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  1. Trent!
    My name is Rebecca and I’m praying for you during your time at Remembrance Ranch! My kids and I are coming to watch the horse show next week to meet you and see what you’ve learned! There are four of them and they love animals! They also love to talk to God and so you’re very covered in prayer this week. My husband is named Fig (yep like Fig Newton ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and he’s got a meeting that night so he won’t be able to come but he wishes he could. We hope that you learn a whole lot and stay safe! God’s going to do great things in your life. . .why? Because you are special to him and He loves you very much Trent, oh so very much.

  2. Today’s the day your adventure begins! Are you excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed? When I’m feeling a little anxious about the future (or even the present) I remember the verse in Psalm 139 that talks about God hemming us in. (“You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.” verse 5) Take a look at the bottom of your shirt. See the hem? It goes all the way around doesn’t it? That’s an example of being completely “hemmed in”, God’s completely surrounding you just like that hem! Kindof an overwhelming feeling isn’t it? The man who wrote the Psalm (song) says it kindof overwhelms him too, it’s almost too much for him to understand. But guess what’s even better, the next part says that God is EVERYWHERE! No matter where you go God will be there and he will guide you. As you go away from home for a bit remember you’re not alone. God is with you and will be leading you. I’m praying for you Trent! God’s going to do amazing things this week!

    1. Hey Bud. I hope you had a great first day at camp. I love you very much and can’t wait to hear all about it. Love Dad

  3. Good morning Trent! I hope you had a great first day! How did it go? Was it harder than you thought? More challenging? More rewarding? Remember yesterday we were looking at a Psalm in the Bible that reminded me of when I need some encouragement to remember I’m not alone. Well it doesn’t just end there! Not only does God surround us but the Psalmist talks about how well God knows us because God created us. Did you know that before you were even born God was creating you, he was “knitting you together”! Take a look at your T-shirt again! See how all the threads are perfectly woven together to create the shirt? It’s not a thread here and a thread there that doesn’t look like a shirt! It’s thousands and thousands of threads that together make the shirt. Just like there are thousands and thousands of muscles, bones, nerves, cells that together comprise your body! In verses 13-16 of Psalm 139 we’re reminded that we’re made by the amazing Creator of the Universe but he has a plan for our lives! He knew before you were born that you’d be on this trip. What an encouraging thought, he is with you even away from home and he loves you because he made you and he’s got a plan for you life! Can’t wait to meet you. I’m really excited to hear stories from your first few days at the Ranch. We’re praying for you.

  4. Hey there Trent-Dad here. How is it going? Hopefully day 2 went well for you and all the other young men. I seen a picture of you,you look like you are having a good time,and for that I’m grateful.
    It was hard for me to send you to this camp as you know,but I believe I’m doing 100%?what God had planned for you,I hope you can see that now.
    I love you Son. We all miss you. Stay safe and you will hear from me tomorrow. Love Dad

    1. Hello to Trent and Trent’s dad. I am praying for you both tonight. As the father of a teen who has been to WAR in the past, I know the emotions you are feeling Terry. Not knowing what will happen, worried if you made the right decision. I can tell you have faith and want you to know that this has been a tremendous opportunity for our son and our family. You are right, this is what GOD had planned, be strong and confident that through the storm there is light. This isn’t just about a week at WAR its about a lifetime and an eternity and both of you will look back at this experience and know that GOD is good and its all part of the plan.

  5. Hi Trent! I hope your week at camp has been going well so far. We have been praying for you as a family and also individually. I have especially been praying about the heat – I hope that you are staying cool! I am sad to say that I cannot come to the picnic on Wednesday, I am leading a prayer meeting at church at that same time as your horse show. I will be sure to include you in our prayers then. My wife is planning on coming and bringing the kids. I hope the high ropes course was not too scary, I have done those before and they have been quite challenging. I found that sometimes I didn’t believe in myself and my ability to finish the ropes challenge, but with others rooting me on and encouraging me I was able to finish. I pray that there are many encouraging voices all around you when you face the tough challenges at camp!
    I’ll check in again soon.

  6. Hi Trent, I hope you are having a great time. Two camps and a vacation all in one summer your a lucky kid. Write me back and tell me what you’ve been doing, I am anxious to hear, are there animals. You gotta still come stay with me and Grandpa a couple days before you start school. I love you very much and hope you create a lot of great memories there. Grandma Jodi write back

  7. Trent…in my life i have often preferred to do something different than what i was forced to doโ€ฆat my age as i look back, it has often been those difficult changes and times that have made me grow and become a better man and leader. i know you had reservations about going to RR camp. i am glad that you are there and i pray you are having a great time. i look forward to getting better acquainted with you and hearing all about the WAR experience. have a God week.

