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  1. Hi Josue!!! My name is Drea, and I am super excited to be one of your prayer partners this year! As you go through your week at camp, I will be praying for courage and love as you face challenges and overcome them with the light that our amazing God has placed inside of you!
    Today might be full of mixed emotions, but you’ve got this!! 😊

  2. Hey honey I did see you climbing the wall but I didn’t get a notification on Facebook that you guys went live so you did a really good job I’m proud of you your brother and dad also watched you climb the wall.. you did a very good job I love you have a nice night and be good

  3. Hey Josue!
    How did you like the Infinite Loops’ activity? Did you guys end up getting out of the rope? That was a hard one for me, I couldn’t do it! Hope your having a good time!

  4. So it looked like you rocked it on the climbing wall yesterday, did you love it?! And how was the first full day? It looked like it was full of fun challenges and new experiences – so exciting! Praying you’re settling in well, and enjoying getting to know everyone!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings 😊

  5. hey buddy we seen you ride the horses today you did really good it seems like you knew how to ride them I won’t be able to watch you go live tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning because I will be at work but when I get out I will watch it okay I will make sure your brother and sister know that you go live tomorrow at 9:30 I hope you’re having lots and lots of fun and you’re learning lots of things we all miss you at home I hope you have an awesome rest of your week can’t wait to see you on Sunday I love you

    Love, mom and dad

  6. Today seemed like another eventful day Josue! It was so neat to see you trotting on your horse – what is his/her name? I also love your track T-shirt, my cousin Maria just graduated from Lakeview this year and was on the track team! 😊
    Praying you’re gaining confidence throughout each day, and that even when you face tough moments you know that Gods got your back and is working all things for your good!

  7. Hi Josue!
    Looks like you are having a good time! I have been praying for you so much this week! I think you will find that these boys you are with will be great friends for a long time. I saw you on FB doing Archery! How did you do? So far what is your favorite part of this camp?

    1. My favorite part was the The horses. Today we threw the axes and I got six of them to stick in the wood. Thank you for sending me a message

  8. I had such a blast checking out the videos from today and photos from your tubing trip!! How’d you like it?! Any turtle sightings?
    You’re getting closer to your hike, are you nervous or excited at all? I would love to pray for anything you might have on your heart for the rest of the week. If you’re feeling like you need extra strength or patience or even if you’re just feeling super excited! I love giving the Lord thanks for all the good He brings to our lives, and even for the hard stuff. He wants us to ask for His help to get through it all, and He loves to show up in really cool ways when we invite Him into our hearts.

  9. Hi honey I was watching you on Facebook the other day and I see you really like horses and I watched you do archery I think that was pretty cool I read any other comments that you said the best part of Camp is the horses I would have probably said the same thing okay buddy I’m sending this message before I go to work and I’ll see you on Facebook tonight at 4:15 I have to get going to work I love you and we all miss you

    Love, mom

  10. I’m sorry but one more thing before I go to work now you being a camp and writing all those horses and doing all of those things does that mean I got to go buy a horse now because that’s the funniest thing you get your doing at camp…….. I think we’ll have to talk about that. Lol I love you honey……… I think it would be cheaper to buy a bow and arrow then it is to buy a anyways you have a wonderful day and remember stay focused and stay on track I love you I got to go

    Love mom

  11. Hi Josue, how was your Wednesday?! The beach looked like fun! That inflatable thing is too cool!
    And how’d you like the directing the pony in the arena?
    You hit the trail tomorrow, and I know service will be spotty but I will look forward to the photos and videos that are shared.
    The trail can be tough at times, but just remember that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. Don’t be afraid to turn to Him for help if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, and thank Him for each little victory. My prayers for you will be constant 😊

    1. Thank you for praying for me. I didn’t like the cart and horse very much because it was so hard. But I am having fun.

  12. it was just a comment honey I was trying to make a joke because you said that the funniest thing at Camp was you riding horses and I said what does that mean I have to go buy a horse now but they are very expensive I’d rather buy you a bow and arrow that’s what that means honey okay I’m going to let you go because I got to go to bed and wake up in the morning to go to work I’ll see you soon I love you…..

    Love mom

  13. Alright, you have officially hit the trail and are well on your way by now today! So proud of you for taking on this extraordinary experience this week and having the courage to work through things even when they were hard. You should definitely be proud of yourself 😊

    What do you like best about the trail so far?!

  14. Hey Josue!! Not sure if you’ll get this, but YOU DID IT!!! You’ve just completed an adventure of a lifetime and I know that so many people are incredibly proud of you!! Way to go 😃 I will be continuing to keep you in my prayers, but never ever forget, that you CAN do all things in and through Christ, because His love for you is unconditional ❤️

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