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  1. Hi Leroy,
    I am so excited to be your prayer partner this summer. You don’t know it yet, but this experience will be a wonderfully life changing event for you. I read a bit of your background and my heart aches for the pain you’ve had to endure in your young life. I pray you are open to receiving support. I pray you build strength to help you move toward healing and growing. I pray you make connections at camp. Connect with new friends, connect to new mentors that truly care about you, connect to new experiences and opportunities, connect to faith.
    I am eager to hear updates and hold out the highest hope for your upcoming adventure. Best wishes. Be tough and hang in there.
    You’ve got this!

    1. Kim, I’m Leroys Mom. Thank you so much for praying over my son. You are so wonderful!!!! We are believing big things will happen for him this week.

      1. Hi Karla,
        It is my pleasure. I sent my own son off to WAR (Wilderness Adventure Ranch) the first year. It’s hard to even communicate what a positive life changing difference it made for him. I can’t promise that everything will apways be perfect, but I applaud you for seeking out this amazing opportunity and supporting your son. This program is immensely helpful. Know he is in great hands at camp and that you both have an additional network of support and guidance moving forward.

  2. Hi Bud!! It looks like you’re having a great time. So jealous!! We get to see pictures of everything you’re doing – that’s so cool. It looks like you’re making new friends quickly too – way to go 😊 Looking forward to reading about your adventures today! Love you lots!! ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you mom and dad for all the support. Swimming was really fun today we got to wrestle in the water and I dunked Jessi, one of our leaders. I also got to shoot Patrick with a bow and arrow today in a game we were playing. I love you both.

  3. Hi LeRoy-it’s Duckie😁 I’m looking at all the fun your having! I am so thankful you have this time at camp and we get to see it too. I miss you this week but God has something special for you and will Bless you and everyone there with memories that will last a lifetime! Love you 😘

  4. Leroy,
    It seems like you all just left and already having amazing adventures. Swimming, climbing, horses and archery already, WOW! Remember you have people cheering you on that aren’t even there with you too. Enjoy making memories and trying new things. Praying you keep enjoying this experience. I’m sure you will have so many stories to share.

  5. Bug – archery & archery tag??!! That looks like so much fun! I cant wait to hear all about it!! What is your horses name?

  6. I miss you so much and I even started sleeping with your blanket and I think bucket missis you to bacause earlier she meowed really loud Love Taryn

  7. Hi Leroy, your mom told me all about this great adventure 🙂 I’m so sorry you have had so many personal tragedies in your young life. Just like your grandma, I truly believe God has a wonderful plan for each and everyone of us. Praying you have so much fun and have many wonderful life changing moments. God’s blessings 🕊

  8. Hey Leroy, I remember my first time at camp I loved it so much I had to go back 3 more times! I hope you make so many friends and are able to build an AMAZING relationship with Jesus. You are capable of so much and have so much to look forward to!! I hope you are having many fun adventures. I’m praying for you bud!!

    Lots of Love,
    (Your moms friend if you don’t remember)

  9. Hi Leroy, looks like you have been having fun. Kristel and my self are so glad you have this opportunity. We hope you continue to have fun and learn and grow. I miss you buddy. Love Dad and Kristel.

    Ps. I will be traveling tomorrow but I still will write buddy.

  10. We loved being able to see you in the live videos today!!! Sure do miss you bunches, but it helps to see you having a great time and being able to say ‘HI’!!! Love you Bud – See you on Facebook tomorrow!!

  11. Leroy is the Gaga Ball King! He has had such a blast dominating the arena! As we have moved into the week he has continued to gradually gain more and more confidence in and around the group. Excited to see how the Remembrance Ranch dynamic and the challenges he continues to face and overcome truly impact his life! We love to encourage the boys to step outside of their comfort zones and place their fears and insecurities at the foot of the cross! The Lord is stirring…please pray that Leroy continues to engage more with the other boys in healthy conversation.