  8. I’m working on writing a devotional for a meeting I’m in tonight and I thought you guys might be doing some hiking while at the RR. Here is the devotional:

    “Christ is the one and only way. ”

    Hiking often entails risks, even when travelers do not recklessly place themselves in harmโ€™s way. Along your journey of faith be sure not to travel alone. God designed us to be better together. Navigating the trail can be tough alone. With others we have safety, security and encouragement. Look for those around you that God is providing to help you along the His way. And be sure to also look for ways God is providing you as a help to others. His way is not always easy, but it is the only way.

    โ€œTherefore encourage one another and build each other up,
    just as in fact you are doing.โ€ – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

    Are you ready for the journey?

  9. hi trent….. hope your enjoying the peace and quiet with your new friends,soak it all in and take time to enjoy this time,see you soon, love your old gramps.

  10. Hello T- I miss ya bunches!!! I feel like you are probably having a good time out there,the Weather seems to have held off for you guys and I am grateful for that,hopefully that continues into your Hiking session…Are you Ready?? Wish I could hear your answer,but I’m betting the answer is Yes!! I hope you all are working together and making friends,I miss you very much Son,I love you very much and everybody says hi!!! Love you Buddy.โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‰

  11. Trent, I’ve seen some exciting pictures of the different camp activities you’ve done! What’s been your favorite thing so far? The high ropes course? The beach? The horses? The new friends you’ve met? Sounds like it’s been an amazing week! I’m praying that you’ll make some great new friends and learn more about yourself. For example you must be really trustworthy and responsible to work with horses. That’s a huge responsibility. I’m excited to see what you’ve learned on Wednesday!

  12. Hey buddy, I hope camp is going good! Looks like it is alot of fun! I miss you and love you alot!
    โค mom

  13. hey grandson….hope your having fun,today the big hike ha?bet your making some new friends…take care and see you soon,love you buddy…..gramps

  14. Hey Trent, I Miss You alot and I cant wait for you to get home, I hope you are having fun!! And that this will help you, I miss ya dude๐Ÿ’• Love you

  15. hey i love u and miss u and hope u r having a lot of fun ๐Ÿ˜˜ sorry u missed football conditioning but u are on collins team as well as quarvion

  16. I miss u. Hey hope u are having a good time so far!We miss u around the house and can’t wait for u to come back home and play football and the PS3 with u.oh and we can play with Jimmy&, jhon

  17. Trent! I hope you’ve been getting enough sleep with all the activities you’ve been doing! Recently a guest pastor at our church shared from Psalm 121 and it was awesome.
    He talked about how The Lord is our Keeper and Guard.
    Psalm 121: 1-2
    A song of ascents
    “I lift up my eyes to the hills-
    where does my help come from?
    My help comes from the LORD
    the Maker of heaven and earth.”
    The Israelites would have sung this Psalm (song) on their way up to Jerusalem to remind themselves of and imprint God’s Word on their hearts. It’s broken into three parts. The first part is about looking up and realizing how small we are! (I’m sure that’s a feeling you experienced standing in front of Lake Michigan or staring up at the stars!) Jerusalem is built on seven hills and one had the Temple on it but some of the surrounding mountains contained high places, shrines and altars to false gods or idols. The author reminds us to look past the mountains to the one who made them, God the Creator! The one who created all things and you and who loves you!

    Sometimes the mountains that we face are physical things that have to be climbed (like high ropes courses ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but other times they are emotional or mental situations that we encounter and have to overcome. You may encounter both kinds of mountains this week. I pray that God will give you strength for each kind. Tomorrow I’ll write about the the next part!

  18. Hey buddy, thinking about you this morning. I know you were not impressed by the idea of going to camp but it looks like a great place with lots to do and lots to learn. I hope you all have a great day, I love you!
    Mom ๐Ÿ˜™

  19. Hello T~lo, hope you are having a super fantastic time at camp. Some of my favorite childhood memories were at camp & im sure you will say the same. Looks like your days are full of great things to do & learn. Grandma & Papa are very proud of you & love you tons kiddo. Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures sweetheart. Have a great day & we’ll talk again real soon.

  20. The second part of the psalm says,
    3 “He will not let your foot slip-
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
    4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
    5 The Lord watches over you-
    The Lord is your shade at your right hand;
    6 the sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.”

