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  1. Good morning Sabria! I am so excited for you to be going to Cran Hill today! My name is Naomi and I am actually Shelby s mom (one of your counselors). I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I am praying that you will have an amazing time with the other girls as well as the counselor! I am excited to hear and see pictures of all your doing! Today specifically I pray that you will find your own little spot within this group that you will feel safe and comfortable!!! Have a blast! P.S. Ask Shelby about Helga! She will make you laugh!!!

  2. Hi Sabria –

    I hope you have an amazing week . It will be so much fun to be able to be around horses and go for hikes. Praying for your safety and to have fun.

  3. Sabria,

    I am so excited for you and this amazing experience. I pray that you feel God’s presence with you during your time at camp. I know you are going to meet some wonderful girls and will be surrounded by amazing staff. I pray that you are able to build strong friendships with other campers. I know you are going to have the best time at camp this week.

  4. Dear sabria,
    I am so proud of how far you’ve come…. and eager to see how far you’ll go. I’m gonna miss you but I’m also excited for you as you embark on a new journey toward healing and growth. I hope you have a lot of fun, make new friends and learn a lot of life lessons.
    We love you very much.
    Mom, Bryce, and gavin

    “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

    “At any given moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.”

    1. Thank you mom I love you! I went rock climbing today and it went well. I only finished once but no matter how hard it was I kept trying and did not give up and I am excited for the horses and the water.

      1. Sabria I seen the pictures and the Facebook live…..I am so proud of you. And im proud that you didn’t give up.
        Did you like outside church? It looked really cool.
        I know your super excited for the horses .
        What’s your favorite part so far? I hope your making lots of friends and creating lots of memories.
        I love you

        1. Dear mom, I’m having lots of fun and meeting new people I love the bourses so far. Right now me and the other people are getting ice cream at Culver’s the church wasn’t really that great because we had to stand for most of it but it’s super cool here and I miss you and love you xoxo Sabrina 😜🥰🔥❤️💜🧡💛💚💙💕❣️💘💗💓💞💝

  5. Hi Sabria,
    You sure have been on my mind since we met a few weeks ago. I’m sorry I wasn’t there in person to see you off today, but I was in spirit. I am sure that you are busy getting settled into the Stone Cottage and learning the routine of camp. I can’t wait to hear all about how you are spending your days and what you are doing to reach your goals. I just know that over the next week you are going to recognize how special and worthy you truly are. I hope that you journal, or draw, about your experience and that you might be willing to share your thoughts with me when we hit the trail in a few days! Be brave and don’t hesitate to reach out to the other girls. You are there to help each other grow!

  6. Sabria, I am so excited for you to have this experience this week! I am praying that God will work in your life to continue your healing and growth process. You are beautiful and strong and I hope you have a life-changing week of experiences!

  7. So glad to hear you were able to get up that climbing wall. More than I could do forsure!! I love to hear your attitude even though things may be hard you are going to push through and try everything! That’s what I like to hear. Determination! Keep up the good work. I’m sure you guys are going to have packed days and are going to sleep good at night. Hows the food? Anything good you really liked so far?

  8. Hi Sabria!

    I was able to see some pictures of you all climbing the wall yesterday. You are so brave to try it. Great job pushing yourself to do it. I’m not sure I would have been able to climb any of it. You should be very proud of yourself, I know I’m proud of you for trying it!
    I’m sure you’re staying so busy and being able to try new things. What an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see what you get to try next. Have fun trying these new things and building new relationships with the other campers and counselors.

  9. We LOVE you Sabria. Shaylee and I hope you have an amazing time. We can’t wait to hear all about this adventure when you get home. Be safe and have the best tome ever!

  10. Hey honey I’m sorry i didn’t get to see you off but i hope you’re having fun and making good friends i love you so much and miss you a ton. I saw a couple pics of you on the rock wall and i couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. You are the greatest gift that I’ve ever been given. Stay positive and enjoy your time at camp.

