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  1. Good Morning, David!
    WOW! What an exciting day! We can’t wait to hear all about your week and see what the Lord has planned for you! We are covering you in prayer – prayers for friendship, good weather, confidence as you move out of your comfort zone a bit, laughter, recognition that our Lord is with you at ALL times, good food, and so much more! We look forward to seeing your pictures and reading the daily blog! Have a GREAT week!

  2. Hi sweet boy!
    I am so proud of you for taking on this adventure again this year. I know you can achieve your goals if you have faith in yourself and God. I want you to know how much we all love you and will always be here for you. Have fun and message me back.

    Mom & Dad

    P.S. Don’t forget your bug spray.

    1. I miss you mom and I have to things to tell you tonight and will reply to comments every night. First my goals for the week. 1. Not pick my fingernails/skin. 2. Try to keep my mouth shut if I really want say something when arguing. Can you also tell dad to take my watch to a professional to fix it because dad broke my last one and don’t want it to happen again and thanks for everything love you and good night mom.

  3. Hi David, I’m Michelle, Elijah’s adopted aunt. I hope you are having a great time. I hope the rest of your trip will bring you wonderful memories and friendships. Try to get some good sleep. Have a great night David.

  4. Hi, David:
    So, I realized I didn’t tell you in our first note, but we are your prayer partners for this week. Yes, we signed up to pray for you! No one had to beg us to do it! We wanted to! We believe in you and all that you can do this week at camp and going forward!!

    We are so excited for the opportunities that you will be presented with this week! We’ll be praying for you all week. We can’t wait to read about the amazing things you get to do. How was Day 2? Pretty amazing, we hope!

    If you have specific prayer requests for us, leave us a note and we’ll be all over it! What school do you go to? Mr. Luban and I both work in schools. I work at Oakwood Intermediate (in Allendale) and Mr. Luban works at the Careerline Tech Center in Holland (he teaches kids how to weld). What is your favorite subject in school (besides lunch – LOL!)?

    Have a great Monday tomorrow!
    ~ Mr & Mrs Luban (Dave & Gwen) 🙂

    1. Hey guys sorry for late reply I am having a great time at camp we did zip lineing,and tomahawks throwing and now watching face your giants this was today. Also you guys want to know what school I go it’s EK high school and my favorite subject is math.

      1. So glad you’re having a great time at camp. It all sounds like so much fun. I hear EK is a really good school. Math is Mr. Luban’s favorite subject too!

  5. Hey buddy!
    Those are great goals! I am proud of you and know you can do it. I hope you had a nice day today. We went tubing and it was a lot of fun.
    I hope you are having a great time and getting to make some new friends. I really miss you and love you so much!
    Love Mom & Dad

    P.S. I will be looking for you on the Facebook Live tomorrow!

    1. Hi mom I did made a few new friends James, kyron, And roilinen today we did zip lineing, and tomahawks tohrowing and now whatching face your giants and good night and love you mom see you when I get to the church.

  6. Hi, David!
    Those are great goals for the week. My mom always told me, “If I can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” It was super hard sometimes!! You can do it though. Sometimes when I want to keep from saying something I shouldn’t, I sit on my hands. I know that seems funny and my hands don’t have anything to do with my mouth – but it works for me. 🙂

    Hey, I just saw the pictures from today — what a great picture of you on the horse!! Next time, smile!! LOL!!

    Have a great day tomorrow!!
    Mr and Mrs Luban

  7. Hi Bud,

    I hope you are having fun and meeting some new friends.

    I’m thinking a lot about you and miss you. Mom and I are praying for you and hope you get closer to God during this trip. You have made some good goals and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

    I will take your watch in to get it fixed before we pick you up on Sunday.

    I love you!


    1. Hey dad I love you to and thanks and don’t ,t forget it because every time ask you something you never get to it and good night dad love you

    1. Hi nana I am having a great time at camp the people are really nice here and the food is great love you guys and good night and sorry I replied one day late

  8. Hi David, how are you doing, I’m finally going home today from Nana and Papa’s house, Mom & Dad couldn’t pick me up yesterday, so I had to stay another day. Lov you!

  9. Hey buddy!
    I saw you in the video today doing archery. I was at work when it was live so I watched it later. I hope you know how much we love you and are so very proud of you. I hope you are making friends and having fun. Elise says hi and she misses you too. Cam is of course in his room…lol
    We miss you and will see you on the next video Mr. Patrick posts.

    Mom and Dad

    P.S. How is the food?

  10. Hi David,
    I’m Quinntin’s mom.
    I hope you are enjoying camp and making new friends!
    Seen some of the pictures and it looks like so much fun there especially with the horses. Hope the river is just as fun for you guys!! We pray everyday for you guys! God Bless!!

