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  1. Hi Dustin! I am so excited for you to have this experience with Rememberance Ranch! I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you throughout your whole trip!! I pray that you allow your heart and mind to be open to this experience.

    Mrs. Schroeder

  2. Dustin….I know how you are feeling about leaving today, but if you open your mind to these men, to God, to these boys, and to the possibility that this trip can be life changing, I promise you it will be! The Marsman family is all praying for you to have a positive attitude toward this week. We will make sure to take care of mom, so no worries! 🙂 We are so excited about this opportunity for you! Love ya!

  3. Hey love bug , im praying that any anxieties or fears your having are gone, all is ok here and i know all Is ok with you ….. This is so awesome you get to do this .. I cant wait to hear all about this.. I love you… You got this bug !!!!

  4. Hey bud…I hope your first day was good and you got over all the nerves! I’m SO proud of you for taking such a big step and going! You have already stepped WAY out of your comfort zone and put God in charge of this week. Not only did you go, but you we’re so strong and brave getting on that bus. I know the first few days will be tough, but pray…I promise God will take your fears away and give you the strength to find joy and be positive….you just have to trust Him! Tomorrow will be great if you listen and believe that God specifically choose YOU to be on this trip. He loves you that much to pick you out of thousands that could have went….make the best of it! Love ya!

  5. Hey Dustin!

    Wow!! Your first day looks amazing!! You look like a natural climbing that wall! 😀
    I am praying for you to have a great 2nd day. I pray that you enjoy the fun moments, but that you really allow yourself to learn from the leaders, and more importantly from God through the activities, conversations, and from His word! He loves you so much, Dustin! I can’t wait to see more pics and read more about your awesome experiences!!

    Have a great time, buddy!

    Love, Mrs. Schroeder

  6. The blog was awesome for Day 1…making new friends, learning more about God’s word, and climbing a rock wall…what could be better than that?!? Im so proud of you for making the best of this week. I’m praying specifically today that you give all your fears to God (remember fear only comes from Satan). God does not give us the Spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Give it away to Him and trust that He has you here for a reason! It’s so amazing to think that God loves you so much that he choose you for this trip and He has HUGE plans for your life! Love ya!

    1. I love you and miss you maybe we can read the Bible together when I get home. Today I was practicing in the lake learning how to swim. We are still got to eat ice cream.

      1. Dustin id love to sit down and read with you, I miss you so much , oh that is so awesome im so happy for you … I love you and I hope you have a GREAT day …

  7. Dustin, the pictures of Camp Iook amazing!! How was swimming? That’s so cool that you want to learn to swim, and it looks like you guys were having a riot.

    I love the horse pictures too! How do you like working with horses and which one is yours?

    I’m sure you’re having fun, but Camp is most likely starting to get a little tough….it might be getting a little hard with friends, making the right choices, and listening to your leaders. Please remember that God has you here for a reason and He wants to teach you so many things! Most of the time when God teaches me something new it’s through a difficult time. Let these tough moments change you! Allow these men to speak to you because God’s using them! Listen to what they have to say and allow God to change you, bud! You’ve got this! I can already see you in your sixth grade year making new friends because you’ve learned how to do that at camp! I won’t stop praying for you! Love ya!

  8. Hey Dustin!! I just looked at all the blog updates. It looks like you are getting to experience so many cool things…….swimming and horses! How fun!

    I’m sure as the week goes on, some challenges will come your way. Maybe you’re missing home or tired or struggling with someone or an activity is hard. Tough things will always come our way in life too. I know you already know that, don’t you, buddy? So much of getting through the tough stuff is how you handle it and if you allow yourself to lean on God! He will always be there…….in the good stuff that comes your way and in the challenges. God loves you so much! I am praying that you cast all your anxieties on Him…..because He cares for you! I’m praying that you keep a positive attitude and allow your heart and mind to be open to all the amazing things you are learning there! Have a great day!!

    Love, Mrs. Schroeder

  9. Hey love bug i miss you all is ok, just letting you know im thinking about you … I pray that you are keeping up your reading and praying , i love you so much. Where are yawl reading in your bibles?

    1. Phaedra, I have really enjoyed getting to know your little man 😊I think he recognizes how much I embrace the mini little challenges he likes to present in his own unique playful way 😜. I can think of several examples of how I have seen him show a willingness to take small risks while simultaneously looking to test our resilience and also seek guidance and support from one of us leaders to experience success. He has a great sense of humor loves to laugh. Pray that he will continue to allow us leaders to provide him support and guidance in times of need.

      1. Personal goal- follow directions and respectfully listen two adults with two or fewer prompts or needed support 🤓

      2. Thank you for all you are doing … I dont have the words to express if my tears could be enough… Im just so thankful …

  10. I am not reading my Bible much by myself only when we read as a group. Riding the horse today was super fun, I got him to listen to me and where to go. I was a little nervous about going tubing because I thought we were going to tip over but it was fun.I love you good night

  11. Thanks for the specifics on how to pray for Dustin. We are all so glad that he has this group of patient men to teach him these important life lessons.

    Dustin, I’ll be specifically praying that you will listen to your leaders in a respectful way! I’m going to up my prayer to you listening to them after no more than ONE reminder….only because I know you can do it without any reminders! You’ve got this, bud! Be respectful and show these men how much you appreciate what they are doing for you!

    It’s so fun to see all the pictures and watch how much fun you’re having, but I know there are so many emotions (anxiety, fear, nerves, sadness, anger, etc.) that will come along with this week, so I’m praying for your heart to be filled with true joy (which can only come from God) tonight! Love ya!

  12. My prayers are being answered right in front of my eyes, I am so proud of you for putting your trust into these men and other boys and MOST OF ALL GOD and working threw your emotions and I knowits hard . Im so proud of you , remember to find the GOOD in everything… Love you

  13. Praying for you on the trail! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    This will probably be the toughest few days, but the most rewarding of all. Keep staying positive! Choose Joy, listen closely, and be still in God’s beauty! You will learn so much these next few days!

  14. Hi Dustin!!
    Wow……..and 11 mile hike through the wilderness trail!? Most adults (including me) can’t even say they accomplished that! I’m praying hard for you guys to finish strong! I’m sure you are seeing some amazing and beautiful things in nature as you hike! I’m praying that you are learning more about the amazing God who created that beauty for you to enjoy, who orchestrated you to be where you are right now, with those specific leaders who can speak into your life, and who loves, loves, loves you so much!! Praying that you are feeling His presence all around you and discovering the peace and joy that comes from knowing him! Finish strong, Dustin!!
    You can do it!!!

    Mrs. Schroeder

  15. I heard you say you were in pain BUT what a great job your doing , you have accomplished so much …. I love you we all miss you here ….and are so very proud of you keep up the good work

  16. Congratulations!! You made it through W.A.R. I’m so proud of you for even stepping out of your box enough to go in this trip, to trust that God would take care of mom, and against all fears…..leave for over a week! You’re awesome, and that was just the beginning. You spent a week of challenging yourself and stepping or jumping out of your comfort zone box daily by trusting God! Way to go, Dustin! Now, don’t stop here. Continue as you come home and get comfortable again with neighbors and friends to challenge yourself to be better, to show God’s love wherever you go, and to trust Him with your life. I won’t be able to come to the celebration today when you get home, but please know I’m so happy for you, and I’ll see you soon!

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