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  1. Hi Kadyn,

    I’ll be praying for you this week as you head out for Wilderness Adventure Ranch. I pray that God will keep you safe and bless this experience for you and for all of the boys. Thanks for being a Jr leader!

  2. Kaden has been putting his leadership skills to use already and has connected with several campers.

  3. Kadyn, sooo proud of you! You have come along way and we know you will go a lot farther. You have such compassion for others and are all ready helping. God will use you if you let Him.
    We love 💖 you
    U B & A L

    1. This message is from Kadyn to AL and UB…

      Thank you and I love you. I can’t wait to drive down and see you!

  4. Good Morning Mr. Kadyn
    It warms my heart to read that you are already using your positive strengths to connect with your peers. I am so proud of all you have over come and that you know this isn’t the end of your journey and that you will only continue to grow. I love you bud
    ❤️ Mom

  5. Hi Kadyn

    It as great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for continuing to grow and use your skills to help others. I’m praying for your safety and that God will use you to connect with the boys this week

  6. Hey buddy,

    It makes me so happy to know you’re back at remembrance ranch, but this time as a junior leader. Look at how far you have come this past year. I’ve watched you grow up into an awesome young man. I know things haven’t always been the easiest for you, but you always figure it out and try to do what’s best. Stepping up and taking on this challenge and opportunity in life to be a junior leader with this program that helped you overcome so much is such an amazing thing Kadyn. I am so proud of you for wanting to give back to others and help other individuals face their biggest fears and struggles in life. Keep working hard and making me proud. I love you tons!
    ❤️ Your cousin, Sarah

    1. This message is from Kadyn to Sarah…

      Thanks you so much love you and can’t wait to see you

  7. Just want to say thank you for helping jacob so much hope he is doing well and with you being so close maybe you guys csn keep in touch after camp

  8. Kadyn continues to “kill it” as a junior leader. His leadership skills are natural and it is rubbing off on several of the campers. He’s often taking free time to be in his Bible and has provided great insight during staff meetings. The future is bright for this young leader!

  9. So proud of you man. You gotta keep the old farts moving and on time over there you know. Glad to heat that you are picking up their slack, and it comforts me knowing that at least one of the leaders will be reading his bible😉 Keep allowing yourself to be used for a bigger purpose and remember we all need to find ways to get closer to God by dealing with things that sometimes get in the way. Keep it up man and I’ll see y’all in a few days

  10. Hope you have another great day today. Glad you are growing in the areas you need to grow in. Glad you are facing things that are challenging you. We all grow through challenges. We all Love you
    UB & AL

  11. Kadyn,

    My son Sam will be the August Jr Leader, and I am so proud of both of you, for continuing down the path Jesus wants you to, and for willing to take this role on, and with confidence. These boys need guys like you to see that Jesus DOES love us all, and that they can see that making changes in their lives can be so rewarding! Keep being awesome, and just remember, these boys are going to be looking up to you!! God Bless!

  12. Thinking of you Kadyn. Hope you are learning and growing and helping lead the other boys on their journeys! ❤❤

  13. Good morning
    Hope today brings more challenges for you to work through and to show time and time again your leadership skills!
    Miss you incredibly.
    Love Mom

  14. Kadyn

    It’s awesome to read all the messages from your friends and family. Sounds like you are doing great. I’m praying you’ll have an impact on the boys this week and that God’s lo e will shine through you.

  15. Hey Kadyn,

    I was thrilled to hear you were comig back as a junior leader and know you will do a great job! God has given you some great abilities and is developing you into a Godly leader and an awesome young man! I’ll be praying for you and asking God to continue growing and developing you into a man after his own heart (just like King David in the Bible). Thanks for being part of the WAR program and investing yourself back into the lives of the other guys!


  16. Looks like all of you are having a great time! Learn all you can about yourself and God. Even when times get tough He is there waiting for you to rely on Him. So proud of you for helping others.
    We love 💖 you
    Uncle Brad &Aunt Laura

    1. to uncle brad & aunt laura from kadyn —
      its been soooo much fun i get to be in meeting and i get to have a clipboard i feel important lol love you sooo much o and i even get to do the blog for the day and thanks for the messages

    1. thank you so much heading to the trails tomorrow not going to lie a little scared!!!!! love you and cant wait to see you o and i did alot of pull ups today lol

  17. Glad you are feeling important, cause you are! We are proud of you for stepping up and out of your comfort zone. We read your blog & it was very good! Keep on growing in the Lord Kadyn He is so worth it.
    U Brad & A Laura

  18. Kadyn,
    I’m praying for you and thank God for the man he is shaping you into! Keep growing and challenging yourself and allow God to continue molding you into a “man after his own heart”. Proud of you and can hardly believe how much you’ve grown and matured since I first met you two years ago!

  19. Hey bud. I’m very proud of you and all you are doing, I can’t wait too see you when you come home we all miss you a ton. You’re soo very positive and such a strong leader I’m proud of the young man you are becoming and can’t wait too see what the future holds for you as you grow and mature even more💕
    Love you,

    1. love you too u made my day did not think you would comment thank you sooooooo much love you and cant wait to see you!!!

  20. Very proud of you, you have come a long way. Sounds like you are doing very good up there and helping out , good job!
    Love Ya!

  21. You should be excited about the trails. You have a passion for nature and think of the cardio you will be doing with your pack and walking all day. Only 3 more sleeps. Love bud!

  22. Thinking about you!
    Can’t wait to hear all the amazing things about this trip. Love you so much ❤️

  23. Kadyn,

    It was awesome to read what your sister posted about you. While I only met you briefly those words helped me understand a little more about you , it’s great to see how proud your family is of the changes you have made and that they are encouraging you along the way. Keep up the awesome work and I’ll keep praying for you!

  24. I miss you wayyyyy too much, I’m soo excited you come home soon, but at the same time I’m soo happy and proud of all of the work you are doing. Don’t grow up anymore while your gone. I cried the other day cause I missed you haha☺ I love you too the moon and back bubba

  25. Glad you’re enjoying the great outdoors! Love reading all the stuff you are doing. Have a great night.
    We love 💖 you
    U Brad & A Laura

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