      1. You are welcome!! So glad to hear that!! Hope you have another great day!! Prayers won’t stop for you guys!!

  11. Hi again,
    Elijah’s mom here. Just wanted to say that I hope you had an amazing day! Keep smiling you wear it well.

  12. Hi David. It’s me Michelle, Elijah’s adopted aunt again. I got to see through pictures everyone with their horses. You guys are looking like professional riders. I hope this trip keeps you excited for the next day. Before you know it you will blink and it will be over😭. Have a wonderful night David.

  13. Hi, David:
    We hope you had a GREAT Tuesday! We continue to think about you and pray that all your hopes and dreams for this week are coming true! I was telling a friend today about camp and the opportunities you’re having there – plus the chance to learn about and hang out with horses – it made my friend jealous!! 🙂

    Have a great day tomorrow (Wednesday). Live God. Love God. Laugh with God.

    Stay Strong,
    Mr and Mrs Luban

  14. Hi sweet boy!
    I saw you on the Facebook Live today. I like how you showed where everything was. I am so glad you are having a good time. I hope the weather was food for tubing. Did you have like that? Maybe we could all go together?
    I continue to pray for you and all the boys each day. I hope you are really connecting with each other and learning some good skills. I love you so much!


  15. Hey buddy! I just read all of your replies. I am proud of you for taking the time to respond to everyone. That is very thoughtful. Tomorrow is the big day when you begin your hike! I know you will do great. I love you so much!

    Mom & Dad

  16. Hi David! I can’t believe how fast this week is going, tomorrow is Friday already! I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend! Glad to see you’re making some new friends. We’ve been praying for that for you. We hope you’ve been able to see God’s hand in your daily activities this week. He has been with you!! We hope the hiking has been going well and can’t wait to see more pictures. Keep up the good work … you are doing awesome!

  17. Hey, David!
    Happy Saturday! We know you’re on the trail! Hope it’s been a great couple of days! We know your camp time is coming to an end…but God will ALWAYS be there for you. All you have to do is reach out and talk to him. That isn’t hard – it’s like having a conversation with an imaginary friend. Just talk to him – He will talk back in His own quiet (and sometimes VERY obvious) way! You have a GREAT group of people – both adults and now your new friends – surrounding you. We too will continue to pray for you long after camp is done. If you ever have specific prayer requests, feel free to reach out to us at gwen.luban@gmail.com and ask us to pray for you.

    It has been great watching you grow through the pictures, videos and stories this week. Keep growing and becoming the person God designed you to be!

    Happy Trails!
    Mr and Mrs Luban

  18. Hi sweet boy!
    I am not sure if you will get this or not but you can read it later. It is the last night of your trip and I get to pick you up tomorrow at noon. I am so excited to see you! I bet when you get home you will take a long hot shower and a nap. You must be exhausted! I want you to know how proud of you we are. I also want you to be proud of yourself! This has been a long journey and I hope it brought you closer to God and to believing in yourself! I hope your last night is awesome! I love you so much!


  19. hey David how ya been doin buddy just sayin hi and sayin thanks for all of the fun at camp and thank you so much for helping other people at the camp

  20. Hey, David:
    I hope you’re doing good during all this Coronavirus stuff happening in our state right now. It’s kinda weird, isn’t it. I believe I read you are doing school virtually. Good for you. That’s a tough job! I hope you’re keeping up and I’ll be praying that you can use some of the tools you learned at camp to be kind with each other in your home – your siblings and your parents. It isn’t always easy with the work/stress load, with everyone being home at the same time, etc. But…………if you look at it like a blessing – that you “Get” to be home with your siblings, and you “Get” to spend more time with your parents, and you “Get” to communicate with friends via Zoom/the Internet, “Get” to get an education from home. . .then they start to look like blessings and not as inconveniences. You should feel very blessed to be able to stay home and do school from home. Help each other out. Be the “big” brother and the leader in the house. Have a positive attitude – we all need that right now! Find some good in every day.

    We will continue to pray that you work toward reaching your goals (Argue less and talk more) and that you’ll get along better with your siblings. You can do it! Treat them the way you would want to be treated – KINDLY! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  21. Hey, David:
    How are you? Are you you doing with Remote Learning? It isn’t easy sometimes. It’s a lot of screen time, but for some students it works. I hope you’re one of them. We have been working from home for a week or so now, with the latest shut downs mandated by the state. It is okay. I know we need to do it in order to get everyone healthy again. I hope everyone you know and love are healthy and safe. We know some people now that have been sick and a few that have even passed away. That is very hard.

    Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving? I know a lot of people are gathering just with their own families. Our dinner will be much, much smaller this year. Just our immediate family is coming over. I’ll make a turkey and all the fixin’s. Do you have a favorite food or tradition? We eat and watch football. I hope the Lions can pull off a win.