    The pastor showed us that God is a guard! (I’d never thought of him that way) See how it repeats that he watches over us in three ways! The writer shows that he guards us personally (verse 3), guards our community, people or family (verse 4) and he guards us perfectly all the time (verses 5-6! You might in danger of getting a sunburn while out working with the horses but the Israelites traveling through the heat and desert would have seen it as a real physical threat. They also saw the moon as a representation of unseen things that could harm them like curses or evil. But our God watches over and will protect you (and your family) from both seen and unseen harm. Thank you God for protecting Trent and his family while they are seperated!
    I hope tonight as you show your horsemanship that your feet are steadfast! I also am praying that you’ll see God as a good Guard, one who protects and cares for you so much because he loves you!
    See you soon!

    1. Hello my young friend. Today is the day before the big hike,and I wish I could be there with you. I’ll be thinking of you. I hope you are taking all of this in,it is a great thing being with all those young men and leaders out in Gods Country-Enjoy it. I love you-Dad

  21. Hey Dude hope you have lots of fun there. Stay away from alligators, lol jk Wish I went to a camp like that. Have fun, love you

  22. Hey Trent

    Hope you are having a blast. Camp Rocks!!! Have to fill us all in on your adventures.

    Love You
    Grandma Jenn

  23. Hey Trent –

    You don’t know me but I wanted to drop a note to just say that I’m praying for you this week. Our good friend Kevin is one of your leaders this week and my big brother Dave is another one of your leaders.

    People like me, who love our friend Kevin and my brother Dave know that our God is a God of HUGE things – in fact – things that you might think are impossible. I pray that you see His power and might and feel His unconditional love. I hope and pray that you’ll open your heart to the God of the universe this week. The Savior of the world made you uniquely in His image and loves you just as you are!!

    Trent – you’re on an adventure of a lifetime this week and with God on your side, there’s nothing stopping you!!

  24. It was really awesome to see you with your horse (and friends last night). Though we didn’t get to talk long I wanted you to know how much we cheered for you and have prayed for you.
    Here’s the last part of the song that the Israelites would sing on their journey up to Jerusalem.
    “7 The Lord will keep you from harm-
    he will watch over your life;
    8 the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.”

    Trent this is so cool! God is our Guard, he does his job totally and completely. Even though we may suffer we know God’s got a purpose for our life. God can be trusted, he is our vigilant guard. Think of Border Crossing Guards. Their job is either to permit or deny the things that enter into their country. They permit the good and deny the thing that are harmful to preserve the good of their country. God is OUR Border Guard. He permits and denies anything that enters our lives. His purpose is our well being. God is watching over our coming and going forever. This is a huge comfort when you guys are out in the woods on a long hike! God loves you so so much and he has a plan for your life.
    We’re praying for you!
    Rebecca (and the kids)

    1. Trent!!! Day 1 of the hole is completed,and I’m curious how you are doing…What a gorgeous day for it. Well bud,few more days and I will see you. Love ya son. Stay dry.๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‡

  25. Hi Trent,
    I had the chance to talk with my kids about their favorite parts of the Horse Show the other night – here is what they said:

    “My favorite part was when they threw the hoola-hoop off the horse.”

    “I like his horse, I liked how smoothly it moved. ”

    We just prayed for you and your hike – I hope you stayed safe and that you had a great time. It looks a little rainy over here, I hope you stayed dry!

    We asked God to bless you today!

  26. Good morning buddy, thinking of you this morning but that’s no different then any other. I hope you have a great day and I look forward to hearing all about camp when you get home. I love you! Mom โค

  27. Trent, the pictures I saw of your camping and hiking trip look amazing so far! What an amazing God, to create all the beauty around you. Most amazing to me is that the same God created us and loves us. Can you believe it!? Sometimes I can’t but it’s the truth, that he loved us so much that he gave his only son Jesus to die in our place. What an incredible act of love.
    I’d type more but I had to take some Benadryl for a bee sting that I got while harvesting corn at a friend’s farm (I’m allergic to bees). Hope you stay safe too!

  28. Hello Son,Great job completing the trail. Awesome!! Honestly can’t wait to hear about it. Can’t wait to see and hug ya. I miss ya and am proud of you. See you tomorrow. Love Dad

  29. Trent it’s been awesome hearing about all the things you’ve done and learned this week! I pray that you continue to learn about God and his love for you. Have a wonderful school year. . . It’s been an honor praying for you.


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