fills the Stone House each and every morning.

Devotions covered verses Psalm 139.1-4 which lead to very in depth conversations about how God knows everything about us. And that he accepts us completely.

After breakfast, the girls hopped on the horses for some more riding lessons to prepare for the trail ride. They also rode a smaller horse, and worked as a team to get him through a maze. The girls did an amazing job at motivating one another and improving their communication skills.

The girls enjoyed an entrepreneurship activity after lunch which challenged them to communicate their vision effectively. This intailed giving spefic directions to a partner in order to replicate a picture they designed.

The girls designed masks to interpret what side of themselves they keep hidden and the side they show to the world. This gave the girls a chance to identify the invisible masks that hide what try defines them, while also referring back to this mornings deviations. And hopefully encouraged them to let go of some of their masks this week and realize that God created them perfectly in his image.

And last but not least, as the Junior Leader my favorite part of the trip so far was The trail ride on the horses. (Aside from receiving so much LOVE from the girls!!) We have trained all week for this day, and it was heart warming to see the joy in their faces as they made their way through the trail. The horses truly united the group, in a way that brought out the best in each of them. The relationships they built with their horses showed that they all have such huge hearts. And the lessons they teach me about the importance of faith is something I will hold with me forever. We’re all very thankful for the barn staff that made this journey so memorable. Thank you for all of the prayers. Thank you for all of the support. And Thank you Cran-Hill !!! For the amazing experiences that taught the girl such valuable lessons. Manistee Trail here we come!!!

~With love,  Janelly

Day 4 Update

Morning devotions focused on how God created a masterpiece in each of us. He created us in his image and therefore we were made to be like him. Knowing this, to criticize ourselves means that we are criticizing the Lord’s work.

During riding lessons the girls learned how to better control their horses and lead them.

After coming back from the horses we adventured to a new planet as the girls did a lot of entrepreneur activities with a creative mindset. Using a list of 5 materials, each group problem solved through large chasms in Mars and meteoroid showers  to see which group could use their items in the most creative and realistic ways while interacting with their group.

Lunch was great and gave us enough energy to get back to the saddles and learn more on our horses. Each girl was given the opportunity to learn to take the next step in their horses and trot. Every girl with huge smiles on their faces trotted around the arena and owned their moments to shine. While one group was on the horses the other group was learning about the value of trust with horses but more importantly the truth that God speaks into our lives. One of the equine directors, Jillian, brought a horse in the round pen and showed the staff and the girls how she builds trust as a trainer with the horses. She used the analogy that we are the horses and the trainer is God and everything that she did showed the actions and truths that Allows the horses to know she is consistent and won’t leave and how this is the same with God. The more trust that we build the closer we are to mirroring the footsteps and actions of Christ.

After standing and riding in the hot sun for a few hours we got on our suits and went to the river to tube. We had a blast in the freezing cold water laughing and splashing with each other.

We got back and ate some dinner and headed towards the lake to start and fire and talk. Pat stood in front of the girls and shared his testimony. All the girls were locked in and loved hearing about the transformation that God has done in his life. After many great questions from a lot of the girls we were able to reach a deeper level and communicate well.

As we continue our adventure tomorrow continue to pray and love in these girls as they are loving this experience and loving themselves through this moment. Thank you for the support we feel the love.

Teen Updates

Little by little we can see growth in leadership and communication. In many activities we are seeing Marissa take charge and put in a lot of input that Is helping the group out immensely. Also we have challenged her to everydsy leave more toys back at the house as we go throughout our day and we have seen her take a lot if initiative and push herself to achieve that goal.

Stacie has really made a lot of progress from last year in many ways. We have seen her gain better strategies to cope with her anger in certain situations. With that she is able to make the most out of every activity. We have also seen a caring side come out of stacie where she is making it a priority to help someone everyday.