    Dave (my husband) is a deer hunter, so he’ll probably go out a lot this weekend too. He is a teacher, so he doesn’t get much time off this time of year. He teaches welding at the Careerline Tech Center. It’s in Ottawa County. Kentwood students attend the Kent Career Technical Center. Have you thought about going there? They have a lot of cool, real world, hands-on kinds of career programs. You should check it out. You can attend your junior or senior year.

    Well, I hope you are working hard at accomplishing your goals. Maybe by now you have some new ones. Feel free to write back and share some new goals with me. Then…I can pray for you and your new goals. I pray for you regularly anyway, but then I could pray more specifically.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends. Write back soon!

  22. Hi, David!
    How are you? We hear school is going well – we are glad to hear that. Are you on trimesters or semesters? If you’re on trimesters, you should have started your second semester already. We hope it is going well. Keep working hard – getting a good education is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

    We think of you often and pray that you are doing well in school AND at home. Our current pandemic has lots of us experiencing anxiety and some depression we don’t normally feel. Life is very different from what we used to think was normal. Levels of anxiety and stress lead to tension in families. I pray that you and your family will find ways to reduce the stress and find positive ways to interactive and activities to do together – go for walks, play board games, cook together, etc. We are always looking for new ways to fight the stress – in positive ways in our family! 🙂 If you get a chance, please share with us any positive ways you are fighting the stress! We’d love to hear them.

    We wish you a VERY Merry Christmas! We love to celebrate the birth of Jesus and all the wonderful-ness that comes along with His birth! We serve an awesome God. We also hope that 2021 is your BEST year yet! Embrace new opportunities and adventures! Be kind to others! Learn a new skill or hobby! Make it your year!!

    Stay safe and Healthy! Write back soon!
    ~ Gwen and Dave Luban

  23. Hi, David!
    We hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We sure did. We were able to spend some time with family and a few friends. It was great to be off school for a couple of weeks to just relax a bit. Do you have much planned for this week? Hope you can get outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. It’s cold – but bundle up and enjoy!

    Happy New Year! It’s almost here! I think a lot of people (us included) will be glad to see 2020 – and are looking forward to an AWESOME 2021! Are you setting any goals for the new year? We’d love to hear about them. Please write back and share them with us. We are hoping to travel more this summer and work on remodeling our basement. One work goal and one fun goal! LOL! 🙂

    Take care – enjoy your time off and get ready to dominate in 2021. You can do it! Believe in yourself. Believe that the Lord has nothing but good things planned for you. Pray. Listen. Obey.

    Stay safe. Wear your mask. Wash your hands and keep social distancing when you’re out.
    ~ Dave and Gwen Luban

  24. Hi, David:
    I hope if you are reading this that you are well. I hope too that no one close to you have suffered from COVID. We have been blessed that the family and people we know who have had it have not had too many complications. I am glad the vaccine is finally out for those people who wish to receive it. God is good – all the time.

    How is school? Are you still remote? We are back in person – and have been since we came back from Christmas break. We just had mid-winter break last week. Time sure is flying by. Next week is March already – can you believe it? We have only a few weeks of school until Spring Break and until my favorite holiday ~ Easter! It is my favorite because each year we get to celebrate that Jesus is Risen. He was killed – for me. He died – for me. He did that – for me. He gave up his life for a sinner – like me. That is pretty amazing. He must really love me! And, you know what?? He died for — and LOVES you too! God is good – all the time! What a celebration that is on Easter Sunday!

    Have you been doing anything fun now that more places are opening up again? I can’t wait to go see a movie and have some popcorn. 🙂 And, I’d like to be able to go out to eat with my whole immediate family. There are 8 of us and the limit is 6 people at a restaurant table. So, we can’t all go out for pizza or anything. But, we are hopeful that the vaccine will help with this pandemic and we can soon return to some kind of new normal. What is the first thing you are going to do when we don’t have anymore restrictions? I’d love to hear about it.

    Well, finish strong these last few weeks before Spring Break. And, we look forward to hearing from you soon. In other words ——- please write back. LOL!

  25. Hi, David:
    I hope you are doing well and anticipating Spring will be here soon. I have been super tired this week with the time change and some things going on in my personal life. I hope your week was a better one.

    Our prayers for you for this month include you finding peace in these crazy times. In order to find peace, you to:
    1.) have less stress
    2.) have patience for ourselves and others around us
    3.) have more/better control of our emotions (learn to control our anger)
    4.) find happiness in the everyday things we do each day
    5.) love the people around you
    6.) know that God is with you all the time – in the good times and the not-so-good times

    I hope you have a great spring break. It’s coming soon! Enjoy a little time away from school – but finish strong. Take care. We continue to think about you and pray for you.

    Happy Spring,
    Dave and Gwen

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