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  1. Hey Carmine!

    I am so excited for you to be able to go on this adventure. I hope you have fun and also learn a few things about yourself along the way.
    I can’t wait to hear how your first day/night went.

    Love you lots,

    1. Thank you, we went rock climbing today and it was lots of fun, we played basketball and that was also fun, I lost to patty :(. I miss you lots, tell the dogs I say hello

      1. Dad showed me the video on Facebook of you climbing the rock wall yesterday. I almost signed back up for Facebook just so I could watch the videos but decided I’ll just use dads 😂. Swagger had been so bad, I wonder if it’s because he misses you 🤔 I guess you better hurry home!
        I hope you are having fun and making friends. Be sure to open up around the other boys and make the best of this trip.

        All my love 💜

        1. I miss you and dad a lot and swagger but the rock Wall was really fun and easy I rode horses today and groomed them we played archery tag and it hurt I was actually the only kid that was good at it and I’m making a lot of friends I miss you and love you

  2. Hi Carmine! We miss you but hope you’re having a great time & learning a lot! Your fishing pole 🎣 awaits your return!
    Love you,
    Nana & Grandpa

    1. Hi nana and grandpa! I miss you, grandpa and the dogs a lot we have done a lot of fun things this weekend we went on a rock Wall we did archery tag and I miss you lots and I love you

  3. Hi Carmine,
    Praising God right now that He specifically chose you to go with this Remembrance Ranch team! God knows you by name and He loves you so much! Isn’t it awesome to be hand picked by Him for something this special? I can’t wait to hear what His plan for you is. I know it’ll be great! I’ll be praying for you all week….praying that you make great friends, that you grow closer to God while your with this team, and that by the end of the week you know exactly why God brought you on this trip!
    Hope Day 2 was great….can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂


  4. Good morning Carmine! Looks like you’re having a blast & it sounds like you’re really enjoying everything you’re doing. I can’t wait to see you so we can HUG and you can tell us all about your experiences.
    I love you so much & am so proud of you!

  5. Carmine,
    I am one of your prayer partners. I just wanted to let you know that I am proud of you for being at camp. It is such a good opportunity, but I’m sure it’s a little hard being away from home at times. I’m happy to hear you’re making friends and enjoying the activities. Please know that there is a purpose for you being included on this adventure. Stay open and true to yourself and you will experience so much personal growth. I’m praying for your willingness to work with these wonderful people that you now have in your life to help heal any hurt you have in your heart. Hang in there and HAVE FUN!

      1. Absolutely! You are strong. I’m so excited to read about each activity. Are you exciting your horse time? I am lucky enough to spend time with horses a couple of times per week, so I know how powerful that bond can be. Keep up the great work. Great things are in store for you at camp and beyond. I’ll keep praying for a positive experience for you all.

  6. Hey bud!

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot today. It sounds like you are having tons of fun and learning some great new things. I hope you aren’t missing us too much and are enjoying your time away.

    Manny asked me to say “thanks for letting him do all of your chores 🙄😂 👍🏽“

    We love you lot,
    Mom & Manny

  7. Hi mom I miss you a lot today we rode horses my horse is super slow but it was still fun. We threw tomahawks and we tubed down a big river and it was super fun it was so fun I kinda think we all should do it. Tell Sanai I miss her and the dogs and dad and kinder and knighton a little bit manny. Love you and good night

    1. Sounds like you have been busy trying new things. I love tubing and have wanted to take you kids for a long time, we’d have to ask Nana to watch Knighton for a day so we can go 😀 dads never been, do you think he could handle it lol Sanai didn’t come today, hopefully she will be here tomorrow. I will be sure to tell her hi from you.

      All my love,

      1. Hi mom I miss you a lot we are going on the trail tomorrow I can’t wait it will be so fun I love you and I have more than 45 mosquito bites

        1. Where is your bug spray 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lol
          It sounds like the mosquito bites are worth all of the adventures you have been on. I cannot wait to see you Sunday! Stay safe on the hike please – what an awesome experience that is going to be!!!
          4 more days and you will be home!

