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  1. Hi, Jacob! I am so excited for you! You are going to have a BLASTA at camp! I’ll be praying you find peace in your environment up there and that you get a chance to do some fishing. 🐟 My favorite fish is perch. I don’t really fish myself, but my family does. I cook and eat ‘me. Have fun.

  2. Hey, Jacob! Today’s the day! Make it a GREAT one…the choice is totally yours! I know a few of the leaders you’ll spend the next week with — and they are good men…just like I pray you will be some day! Take it all in. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to pray about for YOU! Have a good one! 😃

  3. Hey boo just wanna say we love you and cant wait to see all the pictures of all the fun you are having this week is going to fly by kiddo love mom

  4. Jacob! Well your journey has begun! I am so excited for all that you will experience this week. You are in incredible hands. Today I pray that you will be open to all that God has to offer you during this journey. May you feel HIS presence as you encounter the many opportunities HE has prepared for you. Have FUN!

  5. Jacob took some of the social skills we reviewed today and used them to initiate thanking the Cran-Hill staff for their time with us at the climbing wall.

    1. Aww yay that makes me so happy im so proud of him i know the rock wall and zip line is a very big fear for him to over come. Thank you for all you amazing people are doing for him

  6. This message is from Jacob to mom…

    The first day was a blast. So far this day is a blast. Tell great-grandma that the sleeping bag is super heavy and warm, it works good. I love you and miss you. Jacob

  7. So glad your enjoying yourself boo mom was doing good at holding back the tears today till i got your message lol it made me smile and cry hope you are staying busy today we all miss and love you to dad says fathers day isnt the same with out you im so jelouse of you for gettimg so much time with the horses maybe you can teach me when you get home

  8. So jacob i love seeing all the pictures and the smile on your face but as a mom i have to ask lol how far did you make it up the rock wall? I seen a picture of you on there but not how far you made it. Also how was the spider wed looked like you were such a big help so proud of you did you make it threw. Hope your still being good and remembering your manners. Are you making lots of new friends. I love you boo……. hey boo boo……. lol sweet dreams kiddo

  9. Hi Jacob! Looks like you are having fun. I saw from the pictures that you worked together as team to get through an obstacle. This can be challenging, but you were able to do it successfully because you leaned on each other. You were able to put others first before yourself. Great Job! I see that you connected with your horse as well. How cool. Please know our family is continuing to pray for you throughout this journey.

    Remember, God has a plan for you!

    Your prayer partners,
    Matt, Michelle, Conner and Braden

  10. Jacob was all smiles while at the horse barn today. He really enjoyed all aspects of the horse experience, from grooming to riding to just petting and talking to his horse. Jacob has great leadership qualities but needs continued prayers that he will use his leadership skills positively as he has been.

  11. Hey Jacob! My name is Gwen (I should have introduced myself if my first couple of posts). I am one of your prayer partners. We may never meet – but I want you to know I am praying for you and think of you often – there are many of us that are! Don’t ever think you’re alone – many are praying for you and God will never leave you either! He is always here for us. You can reach out and have a conversation with Him at any time.

    I was just sitting here thinking about your day – and then had a chance to read some of the posts and see some of the pictures! Looks like a good first couple of days. Keep making strides – one step at a time. Good choices make for good days. Glad you’re enjoying the horse experience. What is your horse’s name? Hope Monday is another GREAT! Praying for you. :o)

  12. Hi Jacob,

    My name is Casey and I will be regularly praying for you and thinking if you this week. I am excited to hear about the great things at camp and your love for horses! Cran Hill Ranch is a great place and the horses were always one of my favorite things there. Riding them is fun, but taking care of them is extremely important. Hopefully someday we will get to meet. Make the most of your day!


  13. Hey, Jacob! Happy Monday! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about and praying for you and Jesse and Patrick and all the other leaders and campers @ Cran Hill this week! Stay focused and learn lots!!

  14. Hey boo just wanted you to know jo jo said to let you know she is praying for you as well as we are hope you are enjoying them HORSES!!!!!!! Lol hope you are learning alot we miss you very much its the same with out you even your sisters miss you the first day we dropped you off marissa cried her self to sleep but then i showed her the pics of you and she has been good she said glad your having fun and you have to show them how to ride a horse lol i love you jacob momma misses you tons keep up the good work

  15. Hey boo i love you and hope your having an amazing time soeey i wasnt there when you left but ill be here when you get back i love you kid ❤

  16. Hey kiddo! It’s kasey! First off, let me say how excited me, kaya and the boys have been to see all the pics of you from camp! Looks like this is a great time for you and a wonderful learning experience. Proud of you!
    Kaya says HI jakey, I miss you & want to see you soon. Vinny says hi and he misses you too 🙂 Keep up the good work kid. We can’t wait to see you soon!

    Kaya-Kasey-Vincent & Matt.

  17. Hey bud,
    I hope your having an good time. Uncle Markus and I are very proud of you and cant wait till your home. Love you kiddo

  18. Jacob
    I love you and miss you. I can see the fun and learning your having. I would love to be there with riding horses and rock climbing. I can see the are teaching you about team work. So have fun but be safe and my god bless and guide you every day. Miss you buddy. Enjoy yourself so come back and tell me all about it.

    Grandma Riley

  19. Jacob,

    Wow! I love looking at the pictures of all you are doing. I am excited that you are pushing yourself in new ways. You seem to be a natural leader. Way to go!

    Today I pray that as you continue through this journey, that you will use the gifts and talents that God has given you, to be a POSITIVE LEADER. You have so much to offer.

    The Woods family

  20. Jacob,

    It is great to see the pictures of all you guys are involved in. What a fabulous time!

    I pray that know and feel you are loved. That you use you influence and leadership abilities for positive things. That you enjoy Gods creation and have a wonderful week!