Jenna’s leadership abilities are becoming stronger and stronger and we have been able to see her joy when contributing to the group. Even on rough days we have seen a vast amount of maturity in jenna no matter if it is accepting responsibility ability or in her relationships with the other girls.

Addyson has taken every opportunity to grow and learn and used them to do just that. She has been all in everyday and that energy and willingness to try has really rubbed off on everyone to do this Same.

Sam has a brilliant mind and a great humor. We have really pushed her to use those things to contribute to the group. Everyday we have seen progress in that. She has thrived in our entrepreneurship activities and just needs to continue to work on the confidence in herself.

Sofie has a sense of joy and humor that no one can take away from her. Every day she brings that energy and is excited for every event. With that excitement we have seen some lack of focus but by challenging her we have seen her working towards those goals. In horses riding and other activities she is completely locked in and is striving to do her best.

Amelia has been an eager leader since she got to camp. She shared that she was nervous to come, but now that she is here she feels she has been able to make friends and feel comfortable. During group activities she shows her passion to offer her input and ideas to others. She works hard to accomplish the goal that’s been given and be successful. Amelia has also been able to lead in her faith and share about how God has impacted her life. Amelia’s personal goal is to be more independent.

Sabria has let her personality show and shine during our time at camp. She has opened up and shown others who she is and developed relationships with the other girls. Sabria takes on new challenges eagerly and gives it her full effort. She has pushed herself in her faith and volunteered to pray even when she felt unsure of how. Sabria is working to communicate and interact more and stay focused.

Hailey has been a leader to the rest of the group. She has been supportive and willing to help others when they need it. Hailey has been showing her kind and caring nature to those around her and interacting with new girls and making relationships. Hailey’s goal is to continue to open up and interact with girls and allow herself to trust them.

Kabita came to camp without really knowing what to expect. She shared that she was nervous to come and it can hard to open up to others. Kabita has pushed herself to step outside of her comfort zone and interact with all the other girls. She has let her personality show and shared her thoughts and ideas with groups. She had also given her full and eager participation in every activity. She has been a great leader to the others girls by doing the right thing. Kabita’s personal goal is to continue to open up and interact with everyone.

Using His Strength to Overcome Obstacles

We began our day with diving into God’s word and focusing on Romans 1:20. The girls were asked, “What is the most important thing God made?” He made us, and he made us in his image. Kabita shared an example of this by saying “ we were created with mouths that can speak and share his word with others.” God carefully crafted our world and all of the people in it.

After breakfast, the girls went to riding lessons where they were able to learn some new skills. They were also able to play a game on the horses called “red light/ green light” where they learned how to better control their horses and have some fun!

During an entrepreneurship activity the girls were challenged to think creatively and construct the tallest structure possible. They were given spaghetti noodles, marshmallows, string and tape. They worked together to create a plan, execute their ideas and achieve their goal. They realized that in order to be successful  they needed to communicate with each other and work as a team.

The afternoon was filled with camp activities such as swimming, archery and tamahawks. The girls pushed themselves through a water obstacle course and tried paddle boarding and kayaking.


Many of the girls overcame their fears and challenged themselves to go on the zip line. They climbed the 40ft. tall ladder and made the plunge despite their hesitation or worries. They all provided encouragement and support for each other throughout each activity.

After such a long day, the group of girls gathered in the Stone House and were able to hear some words of motivation from Jen, an  entrepreneur and previous Remembrance Ranch Leader. She shared her story and provided some wise words of advice about how to overcome life’s circumstances.

Please continue to pray for the girls as they intentionally work on their personal goals.  Look for details of their personal goals tomorrow on the blog.

Evidence of His Beautiful and Balanced Creation

Day 2 has provided multiple opportunities to see evidence of our amazing GOD at work.  The girls woke up early and ready to take on the day! We started with morning devotions, discussing questions like, Who is GOD?  How do we know HE exists?  How do we communicate with GOD?  We also had a chance to attend worship at the Cranhill Chapel in the Pines.

