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  1. Neaven, I’m so proud of you! You got this!!! Camp is going to be amazing! I hope your summer has been going well. I hope to see you at camp send off!
    Mrs. Self

  2. I am so proud of you Nev for overcoming your fear of going to camp , stay postive try new things and have a fun adventure.Love Mom

  3. Hey Nev, so proud of you today! You are going to rock camp! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! Have some fun will ya?! Ha!
    Mrs. Self

    1. Kim,
      I have enjoyed connecting with and getting to know your little man this week. Every day seems to bring Neavin more out of a guarded place to fully participate and enjoy his experience in the activities/events and interaction with others. When he chooses to be “all in” as I have coined the phrase with him, he is a leader and has so much fun. Neavin continues to show acceptance to guidance and support the few times it has been needed and is doing well interacting with the rest of the guys.
      Personal Goal for the Week: Neavin has agreed that for him to get the most out of this experience, he will need to be “all in” with his efforts and attitude.

  4. Mom, I thought I was going to want to say please don’t bring me back here and or ever think twice about bringing me to this camp again but as it turns out, it’s actually an enjoyable kind of suffering…… 😛

    1. Hey Nev!

      I am so glad you ended up going to camp. Let your guard down this week and have fun, you will be amazed at the things God has in store for you this week! You will build lifelong friendships on this trip and get to accomplish things that many never will even get to try! Enjoy, you boys are so lucky to get this opportunity!

      Jodi (Jackson’s mom)

  5. Hi Nev! So glad I got the chance to meet you today. I know God has incredible plans for you this week. My prayer is that you are able to see this as an opportunity to grow in your faith, Have fun, and Choose JOY! I think you are going to have more fun than you could have ever imagined. Sleep well tonight.

  6. Neaven,
    I LOVE your words to your mom yesterday…”an enjoyable kind of suffering”…I laughed out loud! That sounds just like something you’d say! I was excited to hear you tried the climbing wall. Way to step out of your comfort zone! God has some amazing stuff planned for all of you this week! Can’t wait to hear about it all!! Have fun!!!
    Mrs. Self:)

  7. You crack me up i know you would have fun sometimes moms know best.Capone missis you ..Love you keep having a enjoyable kind of suffering.

  8. Nev i am so proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and joining in the activities. Love you miss you mom

  9. Nev,
    Hey I bet you and Jax kicked it at the marshmallow and spaghetti building challenge! You learned what not to do when we did that in class last year!😉 Looks like you guys are having fun! The Archery sounded pretty cool! Praying for you all to see God in everything you do this week!
    Mrs. Self

  10. Hi, Neaven!
    I am so excited that you are at camp. I was a camper at a different camp when I was young. In fact, I went for 13 summers because I loved it so much! I still have my camp friends. I love that you are going out of your comfort zone and trying new things! Have fun! I’ll be thinking about you all week.
    Mrs. VanDuinen

  11. Neaven!
    Wow! Looks like you had an awesome time on the zip line and rafting! Proud of you for taking a risk and joining in! That thing where you turn your back and the horse comes to you and doesn’t leave your side is amazing!!! 😃I hope you got to experience that! I am jealous!
    Well, I’m sure you’re sick of my notes to you every day by now, but too bad! 😜 I am going to keep writing. Maybe, one day you’ll actually write me back?!! Hint, hint…
    Hugs and prayers,
    Mrs Self😊

  12. Loving watching this natural leader step up and out of his shell some! Started of somewhat recluse and has gradually started to show his true spirit! Neaven is quite the comedian and has an absolutely infectious smile! The potential I see here is acceptional and I am continuing to pray that he sees how his mood and approach on each day is a choice that directly effects his happiness! God has a plan for this young man! I am blessed to be here and to be a part of his journey!

    1. Sounds like you got Neaven figured out! I agree with all you’ve said and I agree with you on prayer that he’ll grow and recognize his attitude affects everything! God definitely has great plans for him! Thank you for investing so much into him! I will continue to pray for all of you!
      Kellie (“Mrs. Self”)

  13. Thank you all for your kind words , and yes neaven is a comedian and fun to hang out with once he comes out of his shell Im so proud of him im smiling ear to ear😀.i want to Thank all the Leaders who helped nev on this journey.

  14. Neaven, wow, you look great on your horse!! I’m jealous, I wish I could learn to ride! What’s his/her name? I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Keep thinking positive and letting yourself enjoy this beautiful world God created!
    ~Mrs. Self

  15. Nev,
    By the time you read this you will be back at camp and will have completed an amazing feat-hiking11 miles in the wilderness! Something I have never done! I’m so proud of you! You can take off that heavy backpack that has been weighing you down! That reminds me of how God wants us to leave our heavy burdens with Him! Our anger, frustrations, bitterness, fear, sorrow! He will carry them for us always- you just have to ask Him! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I know you’re proud of yourself and even enjoyed yourself, even though you may not want to admit it to anyone! 😉 You are amazing and you’re future is so bright!!!
    Big hugs!!!
    Mrs. Self

  16. Hi Neaven,

    By now, you may be heading home. I loved all the pics and updates about camp. I am amazed at all of the activities you were able to experience. I am so proud of you. Take all that you learned and experienced with you as you grow into an awesome young man.

    Mrs. VanDuinen

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