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  1. Zach showed his friendly nature and willingness to try new things. He was very encouraging to others and does a great job of following directions the first time.

    1. Hi Zach!!!! I am so happy you are doing great. I have been leaving you messages on Facebook and the blog page. I don’t know you have your very own page.

      The pictures look like so much fun. You know that Jilli is jealous about you “having” a horse 🙂

      Love you,

      Scott and Katie

  2. Zach,

    I hope and pray you have a fabulous week. Take advantage of all the new opportunities you come across, connecting to the leaders and other kids. I believe you will be meeting your horse today!

  3. This message is from Zach to mom…

    Hope your having a good time. I’m having a great time at camp, it’s been a really great experience so far. Miss you.

    1. Hi my Junior Bear I am working hard at my job and at home. I went to dinner Saturday night and Monday night. I miss you to so glad you could have this opportunity. Love you . Mama Bear

  4. Zach had an awesome day. He is giving it his all in every activity he is exposed to (team activities, horses, archery, games, etc.) and is loving it the whole way. Zach needs continued prayer that he will lead and not follow, that he will make good choices even when it seems easier to make a bad one, and that he will open his heart to the guidance he is getting at the ranch.

  5. Hi Zach
    I’m Sue. I’m your prayer partner for this week at camp. I hope you survived the massive storms and rain on Saturday night.
    By now I’m sure you have met some new friends. Have you met your horse yet?

    I am going to send you a word or two every day you are at camp.

    Todays message is:
    ASAP – Always say a prayer.
    Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better.
    Life will always be complicated
    LEARN TO BE HAPPY right now.

    Have a great day. Sue

  6. Good Morning Zach

    I saw the video of you guys with your horses. Have you ever ridden a horse before? Did you like it?

    The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Today is a good day to be a great day.

    This is a day to make time with God a priority. Try not to skip devotions. For example, if you miss your morning prayer…..make it up later in the day.

    Just remember that all things are possible with Gods help.

    Have a great day!

    Sue T

  7. Hi Zach! I’m praying for your day at wilderness camp. I’m praying that you are making good choices, even when it is hard. The awesome thing about making good choices is it pleases God and makes you feel good too. I’m praying you will be a leader among your friends and help them make good choices too.

  8. This message is for everyone from Zach…

    Thank you all for commenting. I’m having a great time at camp. I conquered my fear of water and went kayaking!

    1. I’m so glad your having fun and trying new things. Then we can have lots of fun together. Love you Bear and miss you bunches Mama Bear . Dion and Davie say hi.

    2. Tj will be happy to hear that you went kayaking! I am so proud of you for being brave and conquering that fear. We love you!

  9. Hi Zach

    I was thinking of you and all of the new people you have met this week.

    God talks thru the people we meet. We are put in front of these people for a reason, what can we learn from them.

    So as we encounter new adventures, and meet new people, let us remember that God is rooting for us to succeed. He is on our side, and HE is in every adventure, both this summer, and the years to come.

    Today is a good day for a great day!

    Sue T

  10. Hey Zach!

    Milo and I are glad to see that you are having so much fun! I am jealous of all the activities that you have been doing, especially the horses! Keep having fun!!

    Jillian and Milo

  11. Hi Zach,

    I hope you are having a blast. Have you made a bunch of new friends? I can’t wait to hear all about them. What has been the most exciting so far? Did you make it to the top of the rock climbing wall?

    Love you,


    1. Hi Katie,

      I made it to the top of the rock wall…TWICE! And I am getting along with the other kids really well!

      Love ya,


      1. That is so great. I figured you would make your way to the top. You are learning and experiencing so much.

        We are proud of you!

        Katie and Scott

  12. Hi Zach! How awesome that you went kayaking! That is so much fun. I love adventures too! I’ll be praying for you tomorrow to try new things and be brave and strong in the Lord!

  13. Goodnight my Bear . I’m trying to get a lot done here while your working and playing there. I hope you make some friends and feel the strength of the Lord in your life . Dion has a cool story to tell you when you get back. I showed him some of your pictures. He says have fun. Love you Mama Bear

    1. Hi Mom,

      Today, I faced my fear of water! I went kayaking four times, it was sweet. Tell Dion I said hi.

      Love you so much,


  14. Zach, we love you! We have been following you on Facebook. It looks like you have been having a good time. I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work! We love you! Hailey and Austin say hello!

  15. Hi my Bear remember you have a little Indian in you that will help you with your hiking skills. Keep being brave and strong. You can do it . I’ll see you Sunday. Charlie says hi . Love you Mama Bear be safe

  16. Hi Zach

    I have been following you at camp this week……..horseback riding, kayaking, and the rock wall. Climbing to the top TWICE! Wow, that is awesome. (I’m not sure I could make the wall even once).

    Just like learning to care for your horse, kayaking, the rock wall…….we need to use our abilities to the best that we can. AND YOU HAVE. Nobody can make us happy – happiness comes from within and it is never too late for a new beginning in your life and you have showed that.

    I have enjoyed watching you at camp this week. I know that it is a challenge to live a Christian life and you are succeeding. You are in my prayers every night.

    I am proud of you.

    Sue T

  17. Hi Zach I see your having lots of fun . Your doing things I haven’t done. I’ll see you on Sunday Love Mama Bear

  18. Hello Bear bet your getting good at putting up a tent ! How do liking camping? The trail looks beautiful. Maybe we can go do that hike together some time . Love You and proud of what you are doing. Mama Bear

  19. Hi Zach
    I am thinking about you. This page of your life and your adventures at Camp is coming to a close. I have prayed for you this week and hope you have found strength in yourself and in your faith.

    Faith is believing that God is present when all we hear is silence. You can’t calm the storm……..So stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself and the storm will pass.

    I have enjoyed watching your adventures at Camp this week. I have faith that you have grown from your experiences. I know that some things were tough to do, but with Gods help you were able to overcome your fears and do them.

    Just remember that “with Gods help, all things are possible”

    You will be home tomorrow and I’m sure you will be glad to be back to see your friends and your family. I will see you at the Park when you get back.

    Safe travels home.

    Sue T

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