  21. Sure does look like your having fun. Great grandma said hi and she loves you and have fun. I love seeing you stop and help others and i never knew you had balance like that stamding on that paddle board. I miss and love you.

    Grandma riley

  22. Hey boo mom loves the pictures of you cant wait till you come home. Missing you alot i have been praying everyday that you are really learning and being good. I hope to hear from you soon awesome job with getting the horse to trust you the video was amazing. I check on here all the time to see if you been on yet and check the website constantly for new pictures. I started cleaning your room lol. Well love you cant wait to hear from you……..
    Heyy boooo booo lol

    1. This message is from Jacob to mom…

      Miss you a lot. Been doing prefect! I love to ride horses and thank you for cleaning my room. Love you.

  23. Hi Jacob!

    Each day you are learning and growing into the young man God has designed you to be. Continue to trust those around you. Every experience you have this week is helping you. I am so proud of you.

    Looks like your team was pretty successful working together to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Fun!

    Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged for I am you God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.
    Isaiah 41:10

    Proud of you,
    The Woods family

  24. Jacob
    Looks like you are enjoy yourself but also learning a lot too. Forgot to ask how good the food was but your not a fussy eater either. I have been praying that you come home changed. That learn life changing skills and how to do physical and mental challenges head. I miss and love you buddy.

    Love you
    Grandma Riley

  25. Jacob

    I am so glad to hear you are enjoying learning about and riding horses. They are amazing animals that God created!

    I pray that the words the leaders speak this week will soak into your heart and stay with you. They love and care about you.

    Looking forward to more stories and pictures from today!

  26. Hey boo so proud of you and everything you have done and over come. Did you zip line yet i know you said your scared but i know you can do it. Tomorrow starts your hike are you excited

  27. Oh MY GOODNESS JACOB words cant explain how proud of you i am seriously. Watching you fly around on them horses. You know moms always had a passion for them then to see you as a natural. Ahhhhh i have tears right now moms gonna ask around to see if someone has horses that would be willing to let you continue working with them once you come home. You are a natural jacob i cant wait till you come home to hear all about it. I LOVE YOU BOO MAN

  28. Hi Jacob! Looks like you’re having a great time at camp. What great memories you are making. Isn’t Patrick’s personal story amazing? Hopefully his story helps you to realize that God has great plans for you too! He has plans for each of us. We need to be diligent and listen to Him. We need to trust our family and those special people in our lives. Do as they ask us – they know what’s best for us. They can see things about us that we can’t see. Trust in them but more importantly, trust in God! He will never leave you! If you get a chance – tell me what your favorite meal at camp is. And, what is your favorite activity. Hoping and praying your hike goes well the next few days. You got this!

  29. Mom…Thanks. I almost did the zip line…I was able to get up the ladder and pushed myself as far as I could. I didn’t feel comfortable to do the zip line. Maybe next time. It would be really cool if I could get into helping with horse. I love you and miss you!

  30. Jacob
    Really starting to miss you i have no one to message at night. But i am so glad to see that you are learning and having fun in God’s green earth. I love you so much and miss you like crazy.

    Love you
    Grandma Riley

  31. Jacob,

    It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Up next is the hiking! Enjoy Gods creation and continue to inspire teamwork. There will be times on the hiking trail where it’ll get tough, but I know you can make it through! Praying for strength and that you’ll sense Gods presence on the trail!


  32. Have fun on your hike jacob and praying for you to be able to face your fears. Have fun boo i love you im counting down the days till i get to love on you again lol. Missing you tons.

  33. Hi Jacob! Have a GREAT afternoon and evening!! Can’t wait to hear all about the week at camp! Prayers for good weather – and great companionship (friendship)! Woot! Woot! ENJOY! 🙂

  34. Jacob,
    You are on the trail! I absolutely love hiking! My favorite part is truly spending time in prayer. I challenge you to take time while you hike to give thanks and pray. When you feel tired and weak, pray. When you are anxious or nervous, pray. When you are excited and full of joy, pray.

    We will continue to pray for you.


    The Woods

  35. Jacob,

    I hope the first day on the trail went well! Enjoy your time away from many of the distractions of every day life and out in nature. Reflect on how you want God to work in your life and what changes you can make to improve day to day life when you get back in the grind upon returning home.

    Know that many people love and care for you – including myself and the leaders on this trip. I pray that God will give you strength today as there are miles ahead on trail.


  36. Woot! Woot! Made it through Day 1 of the hiking. Isn’t out in God’s creation such an awesome place to be! Rain isn’t fun when you’re camping and packing up, but hopefully today’s hike was worth the view at the waterfall! Thought about you several times today and prayed you were able to see some changes in yourself and realize what a great person you are! And, how many people around you love and care about you….you have so many people on your side and cheering you on! You will make it through this weekend and look back knowing if you can do this — you can do anything God sends your way! Keep up the good work! Working together will get you far in life. Enjoy! 🙂

  37. Another day of hiking complete. So proud of you boys. Seeing the pictures of you hiking and setting up camp has been inspiring. I know how hard it is to be extremely tired and sore when you get to camp. All you want to do is sit, but there is still work to do…tent, cook, organize, etc. Yet, you push through. You are able to do this because of the support around you and because of your perseverance. Way to go. Trust that each experience has a purpose. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate all that you have learned and accomplished during this week. Praying for you all.

    The Woods

  38. Jacob – not sure if you’ll see this or not, I know you are home already. It has been a pleasure to pray for and encourage you this week. I am sorry I couldn’t make to the celebration today, but wishing you continued growth and strength as you acclimate yourself back into life back here in Allendale. Stay strong and stay true to who God intends for you to be! If I can ever help with anything, please reach out the Patrick and he can contact me. Best wishes!

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