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  1. Robert,
    I am really excited for you heading to the Ranch. What an excellent opportunity with some amazing people. Open up your heart and mind, and you will be amazed what God can do. I will be praying for you all week. You got this!

  2. We hope you have a great week Robert! We are looking forward to hearing from you and the adventures you will have! We love you!
    Mom & Dad

  3. Robert! My name is Rebecca. I’m so excited to pray for you for the next week and beyond. I remember the first time being away from my family and how nervous I was. You’re going to do great. Is it going to be challenging? Yes. I think of when Joshua was going to take over from the great leader Moses. He was going to lead the people of Israel into the promised land and Moses wasn’t coming with him. God says to him, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” This verse encouraged me during that first trip. May it be an encouragement to you too!

  4. Hi Robert! Hope you had a great day 😃 Great to see the pictures of you climbing the wall!! Love you!
    Mom & Dad

  5. Robert showed an unbelievable amount of grit, determination, and effort on the climbing wall today.

  6. Robert is sounds like you were strong and courageous and weren’t terrified or discouraged when you were climbing yesterday! That’s amazing. Great job! I hope you get some great rest tonight and enjoy working with horses tomorrow. What an amazing experience.

  7. Robert,
    Way to crush that climbing wall and push your limits. Determination and effort are amazing qualities that will help you greatly on this journey. With those qualities you have a solid foundation. Enjoy working with the horses. Keep up the great work!

  8. Robert had a great day. He enjoyed all of the activities today and learned a lot about horsemanship. Robert needs continued prayer that he will open his heart to accepting help for the things he struggles with as well as stepping up and being a leader. Robert is well respected by his peers and they are waiting for him to lead them.

    1. Prayers for you to accept help for the things you struggle with and to have the confidence in yourself to lead!
      Love you,
      Mom & Dad

  9. Before Joshua was told to be strong and courageous. Gods’ people had been slaves, they had been in a dark place. They were shaking off their past and were getting to know God and his ways. He was speaking to them and teaching them but they were slow learners and spent 40 years wandering in the desert. But God never left them! He had given them a great leader Moses (and Moses’ speaker Aaron and right hand man Joshua). But even better he led them very visibly. Did you know he was seen as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night (Ex13:21-22). When he moved the people moved. When he stopped they stopped. Robert, God led you to the Ranch. He’s going to teach you so much through the leaders and your new friends. I’m praying you’ll listen and learn, be challenged and enjoy working with the horses. I’m praying for you!

  10. Robert,

    I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that we are praying for you over here, and that we hope you take as much in as possible this week, you are truly with an incredible group of leaders. My son Sam will be the Jr Leader this August, and you remind me so much of him! When Jesus is in your life, ANYTHING is possible! I had a brief conversation with your parents, and man do they LOVE you like crazy! Can’t wait to see how this week continues to go for you!

    1. Thank you everyone for the prayers and encouragement for Robert! It is much appreciated ❤ Looks like a wonderful water day!! Hope you are learning and growing each day!
      Love you!!
      Mom and Dad

      1. This message is from Robert to mom and dad…

        Hi. I’m having a fun time at camp. I miss you guys and I just wanted to let you know I’m having a fun time so far. I love you guys. Good bye.

        1. Hi Robert!
          Good to hear from you! We love you too and are glad to hear you are having a great experience 😃 We can’t wait for you to tell us all about it when we see you Sunday! Enjoy the last couple days-it looks amazing!!
          Mom & Dad

  11. Robert,
    I am so glad to hear you had a great day. I am praying for God to provide you with courage to step up as a leader for these young men, and to open your heart to allow others to help you with areas you struggle. It’s so important to remember you are not alone in this journey. Through Christ you can accomplish anything.

  12. Robert I had to share Joshua 1:10 and 11 with you today :). It says, “So Joshua ordered the officers of the people: “Go through the camp and tell the people, ‘Get your provisions ready. Three days from now you will cross the Jordan (River) here to go in and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you for your own.’” It sounds like what your group is hearing! In three days you’ll be heading on your hike the Israelites by this time were at the end of their long journey. They were almost to the land promised to their people hundreds of years before! What waiting, what longing, what patience did that take! I’m praying that the lessons you’re starting to learn and the things God is teaching you will carry you through hard times and easy, good times and bad and that you’ll remember that God is faithful! When he starts a work he will finish it- in his time not ours. I’m praying for you Robert!

  13. Robert,
    Wow, monster s’mores! I must say I am a little jealous. It’s tough for anyone to share stories of issues they have had in past. Mr. Dave is setting a great example. Take it all in and learn from him. God’s grace is absolutely amazing. You got this, man.