During a quick stop at the stonehouse, the girls made affirmation bags…each girl has their own bag with their name on it.  At any point during the week, anyone can write a positive message to another person to encourage them!

After lunch the girls participated in a team building activity where they were able to grow their communication skills.  Amelia, Jenna, and Hailey stepped up in leadership.  All the girls worked together to complete the goal.  Although they struggled to balance the board, the team persevered.

Our most exciting part of the day was meeting the horses.  They groomed, saddled and had their riding evaluations.  It was fun to see each of the girls light up as they worked with their horses.

Archery Tag was a hit…except for Patrick targeting all the other staff members and Jenna :).  The girls worked in “dodge ball” fashion take out their opponents.  After several shots taken, one team prevailed…Michelle’s team.

After points were assigned, we traveled to Culver’s for some ice-cream treat.  Everyone enjoyed extra toppings.  We are looking  forward to another eventful day tomorrow.

Pray that the girls continue to grow in their faith as they continue to see evidence of our Loving God all around them.

Day 1 Comes to a Close

Our first day was AMAZING! The girls are really connecting and beginning to support each other already.

It was powerful to see all the parents of the teenagers placing their hands on their daughters as we prayed for complete transformation this week.  Some of the girls were in tears while others nerves and emotions were high with anticipation of the unknown.

The van ride was quiet at first, however after about 30 minutes the girls began to talk….then smile….then laugh.  When we arrived at the Ranch, the girls were already beginning to build a bond.

Dinner was great!! We had chicken tacos with chips and salsa.  After dinner, the girls hiked over the the climbing wall.

At first, the wall is intimidating at 60 feet high.  However, after a few girls began to climb, everyone took their turn challenging themselves to overcome their fears.  They were supporting each other and setting personal goals to get higher each time they tried.  It was so great to hear the cheers as each girl finally reached the top and rang the bell to signal their amazing accomplishment!

Our Youth Leader, Michelle, did a great job processing with the group around the climbing wall.  Many of them brought up examples where they saw each other stepping out of their comfort zone and supporting others on the wall. Stacie was able to get higher on the wall than she did last year.  Sophia reached the top of every wall. Amelia mentioned how Hailey was very supportive of her when she was on the wall.  Jenna made a great comment about Samantha getting out of her comfort zone and reaching the top.  Great Job Girls! As our Junior Leader, Janelly is already building relationships and stepping up as a leader.

We finished the day around the camp fire teaching the girls about their bibles and how to navigate God’s word.  The girls learned that God speaks to them through their bibles, prayer, their leaders, and through the experiences they will have this week.

Please pray for the leaders as they are trying to see where they can best impact these young girls.  They are trying to connect and break down any walls.  Pray for strength and courage.

As I sit here thinking through the day.  I am humbled to be part of this experience.

We Leave Saturday for our 2nd All-Girls Program!

We are so excited to leave this Saturday for our June all-girl Wilderness Adventure Ranch! Our program team is excited to kick things off this Saturday with our partners at Cran-Hill Ranch near Big Rapids, MI. We will spend 5 days at Cran-Hill Ranch working with the horses and learning teambuilding and leadership skills.  On day 6, we shoot over to the North Country Trail for an 11 mile backpacking trip along the Manistee river. AMAZING things happen for these girls when we get them out into God’s creation!  We will be posting daily updates with pictures here on the blog from June 15 – June 23…please follow along and post encouraging comments to the girls!

We still need THREE of the ELEVEN scholarships for these families.  One $2400 scholarship covers a whole family (at-risk teen, siblings, parents) for an entire 12-months for in-home case management, in-school mentoring, follow-up events, and summer camp.  If you know someone/church/business who may be interested to sponsor a family, please contact us for more details.  Click DONATE to be directed to our secure online donation page; every dollar helps!

Thanks and God bless!

Remembrance Ranch exists to transform the lives of struggling teenagers and their families through the power of Jesus Christ impacting today’s culture for the glory of God and the benefit of society.