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  1. Hi Jackson. Grandpa and Grandma are so excited for you going on this adventure. We love you so much and can’t wait to hear all about it. Have fun.

  2. Hope you’ve enjoyed your first day. Congratulations on conquering the climbing wall- you’re such a rockstar, I bet it was a piece of cake for you. Pay attention, listen to your leaders, make new friends, and have a blast. We love you!
    Mom and Dad

    1. thanks mom and dad it was a decent day but i have been dealing with a lot of anger towards other people but i am working on not being rude to other people.
      Love and and miss you guys, Love Jackson.

  3. Hi Jackson. Baby Girl is still here and doing well. Heard you rang the bell in 53 seconds on the rock climb. We are impressed. Have a wonderful day. We love you. Grandma and Grandma.

  4. Hi you! What an exciting week you must be having. Me too! I spent all day driving (well, riding) on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains! So cool! So high!! Amazing views. Tell me the favorite thing you’ve done so far.

  5. Morning Jackson, I saw some videos of your trip yesterday. You are definitely being a team player😍💯. I hope Monday is a good day. Work hard and stay positive. Love ya buddy😍

  6. Jackson you are surrounded by love. Take a moment and look at the wonders god has provided for you You are beautifully and wonderfully made
    Praying for you

    PS Don’t forget to have fun

    1. Hi Jackson. Pray you are enjoying today
      Keep your focus on God and he will direct your path.
      You are surrounded by love wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Remember you can do all things through Him who strengthens you
      Remember your whole team is supporting you

      1. Jackson I have been praying for you and giving you time to think about the scripture I sent you. I would love to hear what you think about it or even if you given it more thought
        I remember when I became a Christian I felt I had to Chang all my bad habits and attitudes not realizing or understanding what grace meant. Here is what I learned If I changed they would be temporary if God changed me it would be permanent. Grace to me means I am already forgiving because he paid the price and change comes through accepting and knowing his love That is not easy to accept because we live in a world that judges us constantly Well sweetie as I said before we are wonderfully and beautifully made. No question about that.
        Hope to keep in contact

  7. Hi buddy. We saw you riding your horse today. You looked awesome. The horse was beautiful. We’re so excited that you have this opportunity. Grandpa loves riding horses. I rode a horse once. Some time I’ll tell you about it. We love you and miss you. Grandpa and Grandma

  8. Hey Jackson. I’m so proud of you and all you’re doing. I think of you constantly and wonder what you’re doing. My prayer is that you’re learning and growing every day. Keep pushing yourself to be a good friend, strong leader, and great listener.
    How’s the food situation for you? Taste ok, I hope? You’re feeling ok? What’s your horses name? Anything fun to tell me about?
    I love you so much,

  9. The food is ok and my horses name is cinnamon and I’m having fun and i’m making friends and have a lot of fun here. Overall I like camp. I miss you all and I love you guys. There is something called a hot seat and based on behavior you get money or points and one point is one penny and you can get up to 250 points and yesterday I had an ok day and got 125 point but today I tried to improve and got 225 and the counselors pointed out all my improvements and told me I’m doing good. I love you guys.

  10. Hi Jackson,
    It looks like the horses were awesome today! Praying for you to have an amazing day tomorrow growing closer to God and learning more about yourself. It’s so cool that God specifically chose you to come along on this trip. He has big plans for your life and coming along this week is all part of His master plan…..so awesome to be loved by Him that much!! Keep listening to your great leaders and specially what God is telling you through them, the Bible, and through this experience. Praying for you all week!
    Sandy (a prayer partner 🙂

  11. Morning Jackson, I Love your horses name cinnamon is a great name for a horse I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and I hope you’re having a good time and I’ll try to leave you a message tomorrow make it a great day buddy

    1. Thanks nany I’m having a lot of fun and making some new friends too! I miss and love you and everyone else too!

  12. Morning Jackson, I Love your horses name cinnamon is a great name for a horse I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and I hope you’re having a good time and I’ll try to leave you a message tomorrow make it a great day buddy .

  13. Jackson,
    My husband Mike and I are praying specifically for you this week that you will experience God in new ways and that He will begin working in your life in exciting ways. We are so happy to hear that you love your horse Cinnamon! We bet his personality is fun and loving, just like yours sounds like. Watch for the little things that God wants to show you because He loves you so much and thinks you are awesome!
    Psalm 139:14
    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers to me you and your husband are truly wonderful people that deserve to be blessed by god!

  14. Hi Jackson. Just saw you riding Cinnamon. What a sweet horse. Proud that you are doing well and received 225 points yesterday. Enjoy tubing today. Love you. Grandpa and Grandma.

