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  1. Hi Marissa! My name is Drea, and my heart has been so excited about this upcoming week for you!! My hope is that we have a chance to chat occasionally throughout this adventure, and you can tell me all about it!
    Is there anything that you are nervous or excited about? There will be ups and downs, but also know that the tough stuff does help us grow stronger and wiser throughout life – even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, we can pray about it and He will hear us. The good stuff gets to go in our JOY bucket though! (I like to write the good stuff down and save it for the bummer days as a pick me up!)
    No matter what, You have a whole group of people cheering you on, and praying each day, that this next week is one you will never forget, for all the best reasons, and smile 🙂 I know God has big plans for you, and I pray you’ll feel Him in your life more than ever before!
    So, take each day one step at a time and have SO much fun!

    1. I miss you too. I love you too. I got scared on the rock wall but I climbed really high. I almost got bit by a pig too.

    1. I love you. Tell mom and dad I miss them. I hope you are having a good time. I hope my mom isn’t crying anymore

  2. I love you sissy have fun moms gonna miss you so much you’ve always wanted a horse now you got one for 5 days. You will do amazing baby girl

  3. Very good job on the rock wall sissy. And singing this morning at worship I know you have a beautiful voice I bet everyone else enjoyed it as much as I do. Yes I stopped crying but I still miss you. Also you forgot to put the brand new swim suit i bought you in the suit case we found it on your bed this morning. I will try to find a way to get it to you some how. I love you baby girl remember you can do anything you set your mind to you just have to believe in your self. Also make says hi and he misses you he also asked if you see Zeus to give him a big hug and tell him hi for him lol also bella says she misses you so much and she loves you cant wait to see your adventures from today.

    1. Hi Mom. I’m having fun. I have met some good friends. I miss you. Tell Bella that I miss her too. I love you

  4. Good afternoon Marissa! Sounds like you did an amazing job on the rock wall!! Have you settled in well so far? I also saw that you enjoy singing, I do too 🙂 Music has always been a help for me no matter how great, or tough things are. Do you have a favorite song, or many!?
    I’m continuing to pray for you and your family, that you will learn and grow and get excited about the love the Lord has for you with some really awesome people surrounding you!
    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday in Gods creation!!

  5. Hi Marissa, I’m so excited to meet you at the celebration when camp is done, but until then….I’m praying BIG for you and this team of girls! I’m specifically praying that you will see “God moments” each day and write them down, so you never forget what you saw on this trip! The “God Moments” will be big and small, so focus hard to not miss the small ones! They will be times when you see God’s creation and you are in awe of His beauty and times when you see God working through the other girls, your camp counselors, and even see and feel when He is specifically working on you! He loves you SO much, Marissa, and I’m praying that you feel that this week! And by the way….I love your fish picture in the post…that’s a big one!! I’d love to hear any God Moments you see and are willing to share! Praying BIG prayers for you!!


  6. Moms so proud of you sissy did you have fun on the horses. What’s your favorite part so far. Mom misses you a ton. Jake said it looked like you were on Caspian. Hope your staying cool. I love all that pictures of you.

  7. Marissa, I just watched the Live video on Facebook with you and your horse. What’s your horses name? It looks beautiful. Did you experience any “God Moments” with your horse today? I’m praying for you to have experiences you never forget and for God to “move mountains” this week, which means I’m praying for things to happen this week that you never thought would be possible!


  8. Marissa went on a paddle board today. She had so much fun. She is loving spending time with her horse. Please pray that she will build stamina throughout the week. That she will continue to build positive relationships and self confidence.

    1. I’m curious on what you mean by stamina. Just more energy in general? If you would like you can try to let her go a day with out her meds the doctor says it’s ok. Because they make her more tired. And if she seems like she is out of control you can give them to her. The choice is yours but she has 100 percent more energy with out the meds.

