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  1. Hi Calvin,

    This is it! W.A.R time has come! This is your opportunity to grow and learn, and to begin to move in a positive direction and towards God.

    You have some great leaders with you that I hope you can learn to trust. They will help guide you!

    My family is praying for you during your trip. Today we pray that you meet some great, (hopefully) life long friends. This will be a challenging few days, so we also pray that you stay strong, think positive, and accept the lessons that you will be taught by the Ranch staff.

    God has a wonderful plan for you. I pray that your faith in Him grows and that you begin to look to God for guidance.

    Lastly, HAVE FUN!!

    Porras Family

  2. Hey Calvin,

    I hope you had a great first day! I just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know I will be praying for this week and I look forward to reading about your time at the ranch.

    I also want to encourage you to put yourslef out there with the other campers, with the leaders and most importantly with what God wants to do in and through you this week.

    The easy thing will be to hold back and try to live in your comfort zone, but when we step out in faith and expect great things from God, He shows up! It is my praryer He shows up this week in your life and your experiences at Remambrance Ranch will impact your life forever.

    Thanks for lettig me follow along on your journey!


  3. Hey Calvin,

    I tried to leave a message earlier today, but it looks like it didn’t load. Hope you had a fun day today Calvin. I am praying for you this week and hoping you have fun at the ranch.

    Looks like you guys had fun today conquering the wall!

    I will check in again tomorrow and look forward to seeing what God had for you this week.


  4. Calvin pushed himself on the climbing wall today. He said he was really nervous at first but is feeling comfortable now.

  5. Calvin….you are finally at RR Camp! I am so proud of you for even being here, and I can’t wait to hear all that God does in your life! I know that He will speak clearly to you through these amazing men! Like I said, you will learn so much from them! Trust them because they are all great role models. God has big plans for you this week, buddy!! I’m praying for you everyday! Proud of you for doing the climbing wall!!! Wish I could have seen you!! 🙂

  6. Calvin,

    What’s up, I hope you guys are having a good today and hopefully staying dry. As you get to know the other campers and leaders I am praying you are able to make some good friends.

    Friendship can be hard because people let us down and we let others, but when our friendships are built on God there is forgiveness, grace, and kindness. I pray you can make friends like that this week and also have the opportunity to be a friend like that.

    Have fun today Calvin!


  7. Hope that you are having a good time getting to know your horse. I’m anxious to see what color you got. Can’t wait to see pictures!! Did you have the good thunderstorm we had here at home last night??? It was a good one…you would have liked it. I took video you can watch when you get back home. Hope that you are making good friendships and getting close to God. Don’t worry about things here….mom is doing well. Love you!!

    1. Hi. Tell mom that I love her please. Today I got a brown horse with a black main. I was scared of the horses at first but got used to them fairly quickly. I also got to groom mouse which was my fav. He was a white horse with I lots of small gray spots. He was a very good boy. So far camp is fun. Love you and I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. Love you.

  8. Brownie is going to Iron Mike’s today and he will take good care of him. I will make sure he has everything he needs.

  9. Hi Calvin,

    Sounds like you had a good first full day, Calvin! I read that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone on the climbing wall today. Great job! That’s what this is all about. Stepping out and believing in yourself and in the power of God!

    We are praying that you continue to have small victories throughout the week. That you continue to challenge yourself and that you speak to God during the hard times.

    Have fun getting to know your horse!

    Porras Fam

  10. Calvin had an amazing day and is loving being around the horses. He was all smiles when he got the opportunity to groom and ride the horses. Calvin needs continued prayers that he will open up his heart and begin working on himself.

  11. Calvin, that’s my prayer for sure this week….that you would open your heart and let your guard down with these counselors and new friends. I pray that you start to let God work through all of the tough challenges and situations you have faced so far in your life. If you allow Him to, He will use them to make you into the Godly man He wants you to be! Calvin, I watched you put others first day after day this year….you are always so helpful and caring! I love that about you, but this week I’m praying that you spend time on you alone….making sure you listen to all God wants you to hear, and challenge yourself to open up and let these people in…you won’t regret it! I promise…it will change your life forever. Hope today is great for you! 🙂

    1. This is from calvin…

      First of all you can’t exactly get time alone here. But we found a piano in the basement. I might be able to play it. Um but it’s pretty fun here. I’ll try to canect to god. So yay. But I have a question. Are you sandy Marsman?

  12. Hi Calvin! I hope ur learning a lot and having lots of fun with the horses. I’m praying for u every day and everyone here takes good care of ur mommy so u don’t need to worry. I love u very much!! Hugs and kisses!!

    1. This message is from Calvin to mom…

      Hi mom. My horse is misha. She is a light brown hourse with a light blond main and tail. She is a good girl and I like to talk to her. It’s like I have some one to aculy cunnect to. So I love her a lot. We went swimming today and that was fun. So yay. Love you and talk to you when I can.

  13. Calvin,

    God put you in the right place. This group of counselors are amazing and can help lead you to God. Definitely listen to what they say – God is speaking through them. We pray you open up your heart and your mind to God, take some time alone to pray, and sit in silence a bit and listen to God speak to you.

    This adventure is for YOU – to build your personal strength and confidence! Have faith in God and things in your life will be amazing!

    Glad you’re enjoying your horse. Sounds like you are having a great time and we pray that continues in the coming days!

    Take care, bud!