    Love dad

  11. Good morning Sabria,
    I have been looking at the pictures from your first full day at camp and WOW I am impressed! It looks as though you have been brave, persistent, and open to the new experiences. Keep it up!
    I can’t wait to hear all about your horse. What is his/her name? How did you feel about riding? Are you connecting with the other girls?
    I am going on a practice hike today (even though it is raining). I can’t wait to see you all Thursday.

    1. My horses name is Cody he is really tame and good at listening he is a male. I’m having lots of fun and making new friends with the other girls think you and I will see you on Thursday ☺️

  12. Hi Sabria! How is camp? I’ll be joining your group Thursday for the hike! I’m excited to meet you. Sounds like you have been doing some fun and challenging things. I’ve only ridden a horse one time. I can’t wait to get on the trail and here more about your experiences. See you soon! – Leah

  13. Hi Sabria,

    I have been praying for you…for good weather, new friendships and for having a great time in your amazing adventures. I love seeing the pictures and videos of all the fun you are having at camp. I particularly love that you were able to go horse back riding. How fun!!!! What has been your favorite thing to do so far? It looks like you have been making new friends. Keep up the good work!!

    1. My favorite thing so far was going into the water and paddle boarding I have been making new friends and they are great. Thank you ☺️

  14. Hi sabria,
    I’m glad your having fun and having a lot of new adventures you’ve always wanted to do…. it looks like your knocking off since Bucklet list items. I am so proud of you and if everything you are accomplishing. I know it’s tough and very hard work … but through determination and perseverance you are accomplishing your goals.
    We love you and miss you but I also feel very blessed you have this opportunity.
    Lol I showed gavin the pictures and he kept going back to the one of you on the horse and he smiled and actually did sissy and he kissed you and propped the phone on the couch so he could watch brave with you. And he kept waving….I think that’s his way if saying hi and he loves you. Bryce and grandpa also say hi and have been following your adventures with me. Your horse it’s beautiful. I know you love that. How did you like zip lining? And hatchet throwing?
    Love mom

    1. I’m having allot of fun and making friends…but I’m getting a little home sick I miss you Gavin grandpa and Bryce very much and can’t wait to see you guys again my horse is a male and his name is Cody he is very calm and a good listener. Today I went paddle boarding and it was really fun. Maybe some time I can FaceTime you and Gavin, I have to go because it is 9:52 Pm and we need to go to bed I love you and goodnight

  15. Hey Sabria!

    Again it looks like you guys have been having a great time. Today with all the sun, I hope you get to go back in the water again. The water course looked fun! I love paddle boarding too. It’s so relaxing. Keep smiling and having fun!

  16. Hey Sabria,
    I so glad that you are having fun at camp and I am hoping that you continue to grow in your faith and confidence as you continue this week and that you just enjoy your time there and make lots of friends!
    Have fun!

  17. Sabria has let her personality show and shine during our time at camp. She has opened up and shown others who she is and developed relationships with the other girls. Sabria takes on new challenges eagerly and gives it her full effort. She has pushed herself in her faith and volunteered to pray even when she felt unsure of how. Sabria is working to communicate and interact more and stay focused.

  18. Good morning! I have loved seeing all the pictures of all your activities. Looks like you are having a great time! I think its awesome that you volunteered to pray. Talking with God should be as easy as talking to your mom or dad or best friend. He created us to want to have a relationship with Him and loves when we talk with Him. So proud of you Sabria!! I will be praying that your time hiking will be enjoyable as well as a time to be near to God in all the things He has created! Have a blast!

  19. Hey Sabria!

    I am so proud of all your accomplishments during your time at camp. I enjoy tubing down rivers, but I too get a little nervous doing it. I love that you have been so positive while trying new things. Have fun on your hike. I pray you feel God’s presence during this part of your adventure. You are going to learn so much about how strong you are. Trust He is there to guide you through the easy and the tough parts.

  20. Hi…my name is Gretchen and I’m a friend of many of the leaders. I’ve been praying for you and the team this week. I started a new job and I’m alone cleaning houses for 8 hours straight… so it’s plenty of time to talk to God about you this week. I got creative today and thought of an acrostic poem about your hike:
    T – trying to trust others
    R – recognize & receive Him
    A – all around me
    I – imperfect but whole
    L – learning to be me

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