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  1. Good morning Calvin! I miss you and your man bun already 🙂 I saw the picture of you by the rock wall- I’m sure you got up there quickly.
    There is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight so if you’re outside, make sure to look up.
    See you next week!

  2. Calvin,

    I an so glad I had the chance to meet you today. I can see that you are a natural leader. I pray that this week you will be a positive influence on those around you. Have fun, and remember to show your leaders respect. They Believe In You.


  3. Calvin!
    Awesome to see you rapping on Facebook! Love the spunk you have. Praying you continue to grow this week!

    1. Thank it have been fun gagging bout with ur husband and that u like my rapping skill they r very cold and the Girl kid oldest to add me on Instagram
      Calvinkibbe8 😋😋🤗🙂😜😋😍

  4. Hey Calvin! Hope you’re learning a ton and loving your week! Praying for you this week. J can’t wait for you to come home and hang out. Have a great week. Libbie:)

  5. Hi Calvin! I bet you had a blast on the paddle board and playing king of the raft yesterday. Is the lake nice?
    How is it working with the horse? I know you weren’t super excited about that part but hopefully it isn’t too bad! At least horses aren’t as stinky as the pigs at Oneida 🙂
    I hope you’re learning even more about God’s love for you and seeing his amazing creation. We love you so much and are soooooooooo excited about the path you’re headed down. I can’t wait for you to have a fresh start at Lee and have an awesome 8th grade year!

    1. Thank can’t early t to get home 🏡 an reel u guys all about my trip can’t believe school is almost her and can’t wait to get my new close on

  6. Hey Calvin! Picked up your schedule this week. Looks like you’ll have some more time with Mr. G. Football doesn’t start until the 21st, so you haven’t missed anything. Have a good time. See you soon.


  7. Hey Calvin! I have loved seeing all the pictures of all that you are doing. Looks like you are continuing to have a great time. So it is almost time for you to start your hike. I pray that as take each step, while in the midst of GOD’s beauty, you take time to reflect and remember to TRUST HIM! HE has paved a path for you. Being on the trail will not be easy. Know that as times get tough, you can TRUST that you are being guided by our loving father.

    Blessings to you as you embark on this adventure!


  8. Hi Calvin! I pray you are having a good time at the Ranch! Sorry about the weather today. I know it’s not ideal for you guys and all the amazing things you are doing. A few years ago I also backpacked the trail that you will be going on. Remember to keep your eyes ahead and to soak up all the beauty around you. The trail will be tough, but the reward of accomplishing it is greater! Praying for strength and endurance for you!!

  9. What’s up, Calvin!!

    Loved seeing you interact with the horses at Cran Hill this week!! You did an excellent job in the corral, and I hope you’re enjoying these new experiences! I’m praying that the days you spend on the trail are life changing, and that you are able to take in all the beauty of God’s creation around you. You have an amazing team of men surrounding and supporting you through this journey – you’re loved beyond measure.


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