      1. Hey Amber! No worries at all! The comment was posted just because all the girls are working really hard and we have had some exhausting days! Stamina is needed for all of them!

  9. Aww I’m so proud of you sissy we all miss you soooo Much you are doing amazing things we all love you tons and cant wait to see you. Mom will continue to pray that you grow stronger and build your confidence. Always remember you are beautiful you are strong and you are very smart and can do anything you set your mind to

  10. Marissa grandma misses u so much i love to see all you have accomplished. Aunt selena and i are watching the web site closely for you. I cant wait for u to come home and tell us about it grandma cries for u everytime i see u doing something cause i know u are enjoying yourself We miss u kiddo i will always . love you sissy aunt Selena misses u the most u come home we will spend a lot of time ❤

  11. Hi Marissa i hope you are having fun with the wall and the horses. I hope you enjoy your hike and make new friends. Love and miss you

  12. Marissa, it’s great to hear that you’re having a good time and you had a great day today! Camp is so much fun, but it’s also exhausting. I’m praying for you to have energy throughout the day and to find joy in all you are doing. I love seeing all of the videos, and it looks like a great time! I’m praying for you to keep your mind open to all the God sightings at camp, listen to these amazing counselors you have, and find joy in the hardest moments.

    Praying, Sandy Marsman

  13. So glad to see you having so much fun and all of the new adventures!! Make the most out of this and always keep trying. Never let fear stop you!!! See you soon

  14. Hey sissy mom just wanted to tell you I love. And good job with your tomahawk or ax as you called it before you left lol. I think me dad and your brother and sister will be there for when you come home sunday. Jacob asked if Caspian is your assigned horse if not who did you get. He also asked if you seen Zeus. He cried when he watched you do the zip line yesterday he said he is so proud of you. WE ALL ARE. I just want you to know moms praying that your hike goes well these next few days. And when you get home we are having spaghetti and meatballs and a movie night just for you. I miss you alot sissy love you

  15. HI Marissa
    I think you are a future camp counselor , !!! the counselor that takes all the kids on nature hikes and find frogs and other cool stuff. U are growing like crazy !!! We pray that you continue in your confidence . We appreciate your smile . You leadership will continue to grow tomorrow !

    1. I’m so happy to hear these little updates on how she is doing. And she loves frog and lizards lol. Thank you.

  16. Hey Marissa, I’m praying for you tonight as you start your next journey along the trail! Hiking will bring new challenges, but tough challenges bring even bigger God moments!! Praying for you to stay strong, stay positive, and stay open to see and hear all that God has for you in this next part of your journey!

  17. Hey Marissa,

    You’re amazing! Keep going strong! You are loved more than you know! God has great plans for your life. Keep focused on God. He will be there for you and with you through it all.

    You got this girl! Keep rockin’ it!

    Prayers from New Hampshire 🙂

  18. Wow Marissa, it sounds like it has been an incredible week! How are you feeling? I’ve continued to pray for your personal growth and peace of mind, as well as the strength and courage to get through the week and trail.
    What was your horses name?! My kiddos’ favorite horse at Cran Hill is Mischa!!
    By now you’ve likely made it well passed the halfway point on the trail. Have you had a chance to search for frogs along the river, or just look around at all the beauty God created?!
    Has there been anything that was especially hard to do, but you overcame it and felt really proud of yourself? No matter what life throws at you, just remember what an awesome God we serve, and that feeling of pride in yourself for the obstacles you beat with His help. Nothing is impossible through Him.

  19. Hey Marissa , just want you to know I’m praying for you during your hike! The pictures look incredible! God’s so amazing!! I hope your seeing all of His beauty and feeling all of His grace!

  20. Marissa grandma and aunt selena are continuing to watch u grow to that beautiful butterfly that God has made u into I am so glad you got this experience. I love and miss you so much and Aaron smiles when he sees you papa said great job on the wall he is proud of you missed you on fathers day .take care and enjoy yourself we all love you and miss you

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