          Ugh I typed that earlier today and realized I never sent it – that’s something I need to work on!!! I cannot wait to hear about the hike.
          Sleep good tonight, I will be thinking of you 💜

          All my love,

  8. Hey there! What have you been doing? I can’t wait to see you so we can talk. I hope everything is going really good for you hon. I love you tons!
    Alie, Walter & CJ can’t wait to see you too! 🐕🐶

    1. Hi nana , I’ve been getting bit by lots of mosquitoes. I have more than 43 bites, we rode on horses today and it’s was super fun, my horses name was Apollo and he was super slow but it’s was still fun , love you and can’t wait to see you again

  9. Hey Carmine,

    I hope you are having a ton of fun and and really taking in all the new experiences that are coming your way. I know you were a bit unsure of going to this camp but I’m sure by now you are happy to be there. Better than being home with NO AIR CONDITIONING 🥵. I’m watching every video that is posted and I try to make it to the lives but for some reason they always happen when I’m in a meeting lol. I want you to know that I’m proud of you for taking this step in your personal growth and development. Love you and miss you! See ya soon.


    1. Hi dad, I am having loads of fun, I am super happy to be here and we have “air conditioning” from a fan in the window supplied by patty , my favorite leader. I love you too and miss you a lot

  10. Hi Carmine! How is camp going so far? It seems different knowing your gone for a week. I saw you made to the top of the rock wall, awesome job. I will write again soon. I love you and I always pray for you. Ok, time for me to go to bed!!! Grandpa

    1. Hello grandpa, camp is going super good, and I like it a lot, rock wall was super fun and I’m proud of myself for making it to the top, I love you too , time for ME to go to bed too

  11. Carmine,
    Happy to hear that you appreciated your river tubing experience. I think it’s sweet that you want to share fun times like that with your family as well. I kind of laughed at you describing your horse being S L O W. There are worse problems that you could have had. 😜Tomorrow you start off on your journey. Enjoy the scenery along the way, it will be breathtaking. When it gets challenging lean on your leaders and group for encouragement. Also help others as they struggle. Keep in mind the pride you’ll have with this amazing accomplishment. Also know I’m praying for you and God will be smiling down on you all. Best wishes for a powerful journey ahead!

    1. I appreciate it a lot, super excited to go to the trail tomorrow , patty will help me since he’s my favorite. And I will help others as well, thank you for praying for me

  12. Wow buddy, you’ve grown. I can tell, and that makes me so proud of you! I’m not jealous at ALL that you’re horseback riding without me. 😭😭😭
    Kinder has been enjoying the pool. A LOT. I had to take Alie to the vet again. She’s on a few different meds. I just hope she’s comfortable. Alright, I should hit the hay, it’s pretty late. I love you SO much!!!

    1. Hi nana, today we went 3 1/2 miles today(or something close to that) hiking in the mountains it’s really fun and really refreshing to get out side and camp it’s quite the work out. I really hope Alie is ok I love you and I miss you

  13. Wow Carmine I am loving seeing you coming out of your shell and embracing what the camp and leaders have encouraged. You certainly have grown from the experience. I hope your journey today is going well and you are not only pushing yourself to move forward but also encouraging those around you that may need someone to lean on. We all could use a little help sometimes. And sometimes it’s the little things like a smile or lending a hand that can help someone the most.

    Love you buddy

  14. Dear Carmine the kicking KING,
    Ok, I want you to come home now (can I say that?). Just knowing you’re gone makes me miss you so much. I haven’t moved your chair down by the lake…
    Alie is on meds & doing good. 😃
    CJ and Walter have been tearing the yard up, digging for ground moles!
    I hope camp has helped you, and you come back to us happier & more understanding of yourself. Love you mister!

  15. Wow, sounds like you covered some ground today. I’m proud of you for carrying that heavy load ask that way. Hopefully and praying that you’ve set up camp and get some good rest so you’re ready for more miles. Be strong, stay positive and know we’re all still rooting for you.

  16. Hope you enjoyed the waterfall, what a wonderful reward for your hard hike and a beautiful reminder of God’s creation. Praying you are learning a lot about yourself and your purpose and enjoying the journey.

  17. Carmine,
    I have been following the posts and am celebrating that you all made it! Congratulations on your accomplishment! Be proud and keep up the great work. Praying you remember what you are capable of when you face future challenges.

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