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  1. Hi Nolan!!

    We hope your off to a great start at camp today! We are praying for you all the time! God has big plans for you, and we can not wait to see them as they happen! We are proud of you and praying you learn more about what an Amazing man God is creating you to be. Have fun! We Love you more than you could ever imagine buddy!!!
    Mom and Dad

    1. Thank you so much!!! I just want you to now that I am not home sick so far. Our dinner was really good we had orange chicken. I love you soo much. I hope you all have a good week with me even now I now you will miss me very much I love you sooo much.

      Sincerely Nolan

  2. Hi Nolan,
    I’ll be one of your prayer partners this week. I’m so excited for you to get this opportunity to experience the Ranch. Hope your first day has gone well. Great job on the climbing wall. Man you rocked that thing. Praying for you to open your heart and see all that God has in store for you.

  3. Hi buddy!

    So glad you liked the first day! Your dinner sounds Awesome, wish I could have had that! We are so glad your not feeling home sick! Of course we miss you, but we are so happy you have this opportunity to learn and grow!! Nothing much going on at home, just laundry 😉 Tomorrow is Sullys surgery, we’ll make sure to tell you tomorrow how it goes! Cooper said to tell you Awesome job on the rock wall 🙂 Cooper is helping Dad fix the movie player in the van today, so fingers crossed 🤞 it works when you come back 🤣

    Love you Noley!!!
    Mom and Dad

    1. Thank you so much. I am a little home sick now. And a lot worried about this trip. I am not exactly sure my but I just am. I fell more home sick than ever I really need prayers. I love you soo much


  4. Hi Nolan So glad things are going well for you. You really did great on the wall. We are praying for you everyday. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!! Love you! Grandpa & Grandma

  5. Hi Nolan, glad to hear your first few days are going good and you’re not feeling homesick! I see you’re better at the climbing wall than that rope type thing you and your buddy were trying to work out of! I could not figure that one out either, it was complicated!!
    Praying for your safety, your spiritual growth and lots of FUN! Love you Nolan!

  6. Hi Nolan,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. Glad to hear you are not home sick. Remember to help out others who are home sick. Enjoy the camaraderie you are building with your fellow ranchers. Praying for you to continue your journey in your relationship with Christ. Have fun man!

  7. Nolan,

    I hope that you continue to have a fantastic time at camp. Enjoy this time getting to know new people and trying new things. Stay positive in everything you do and take advantage of this great learning experience.

    Mr. Verbeek

  8. Hi Nolan!!!
    Sounds like you’re having fun!! Sorry you’re starting to feel homesick(trust me…I know EXACTLY how you feel) we will be praying for you, that you have a great week & that you’re feeling less & less homesick everyday!!!

    Love you!!
    Uncle Johnny & Aunt Steph (& kids😉)

  9. Noly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know we’ve talked about the different opportunities life will throw at you….sounds like this is another one that gives you the opportunity to grow. One word is stuck in my head Noly….FAITH. You have a ridiculous amount of that and when you feel unsure, you start to miss home, FAITH is what brings you the PEACE and JOY that everything will be ok…you may not know the plan, but that is ok, the Good Lord has your back today, tomorrow…and all your days boy. I’m excited to hear about your week and continue to enjoy each day the best you can Noly!!

    -Mr. D.

  10. Hi Nolan!!
    We loved watching you give the horse a bath!! You looked like a pro 😆 We pray for you often and we hope your feeling less home sick today! Sully’s surgery went really good, they said they wanted to keep him 🙂 Kip says he misses you and wishes you could play football on the xbox together 😆 Zoie hopes your having fun with the horses! Coop isn’t here, hes getting school supplies with Grandma, but I can tell he definitely misses you. What has been your favorite thing so far? What horse did you end up with this year?
    Love you so much!
    Mom and Dad, Zoie, Coop, and Kip 🥰💙

    1. I have the Horse Lucy. She has a boy friend. Ron said he say them Horsing Around. Lol

      I love you alll sooooo much more than you now
      I also wish that I could play football on the Xbox with kiptyn and my favorite thing so far is the houses. Patty patrick’s Son is really helping just like Jesse.

      I love you all so much

      Ps I am not that home sick anymore

  11. Hi Nolan,
    No need to worry about being home sick or your trip. You have so many people who are praying for you and we all believe you can do this. Beyond all of us, God always has your back. Cast your worries upon Him, and go for it. You got this! Enjoy working with the horse. They are pretty awesome.