    1. Thank you Jesse!! It is definitely helpful to know specifically what to pray for over him. You are all so wonderful! (His passion is soccer, and the gaga ball thing is a close second) 😉

      1. Karla, it is been fun connecting with your little man and getting to know him this week. We have seen Lee Roy make steady daily progress in his willingness and comfort level to include himself in social interaction and scheduled activities. When he has shown some hesitancy he has been willing to engage in dialogue related to his comfort level that has allowed attempts to process deeper understanding for him regarding our intentions and /or motivation behind anything we are doing with the boys. When he has experienced success after initial hesitation it has been exciting to see the smile enjoy and his face as he realizes his accomplishment.
        Personal Goal for the Week: Leroy has agreed that a personal goal for him would be to stretch his comfort level and getting to know the rest of the boys better as the week progresses through his voluntary inclusion and social interaction with them.

        1. Thank you so much Ron!! For everything you’re doing for Leroy, as well as all the other young men you are mentoring. It means more than words. ❤️

    2. Mr. Jesse,
      Thanks for the individualized feedback. I am one of Leroy’s prayer partners. Continue your great work and know you are having an everlasting positive impact. We are praying for your patience, energy and continued caring at camp.

  12. Leroy,
    I really enjoy seeing the updates. I hear you’re Gaga ball king! It’s impressive how many activities you are being offered here at camp. Remember that the people surrounding you are another blessing. You have a huge support of leaders, mentors and friends (new and old) and family praying for you. Take some of that positive energy and try to share it to help lift those you around you who may be struggling with things you aren’t even aware of. There is power in prayer and I pray daily that this program is benefitting you and all involved. Stay positive. Your hike is your next adventure. It might be one of the hardest challenges, but can be transforming and give you lifelong power and pride for your accomplishment. Open your heart and know that you have been chosen for this camp for a very special reason. You have so much to gain and even more to offer.
    Take care!

  13. Hope all is well Leroy. I’m just eating some food then heading to bed for a bit. Been long day for me. I can’t wait to see you soon. Love you buddy

  14. LeRoy, been watching your videos and praying for you as you go through each day. You have had a lot of challenges so far this week and are doing wonderful. God be with you and your group as you leave tomorrow on your hike and camping experience. Praying you continue to grow closer with your group and to rely not only on yourself but those around you also. Love you and miss you, Duckie

  15. So today was a big God test for me. The car is in the shop again. When I dropped it off, they said it would be cheap to fix. I found out after work that it’s going to be expensive. I was feeling really super down, because I was worrying about money (and they gave me a loaner car from before Riley was born). Then Gramma said ‘Thank goodness this didn’t happen when you were in another state on vacation. God is looking out for you!’ I was still pretty mad and sad though, and I cried a lot about it…..but just a little while ago, I prayed about and like a lightning bolt struck my head, I suddenly figured out how to make it work, and realized I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Gods got us no matter the circumstance or mountain we feel like we can never climb. We just have to look to him in all things Bud! Sometimes I forget to remember that. Gods got us. Gods got everyONE and He’s always there – we just have to remember to look to him! Look to Him when the trail gets tough. Talk to Ron, Patrick and Jesse when you’re unsure or just need to vent about life. I’m praying so, so hard for you as you head out on your next adventure!! Love you to the moon and back Skittles!!

  16. How was your first day and night in the National Forest??!! I know signals aren’t great there, so if you get to see this, just know you are on my mind 24/7 and I am praying for you and everyone you’re with!! Love you!!

  17. Leroy,
    Wow look at you boys go. I saw the photo at the suspension bridge. I’m impressed with all of you young men carrying everything on your back and hiking all that way. It will feel good to be back. As you take off the burden of your pack think of anything else you can let go of that might be weighing you down. You don’t have to carry hurt, fear, anger or grief constantly. See if there are any negative feelings you’re ready to unload and leave behind. Trust God to handle some of the harder things and your path might be easier to navigate. I am confident you are heading in the right direction and hoping and praying you’re able to make your life easier from here.
    Keep up the great work!

  18. Leroy I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. It looks like you had an amazing week at camp. I can’t wait to hear all about your journey and how far you have come. May God continue to bless you!!!

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