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  1. Good morning Tanyiah,
    Camp begins today and I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you often. This morning I’m praying specifically for you to settle in a camp and for your connections with the leaders and other girls. I pray that this is a powerful week for you and that God’s amazing love feels so very real to you.

      1. Hey baby girl whats up how are you doing?i hope you are having fun enjoying yourself and meeting new friends.daddy love and miss you so much and cant wait til you come home and tell us all about your time at the RR.

  2. Tanyiah!
    Hope you had an awesome first day! Looks like the weather turned out awesome.. I hope you are polishing those dance moves!!! See you soon.

  3. What an awesome opportunity you have been given. Make the most of it and soak it all in. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Mrs. H-tree

  4. Good morning to you,
    From the pics, it looks like you’ve already had so much packed into these first few days. Cooling off in the lake looked amazing. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about spending time with the horses. I’m praying for energy today as the heat remains a factor today. I ask that God provide some relief from that in the form of breezes, clouds, or another dip in the lake. I hope that you can feel God’s presences around you and His love through the leaders.

  5. Tanyiah has truly LOVED her time with the horses. She is fully engaged and is able to quickly apply what she is learning. Tanyiah is taking responsibility for her actions more and more. Please pray that she will begin to let her guard down and open up, allowing for friendships to grow.

  6. Tanyiah, I am so proud of you for being there this week. I know you were unsure about going, but I’m praying that it’s the best week of your life and that you have amazing experiences that help you grow as a person. Challenge yourself and have fun this week!
    Mrs. Kuperus

  7. Tanyiah
    You are a spunky kid that wants to have fun and let go! Let go and Let GOD!
    You are wonderfully made in Gods image and he has a plan for you . It appears that water and horses make you the happiest person out there!!
    We enjoy talking with you and watching you grow and build stronger relationships with your peers and adults .
    We are amazed with your insight and desire to build friendships with others. God says do not be afraid know that I am with you.

  8. Thinking of you tonight as you prepare for the next big adventure. I prepare that these miles of hiking are some of the most important steps of your life. I’m eager to hear about your journey. I’ll see you Sunday at Lifestream.

  9. Tanyiah,

    I can only imagine the amazing time you are having and the lifelong connections that you have already made. Continue to let God move throughout this time and enjoy each moment as they come. Praying for you to have a safe, fun, and life changing next few days! ❤️

  10. Tanyiah, I’ll be you are rocking the hiking trip! You are strong and I hope it’s a wonderful experience for you to spend time out in the woods and enjoying nature and all of its beauty. This is such a cool opportunity for you and I hope it’s been great and that you’ve learned a lot about yourself and your strengths!
    Mrs. K

  11. Good morning Tanyiah,
    I read that your group were amazing hikers and reached your campsite in record time. I hope that time together settling in to camp and reflecting on your day was meaningful and powerful. I pray that God’s presence be real to you as you hike today and that you have special moments of connection with him throughout your day. Looking forward to connecting with you at Life Stream Church.

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