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  1. Hi Kaleb,
    I wanted to let you know that my husband Phil and I will be praying for you as you prepare for camp and experience all that camp has to offer. We will be following along with your adventures and experiences on the blog and will pray specifically for any needs or concerns that arise. We know that God will be alongside you and the rest of the group throughout the week. We look forward to seeing what amazing things He does in this week and the weeks to come.

  2. Good afternoon Kaleb,
    We enjoyed reading the recap of yesterday. I smiled when I saw pics of the guys playing chess and tackling that climbing wall. We have 11 year old boys and they really enjoying challenging each other to games of chess. They also LOVE taking on a rock wall. We’re praying for you today that the heat not interfere with your day and that you continue to make connections with the campers and leaders.

  3. Hi Kaleb! Looks like you’re starting to learn about the horses! Hope you had fun today! We miss you! Especially Nova! She keeps going in your room to look for you! I know this is hard Bud, but we’re so proud of you!

    Love mom & dad

    1. I was happy to hear about nova and horses why are better pets, but don’t tell Nova that. I am enjoying how awesome this Bible is. enjoyed swimming and eating ice cream. I love the chocolate milk here. They have legends here like dogman. I’m having fun with Jackson and I’m calling him Jacksonville.

  4. Good morning Kaleb,
    I enjoyed seeing the pics of you guys with the horses. They are such amazing animals! It was also neat to see you reading your Bibles and learning more about God’s word. This morning I was reading Luke 11-17. This passage tells the story of Jesus restoring a widow’s son from the dead but what struck me was how Jesus really saw the widow. He recognized her despair, pain, and situation and then He did something about it. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus knows us and sees each one of us? I pray that today is a great day at CRH. Looking forward to reading tonight’s update.

    1. I love the Bible they gave me here. There are maps in the Bible, answers to questions, and other things that makes my bible awesome. The Bible I read before only has words.

      1. I think the maps are a great addition! We actually have a set of enlarged maps of Biblical regions at our house because it helps me put many of the stories in better perspective. I like to see where Jesus traveled and how far the apostles went to share the gospel.

        1. The maps and pictures are helpful to me when I study too Kaleb. Remind me when you get home to show you a couple of books that you can use to help you study the Bible.

          1. Staci, I have really enjoyed making a connection and getting to know your little man. Kaleb has shown a willingness to allow me And the other leaders to help him explore his social interaction tendencies comfort level and typical outcomes as he interacts with the others in group activities in day-to-day events that on board. He loves to hold a captive audience and is a great storyteller with a very creative imagination as you I’m sure already know. When given enough time and space, Caleb has shown an ability to work through minor frustrations and has been willing to discuss them after some time has passed which is a great way to continue to reflect on his learning experiences through this process.
            Personal Goal for the Week: Kaleb agreed to focus on taking risks towards more inclusion and social interaction and both structured and unstructured activities throughout the week.

  5. Hey, Kaleb! I just found out about this page from your mom! I hope you’re having fun! I miss you loads!!

    Love, Aunt Tarri

  6. Kaleb is so fun to be around! His sense of humor is contagious! I have really enjoyed getting to know him these past few days. He has made great effort to connect with the other boys and it’s amazing to see how they are all growing together. Kaleb made a goal this week to have the self confidence to take more personal risk toward inclusion. He has clearly been putting himself “out there” and has made lots of friends! His comfort zone is growing!

    1. Hi Kaleb. I watched the zip line video but it stopped before you went. You were still on the ladder. Did you do it. Boy that spiderweb is sure a challenge. I think that was a good idea about taking your time. I love you. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  7. Hi Kaleb,
    I just spent some time looking at the pics and videos from yesterday. The round pen with the horses looks like an amazing experience. We’re into adventures in this house so the zip line and tubing look pretty great too. What did you think of the zip line? I’m sure floating in the tubes felt great on a hot day. We’ve been praying over your connections with the other guys and your leaders. Our hope is that you enjoy the gift of friendship and relationship that God has for us. We’re also praying over the hiking portion of your adventure and any concerns you might have about it.

  8. Good morning Kaleb,
    We’re thinking about you and praying for you as you prepare to depart for the hiking portion of your week. We ask that God calm any nervousness or hesitations about this hike and that you be able to fully experience Him on the journey.
    P.S. Some of those team games/exercises yesterday looked really challenging but it sounds like you guys did terrific working as a crew.

  9. Mom, I am having fun. I am making friends. One thing I am working on is maintaining my anger. It has been challenging for me.

    1. You can do it! I know it’s hard work not to let anger get the best of you, but it’s worth it in the end. I believe in you! Keep striving to be the best version of Kaleb that you can be! I love you!

      Love, Aunt Tarri

    2. I’m glad to hear that buddy. I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to hear all about Smoky, the hike and the rest of your adventures. I hope you sleep well tonight and enjoy the rest of your hike!


      Mom & Dad

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