  12. Hey Nolan thinking about you today, I watched the live video with the horse’s, I have never been on a horse! It looks like fun and a little scary!
    I’m glad you are not as homesick anymore, that’s an answer to our prayers, God is really watching over you, as He does everyday for each of us, so thankful for that.
    Have a great rest of your day, know how much we love you, always have, always will💚

  13. Hi Nolan!
    Wow buddy, you sure have a lot of people praying for you! How excited were you to hear from Mr. Verbeek and Mr. D? Pretty awesome they took the time to reach out to you and how cool that they’re praying for you as well!
    We are so proud of you, and the man you are becoming! We are so happy that you are willing to put the work into yourself to become the man God created you to be! We really didn’t get to see much of the live this morning because it wouldn’t come through for us too well so bummed we couldn’t really see you too much but we know you’re having a good time and we’re super excited that you’re less homesick for sure! Been praying for that for sure for you!!
    What fun things did you do today?

    Love you Nole,
    Mom and Dad

    1. I am not that home sick any more I legit to ride a house named Lucy and she listens To me very good. I miss you all very much. Glad sully surgery Went good .

  14. Hi Nolan,
    Wow! I saw you did some archery and lake wrestling. Man, that is 2 of my favorite things. I love to shoot my bow and I’m a wrestling coach. So happy to hear you are bonding well with your horse Lucy. What an amazing experience at the cross. Praying for you to continue learning and walking with Christ on this amazing journey.

  15. Hi Nolan!

    I heard you’re at camp and I wanted to say hey.

    So… hey.

    I hope God is showing you some incredible things at camp and I’m praying for you buddy! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!

  16. Noly!!!!!!!! Was just checking in to see how you were doing and good to read that the horses are taking care of you!:) Keep enjoying each day boy as this is the only August 7, 2019 you will ever get!!! #purpose Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

    -Mr. D.

    1. Thank you so much. I really remember when we had all the motivational Talks and that is really helping me through all of this. Thank you again.


  17. Hi Nolan Just watched you on the water slide looked like fun. As you leave on your hike we will pray for strength and peace. Tori asked if we could babysit you today she wanted you to come over. I showed her pictures of you at camp. She wondered where you got the horse lol. Glad things are going well. Love you
    grandpa &Grandma

  18. Hello Buddy!!

    Man time is flying! We can’t believe you leave for the hike already tomorrow! We will be praying for you to be positive and for strength as we know this isn’t you most favorite part. We know you will do Amazing! We are So happy that your not as home sick again! I’m being honest when I say you havent missed much at home, but of course we do miss you! Thanks so much for saying hi to us on the fb live, We loved hearing you voice! How has your food been? Did you love that slide? Did you have the opportunity to do the zip line, and if so did you do it?!?! Have you had the same horse (Lucy I think) or have you had different ones? We love you more than you’ll ever understand!

    Mom and Dad

    1. Yes I have had the some horse but I did ride tango and the Tail ride. The food has been very good. I love you all sooo much can’t wait to see you on Sunday. Love all of you

  19. Hi Nolan,
    Looks like you were having a great time on that waterslide. The hike you are going on will be awesome. God has created some beautiful country, be sure to take it in. I pray that God will give you courage for this amazing hike and strength to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

  20. Hi Nolan!!

    Today is Dads 40th birthday! As you know we are waiting to celebrate until your back home with us, but dad has requested a “big breakfast” for dinner, I bet your not surprised 🤣 so, we will be having eggs, bacon, and potatoes for dinner. We are excited to have you back home soon!! We hope today’s hike went good for you! You are so much stronger than you realize!! Have you enjoyed camp so far? Looks like you’ve done some very cool things and even some new things this year. What did you make for dinner tonight? We Love you so very much!!

    Mom and Dad

    1. I have been good as you now from our talk. The hike went pretty good and we got to our camp site. But we had to stop more this year because a lot of kid are slow so it take longer. But other than that it has been good. I love you all can’t wait to see you.

  21. Hi Nolan,
    Don’t know when you’ll get this but wanted you to know we’re all still praying for. The hike is exciting and challenging. You got this!

  22. Hi Nolan!

    I’m not sure where our post from yesterday went, I’m not seeing it, but we did send you one!! Today is Saturday, that mean we get you back TOMORROW!!! We are so excited for tomorrow and Can Not Wait to see you!! Love the picture of you doing the rope swing over the river!! We hope you sleep really well tonight and that you hug mom first this time when you get out of the van!! 🤣🤣

    Love you bud!!
    Mom and Dad 💙🧡

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