    Porras Fam

  14. Calvin:
    Sounds like you are having a good time. I know how much you like to go swimming. Glad you are falling in love with your horse already. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. I also hope that you are having time to connect to God. You’ve always had a close line with God and sharing that is one of the things that makes you unique. I hope that you are able to rediscover that connection. It is hard to keep that connection when life is throwing “rocks” at you and life is hard, but God is there all the time. We may not understand why things are happening right now, but God has a plan for a bigger purpose. I hope that is something that you learn and always remember. Reading God’s Word is the key to remembering and staying connected. It doesn’t make life always better, but it does help us to face each new day.

    Love you much!!

    1. This message is from Calvin to Camie…

      Hi it’s Calvin. I’m having a good time at camp and my horse, Misha, was good. I gave her an apple today and now she is listening m. We connected and she looks at me. I am letting my guard down a little and making friendships. I am opening up. I miss you and excited to see you and my mom. Is Brownie at Iron Mikes? So that’s all that going on. I have to go to bed. Love you.

  15. Calvin,

    I am love reading the updates here on the blog. Sounds like last night was both really fun and really powerful. You guys are so blessed to have the leaders that you do there at the ranch. Each one has a unique testimony about how God pursued them and continues to pursue them. The great thing about that is so do you and I. God love us and purues us costantly. My prayer today is that you can see God pursuing you and that you in turn puruse God and what He has for you life.

    Have fun today Calvin!


  16. This message is from Calvin to the Porras family…

    Hi it’s Calvin. I did spend a little time alone today in the dining hall with God. I found a piano and was able to spend time with God. I had to separate my self from the group. I’m slowly letting my guard down and working my way toward new friendships. That’s all I have to say for now. Calvin.

  17. Calvin,

    Great to see all the fun you are having and I am especially encouraged to see letting you guard down and making friends. It is very hard to let our guards down and open ourselves up, but it’s in those situations where we can see God meet our needs!

    Keep stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting God and keep having fun!


  18. I figured you would know SM! 🙂 I love hearing about your adventures and your horse….I knew you’d fall in love with her! It’s great to hear that you feel connected to her, but don’t forget that when you leave her, you always have someone to connect to! God loves you more than you could ever imagine, bud! You have Him no matter where you are, where you go, and what you are going through. I’m so proud of you for letting your guard down and starting to open up. The testimonies these men will tell you are incredible…as you let your guard down and start to trust them, you will realize that they truly understand! They have been through struggles like you and they have learned that God is a true connection that will never leave you or let you down. He’s all you need! He can bring you joy though the worst this earth has to offer. Trust these guys, learn from them, use them to lead you closer to God, but know that in the end, all you need is Jesus! So thankful you’re here!

    1. Hello SM! I just had to say goodbye to my horse Misha and it was so hard to do. But I did it. I almost forgot about my sadness when we went kayaking but am still connected to her. Today is our last full day at camp Cranhill and we start our hike tomorrow. I’m a little excited but a little scared I won’t be able to keep up with everyone else. But I think I will be ok. I miss you and I miss everyone at school. Can I come see you at the school? Thank you for joining and guiding me the n the journey. Thanks for recommending this and I have had a blast. I found a snake today and I found two turtles. The one we found today was a baby painter turtle. We went on a paddle board and it was fun to jump off. Bye! Love you Calvin.

  19. Hey Calvin,

    We are so happy that you are building some friendships there at camp. Sometimes our best friends are made from those that have been there through our hard times as well as BEST times with us.

    We are super excited you had an opportunity to be a part of this adventure. It sounds like this has been a great fit for you.

    We are still praying that you continue to have fun, learn a lot, and build your faith. Our God is a wonderful God, and He will bring you strength and constant love!

    Many prayers from our family to you and your new friends.

    Porras Fam

  20. Calvin,

    I hope the hike is going well and hopefully you guys are able to stay dryish! Glad to hear you are having som much fun, the pictres I have seen look awesome!

    Today I am praying that you have good weather, continue to build strong friendships, and most importantly that as you finish up your time at Remembrance Ranch you find your identity in Christ. We are not defined by our past, by our mistakes, or by what other people say about us, but we are defined by the value the creator of the universe has given us and that value is priceless! I pray you see yourself as God sees you.

    Have fun today Calvin!


  21. Hi Calvin! Enjoy your hiking and try to trust God. No matter what happens in life he is always there guiding u. Open up to him, trust him, and have faith. I love u son and I’m so proud of u!! I will see u in a couple of days.

  22. Way to go, Calvin! I knew you’d make it on the hike! I’m sure it was so hard for you, but you took the challenge and made it! I saw awesome pictures of you in the water too! Looks like fun. I’m praying that the testimonies you hear make you feel encouraged and loved! Praying specifically that you feel God presence so strong and you build and even closer relationship with Him, Calvin! He cares about you so much that He worked it out for you to go to WAR and grow closer to Him. He wants this to be step one of your journey of trusting Him through all life’s challenges! You will never forget forget this experience, and the best part is the these people will never forget you either. You will have men from RR that are always there for you when you need them. Keep listening to God through them, the others at camp, and through His word….it’s powerful! I’ll be at the celebration on Sunday….can’t wait to hear all about your experience!

  23. Hi Calvin,

    We’re so excited that that hike is going well for you all! Looks like a blast and we hope you are having fun!

    Today we are praying for you all to continue strong in your hike, continue to build strong friendships, and hear what God is speaking to you! We pray that you begin to look forward to a positive future, where you can simply look to God for support and love.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Porras Family

  24. Hey Calvin,

    Sounds like you guys have been having an intersting time on the trails, but I am happy to hear you guys are working together and pulling through. Finish strong with this weekend and really lean into what God is trying to teach you.

    It has been a blessing to follow your journey and I will continue to pray for you as you finish your time at the ranch and beyond.

    Have Fun Calvin!!

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