    1. Thanks we had so much fun today and today I made 275 points because I got some extra points. I miss you all so much!

  15. Hi Jackson – We hope that you are enjoying your camp experience and making new friends. You already have the greatest friend of all. JESUS. He loves you so much and you are wonderfully made by him . No one can ever take your place. You are special, part of his plan and loved by him and everyone. He is always with you where ever you are. I pray you seek him this week and enjoy all the blessings only he can provide. We look forward to hearing more about your days ahead.
    Jeremiah 29:11
    For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord to give you a future with hope.

  16. Great job on scoring all those points! You make me proud! I hope you sleep well- I love and miss you so much!
    Love, Mom 💜

    1. Thanks mom I got 250 again for today I miss you so much and am feeling a little homesick but I’m so exited for the trail!

  17. Hey buddy, it was fun seeing you play on that raft in the water! I hope you’re having a great day, I’m jealous of all the work with the horses that you’re doing! I love you bud, and I’m glad it seems like you’re having a lot of fun and learning some things too. Cant wait to see you and hear all about it!

  18. Hey buddy. Looks like you were having a good time in the water. Glad you’re having fun! Good luck as you head out on the trail tomorrow. Put your knowledge and experience to use and be a good leader and patient teacher and friend. Be safe. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you Sunday!
    Love, Mom

  19. Hello Jackson – Glad you like that Bible verse from yesterday that is one of our favorites and we have that posted on our fridge. It helps us to have verses posted as reminders of God’s love and plans for us maybe that is something you can do at your house. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and all the campers with the horses and on the climbing wall everyone is having so much fun. We hope that you are listening to your leaders as they love you and only want the best for you. I understand that you are feeling homesick and want you know that God will give you the strength to endure and finish the camp. Just ask him. He loves to hear from his children and is always willing to help us. We can’t wait to see more great pictures tomorrow.

    Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  20. Hi Buddy. Wow you are sure having some great experiences. That slide looked like so much fun. Great job getting all those points. We are so proud of you!! Enjoy the hike and keep learning new ways to deal with things. We’re so excited to see all your prayer partners. Keep letting God work in your life. We love you so much. Grandpa and Grandma

  21. Such a fun week you are having! Horses! Swimming! Great friends and good studies and good biblical teachings that you can remember and use for the rest of your life. I’m so glad you can be there. So proud of you for who you are!

  22. Jackson,
    What an amazing time it sounds like you are having! The water slide sounds so fun. I liked the masks project that you all did too. Isn’t it crazy how we can allow our thoughts and emotions steal the joy and happiness from our day. I know I struggle with worry and anxiety for my family sometimes, and how I can allow it to creep into my day and take my day over. But when I pray about and remind myself of God’s word, He can just take my thoughts away for me and fill me with His peace. I am praying that you can release your thoughts and emotions to Jesus so that He can carry these burdens for you too. He loves you so much and wants you to experience joy and see your value in this world.
    Luke 12:7
    “And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.
    So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.”

  23. Jackson – we enjoyed seeing the pictures of all you having fun in the water and with the horses and the activities all of you did. What great experiences and memories for you all in the mist of our loving God. He loves us so much his mercies are new everyday which means no matter how we may have messed up, not listened, if we acted badly we are forgiven and loved. We are all called to love like this. I pray that you feel this love and give this love as it’s wonderful and what God wants from us along with our hearts. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure on the trail.
    John 1 John 4:16
    And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

  24. Hi Jackson, I hope you stayed warm last night. It got very cool here last night. I miss you buddy. Enjoy your time there. Love you❤️

  25. Hey Jackson. Sitting here with Ruby- she’s pouting and moping tonight- she misses you and so do I! Hope you had a great time hiking and in the river today. Keep learning and growing and having a blast. See you soon!
    Love Mom

  26. Hello Jackson – How exciting hiking in the woods and spending time in tents and enjoying the woods and God’s beautiful creation. What we like best about the woods is that it’s peaceful and allows you to enjoy the natural sounds from animals and trees and is a great place to hear God’s word. We pray that this week has been has been full of new relationships with friends and leaders both. God is our friend, our strength, our redeemer, our hope and always with us. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

    Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or
    dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

  27. Hi Jackson. From the pictures it looks like you are enjoying the hike. What a beautiful place to hike and see God’s amazing creation. We hope all that you’ve learned this week helps you grow in your relationship with Christ. Can’t wait to see you. Love Grandpa and Grandma

  28. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I have missed you soooooooooo much.See you later dude!!! Love ya ,

  29. Hello Jackson – I bet it was an awesome week of camp and that you continue your friendships with other campers and leaders. We hope that skills you learned at camp this week will help you when you are back at home and that you have the greatest friend of all Jesus and that you trust in for your life. He will always love you and never leave you no matter what. His plan for you is always good. We hope you know you are an awesome kid and we are blessed by being able to pray for you.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

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