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  1. Hi, Kaleb! We are praying for you through this journey. Prayers for safety for every day and in the activities that they have for you. Prayers that you feel Christ’s presence and see Him in all that you do this week. If there is any other things you want us to pray for let us know.

  2. Thank you for your prayers I am also hoping to hear from my girlfriend. Today was pretty awesome and I didn’t get scared by Bob (Ghost). And I made a new friend today also (Mason). We ate Chinese for dinner. I also lost a tooth today so I’m hoping the tooth fairy pays me a visit with money soon, even though the tooth fairy is not real

  3. I guess the tooth fairy needs to go to the ATM then 🤣😉

    We hope you’re having fun and are learning even more about yourself than last year.

    We love you!

  4. I’m glad you are off to a good start. I hope you have fun and learn a lot about you. I love you.. Enjoy your time there.
    Love grandma

  5. Praying that every day at camp will be an awesome day for you! Glad to hear that you have also made a new friend. Chinese is a excellent dinner to have, I (Kim), never tire of eating Chinese.
    Unfortunately, we are out of touch with the tooth fairy. But hopefully the ATM tooth fairy will cover.
    Have a very Blessed day! And enjoy God’s beauty!

  6. Thank you all for continuing to pray for me. I’m going to help people be brave through the rest of the week at night time. Today I had fun shooting people with arrows but I also got shot.

    1. So glad to hear that you’re willingness to help others with their fear of darkness. Praying that you continue to grow in trust in Christ..
      Love hearing about your day to day experience with camp

  7. Hi Kaleb ,
    I hope you are having fun and learning a lot. What happened to that smile we talked about before you left. Enjoy the rest of your day. Please show me some of those smiles.

  8. Hi Kaleb!
    I’m so happy to see what fun you are having at camp! Praying you grow close to Jesus and realize the depth of his love and faithfulness. I am so happy to hear you have already made a new friend as well!!! Stay positive when it gets challenging just keep looking for the good in each adventure 😃. I hope the tooth fairy does pay you a visit too!!!

    Lots of prayers! Amy DeHaan

  9. I see that you are working hard. I showed Gregory picture of you feeding the animals and riding your horse. He was a little jealous. I think he might want to go to the Ranch when he’s older.

    What is your horse’s name? Did you get a chance to see Smoky?

    I’m proud of your idea to help other kids that are scared at night. You have a big heart!

    I miss you and I love you!

    Love ,

  10. Hi Kaleb!

    Hope you have a wonderful time at camp! Keep making new friends and learning new things. We are proud that you are doing well on your own and are helping others!

    Love! Aunt Jes

  11. Hi buddy,
    I love and miss you lots. I hope you have a ton of fun and make lots of new experiences! James, Ripley, Leo and I are thinking of you and sending lots and lots of hugs and loves your way.

    Love sister 😘

    1. I saw dogman he was big black not scary red eyes when pat told the story dogman wasn’t happy dogman made it stom.

  12. Hey Caleb!

    Just wanted to say I hope camp is fun and hope you’re making new friends! I’ll always be you big bro though😎. Gotta tell me all about it when you get back!

    I’m always here to talk! James(AKA big bro)

  13. Hi Kaleb, so glad you are having fun and making new friends. I am praying that you learn a lot and I’m proud of you for helping others. It gives you a good feeling, doesn’t it? Make sure you are showing that nice smile that you have. I love you.
    Aunt Carol

  14. Papa is so jealous. When I was younger I never had the chance to attend a camp. The most I ever got to do was an overnight trip with the Boy Scouts. I sure hope you are having a great time. Love ya buddy.

  15. I saw a pic of you with a bow and arrow! I am so jealous and you look like a natural. Keep up the good work at camp and continue to learn and grow!

    Love, Aunt Jes

  16. This is from Ken: I have no excuse, but I should have posted something last night of words of encouragement. With having come home from work, then a meeting and then dinner, like I said no excuse. But I am continually praying for you daily. May you feel His almighty presence of love and encouragement in your day to day activities and at night when you are helping others who fear the dark.
    From both of us: WOW! Taking care of a horse! That is awesome and something we did not have an opportunity to do.
    As for the darkness, on a clear night, if you are allowed to, have your friends look up at the stars. They are really something to see and to think of how many light years away they are to be shining down on us. God is amazing!
    If there is anything that you feel that you really are struggling with and need prayers, just know that God knows all and we are praying.

      1. I’ll bet you’re looking forward to getting to church the week you get back. 😉

        I am praying for you and am super excited to see what adventures the trail bring you this year.

        Mom 😘

          1. I will go to Natalie’s house today and give her the link to the blog. Maybe she can leave you a message.

  17. Praying you through this hike! May God give you safety in what you do, and grant you the endurance (strength and energy) that you need.
    Ken would like to know if you seen the storm come in last night? (He is a big weather watcher).
    Nature that has been created for us is awesome to take in. It can help us relax and take our minds off things that trouble us and can help us focus on what is important.
    Also, thank you for communicating with us through your blog!

  18. Praying for safety and for strength as you are out on your journey. May you feel God’s continual presences. And know that you are in our thoughts and prayers

  19. Praying that you enjoyed your experience of your camp and hike. That you may grow in God’s grace and follow in His foot steps as you start the new school year. Remember He is always with you and you’re in our daily prayers.

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