  14. Robert,
    I hope you are learning a lot and enjoying your experience. God made you and you are a great person. We know you can make good decisions in life and make good of yourself! Enjoy your journey and reflect on what has happened in other people’s lives and learn to follow a life of faith and focusing on the good things in life. It has much to offer you. We love you!
    Mom & Dad

    1. Thank you mom and dad. I’ve had a fun time so far. Tomorrow we are going to start our hiking trip in the woods. I really miss you guys and I love you.


      1. Hi Robert,
        Enjoy your hiking adventure. We have been thinking about you and praying for you the whole time! See you soon 😃
        Mom & Dad

  15. How are you doing bud? Are you getting enough rest after all that work with the horses and water play? What’s it like to lead a huge horse around the ring or to try to steer it to where you want to go? I’m sure you’re experiencing some of what Joshua felt as he was getting ready to lead the huge group of people where God wanted them to go. . . a little bit nervous, a little bit wondering if they’d actually follow or just walk off! Well, I’ll let you know that the people DID follow Joshua and he led them with courage. You’re going to do great with them today. I’m praying that you’ll have a great day!

  16. Robert,
    As you learned this morning, you were created in God’s image. You are His masterpiece. Sounds like a great day. Zip lining, tower building, tomahawk throwing, and tubing. Enjoy the adventure alongside theses young men and incredible leaders. Keep challenging yourself. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Praying for you.

  17. Joshua and the people of God were waiting to go into the land but a river stood in their way. Their spies had come back from a scouting trip and told Joshua that the Lord would give them the land. God told the people to make themselves holy “for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.(Joshua 3:5)” I love that! God promised to do something amazing and he did! He went before the people and as he crossed the river the waters piled up leaving dry ground for his people to walk across. He didn’t just do this miracle somewhere in the middle of nowhere but right in front of the city of Jericho that he was going to give the people! I love that sometimes God does things in very public ways. Has he been doing something amazing in your heart? in your life? Are people going to see changes in your life when you return home? I’m praying for God to do amazing and wonderful things in your life!

  18. Robert have you been hiking over and climbing around and probably sleeping on some stones?! It’s hard to remember things without a memento sometimes. God told Joshua to take twelve men (representing each of the tribes) and go to the middle of the river where they had crossed over that was still dry. They were to each take a stone and when their children ask (Joshua 4:6) what the stones meant it would give them a physical reminder of what God had done in their lives. I’d encourage you to grab a stone (a small one I know it already feels like you’re carrying a bag of rocks 🙂 ) to remember this trip. Write a few key words on it that remind you of lessons and challenges. Put it in your backpack pocket or shelf of your locker or in your room on your dresser and when people see it and ask why you’ve got that stone tell them about the things God has done in your life and is teaching you! Praying you stay free of rain tonight!

  19. Robert,
    I hope you are enjoying your hiking adventure. You will face adversity along your journey. We all do whether on a hiking adventure or in everyday life. With belief in yourself and faith in God, you can conquer the struggles and hurdles you meet along the way. Enjoy the beautiful country God has created.

  20. Hi Robert,
    We hope you have a great last day of camp! Wow-you must have been brave to be in your tent during the thunderstorm!! We miss you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 1230 for the picnic and hearing all about your time there 😃 Can’t wait to see you!
    We love you-see you soon!
    Mom & Dad

    1. Hi Mom and Dad,

      Thanks for the post. I really miss you guys, Weston, and Katelyn. I am excited for tomorrow so I can see all of you. I have been having a great time on the hike. Did not get any ticks the entire time! I woke up two times in the night during the big thunderstorm, but I stayed dried.

      Love you, see you really soon!


  21. You’re probably wondering why I told you about Joshua from so long ago. Well he was one of the greatest leaders the nation of Israel ever had (it even says they were in awe of him- Joshua 4:14). He followed God faithfully and was obedient. Even when it didn’t make sense, like marching around the city of Jericho with trumpets but he did obey and God knocked the city down (you can read about it in Joshua 6). He was a servant leader. Remember he served Moses for years before becoming a leader himself. I firmly believe that YOU are a leader Robert! The lessons you’ve learned this week with the horses, from the leaders, on the hike and through your new friends have prepared you to be a leader at school and at home. You’ve got the determination, ability and skills now to be an awesome leader. You did it with the help of God and many leaders. This next year is going to be awesome. You lean on God when you need him. I won’t be able to be there tomorrow when you get back to the park but I’m praying for the rest of your summer and that your school year goes well. God loves you Robert.

  22. Robert,
    You made it through the hike! I am very proud of you. A great accomplishment. I know you have learned a lot and experienced God’s presence while at the Ranch. Take you experiences and grow as you continue on your journey. I am going to keep praying for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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