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  1. Hi Julius. My name is Joan and I am the mother of Kevin who is one of the leaders you will meet at camp!
    Just wanted you to know that I have started to pray for you and your family and will continue to pray daily.
    You are going to have a blast and best of all you will get to know about Jesus who is the best friend you will ever have.
    I will watch the daily activities and can share what you have been doing that way.

  2. Hi Julius, I just wanted to let you know I am so proud of you for being accepted to participate in camp this year and I hope you have so much fun! It’s very important to me that you are able to go and learn new and fun exciting things, while making new friends as well. I love you very very much and think about you every minute of every day. See you soon buddy. Love, Mom

  3. Julius!
    I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to hear about your experiences! The week is going to be awesome! — Blaha

  4. How was the first night at camp? There was a big thunder storm in Allendale all night. Julius, I love you.

  5. Here you go , what an adventure you will have. I still remember making new friends during camp. Can be kind of hard but yet so much fun too. Think you will be working with horses too-wish I was there. Enjoy every minute. Prayed that God will talk to you and teach you new things each day.

  6. Julius really enjoyed being around the horses today. He learned how to groom, saddle, and even did some riding. Julius has a real interest in the horses and was a great listener when being instructed at the horse barn. Julius needs continued prayers that he will make changes in his behavior when given directions outside of non-preferred activities.

  7. Julius, I’m so happy you get to spend time with horses. It sounds like a ton of fun. I love you very much and am so grateful you are learning new things. Plus, you have always had a true love for animals, and they love you! Keep up the good work and stay focused. Mom

  8. Julius,
    Wow. Sounds like an amazing and maybe exhausting day at camp! Look forward to talking with you at the celebration and find out how you liked the horses.
    I know you have been learning to see God in all that is around you and to put others first. That is a hard thing to do but hope you got to see God in a very special way.

  9. Hey bubby, Jenna and I were just sitting here thinking about you and decided to send you a message. We are wondering what else you’ve been doing in camp and bet you have been sooooo busy. I know you are making wonderful memories with new friends and people and hope you are really learning a lot about God and building a good relationship with him. We say Grandpa today at Family Fare and he told us to tell you he loves you. He hopes you can teach him some new things when you get home. Love you! Mom

  10. Hey dude, I hear you been having fun with the horses I got you a present but in not telling you what it is you have to find out. How much houses are there what ones your favorite and what are their names? I’ll seen you soon love your sister Jenna,

  11. Hey Julius! I hope you are having an awesome time at camp. We are all thinking of you and wishing you the best.

    Love always,

    Clan Chaiken =)

  12. Hey bud, Your mom told me your at camp, Hopefully your having a good time. One of these days you all are going to have to come back to Illinois for a visit. Maybe next time we can all go to the zoo or six flags. Have fun buddy, camp can be a great time.

  13. Im so excited to hear about your adventures at camp!!!! Ive never been, but i have heard that its a great place to build lasting friendships and find new things that interest you! I hope you find both!! I pray that this experience starts a new love for nature and fun activities outdoors with friends. I hope this experience brings you a positive change and love for learning!!! Im so happy for you that you get to try new things and work hard with a great group of people!!!! I love you and am excited to hear your stories!

  14. Hey Julius, I got to see a picture of you today riding a horse! Wow, that’s a big horse. I would have been a little scared, but you looked completely calm and relaxed. And then you got to go to the beach. Lucky! I bet you chose to go kayaking, since your so good at it. Remember when I took you a couple times and it was easier when we went in separate kayaks….but we tried the double one anyway. It’s always good to try new things so you can find out what your best at. I hope you had a chance to try paddle boarding. Well honey, I hope you respond to me soon. I miss you and just want to know your well. Also, keep it together buddy…..remeber what we talked about It’s not fair to others when you choose poor behavior, so make good choices and enjoy your days at camp, because they will be over before you know it. Love always. Mom

  15. Julius,
    I did not read the blog for today on what you guys did, hopefully it will be rain free but you most likely got wet at some point. Hope that doesn’t dampen your spirit. The next few days you will really get to experience God’s nature. Will pray for times when you get to see all He has created and that you realize you are the MOST amazing creature God has made. You are perfect in His image!

  16. Hay little man i hope you are having fun at camp . get your fishing skills strong so you can land a big one at the cottage this summer. Have fun and take care

  17. This message is from Julius to mom…

    There are lots of horses and my horses name is Kairo. Kairo took me for a rodeo for the first time trotting. But besides that I got wet when I went kayaking. It’s hard for me to get up in the morning but I’m going to try hard tomorrow. If you know Kairo he’s a really good horse and very calm, most of the time.

  18. Julius
    Sounds like you are learning so much from Psalms about how wonderfully made you are. Hope that working as a team is coming along and that you are making some new friends. Can only imagine the rodeo must have been so fun!

  19. Julius
    How was the hiking? Sounded like a lot of work but rewarded at the end with a dip in the river (bet that woke you up!) and and amazing testimony.
    I know today will be physically hard too but just wait til you see what God has planned for you to see and experience today – it will be awesome.
    See you tomorrow at the celebration!!!

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