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  1. Hey James!

    I’m one of your prayer partners. I will be praying for you while you’re at camp and through out the year.

    I am excited for your time at camp! I hope it’s very good and full of adventures. I am praying that you make friends and build great relationships. Lastly I pray that you experience the love God has for you in big ways.

    Hope you have a great first day at camp!

      1. Hey its your sister… Im always praying for you. I love you my brother ❀ hope they can show you the love god has for you bc im not very good at it just yet! Maybe you can teach me something when you come back!

  2. Hey James,

    How was today? Did you have fun? Are you excited to meet your horse tomorrow?

    Please let me know if there is anything I can pray for, for you?

    Blessings Melissa

  3. Hi James. I’m Michelle, Elijah’s adopted aunt. I hope you are enjoying your camp experience so far. I hope you are making new friends from this camping trip. I hope the rest of your trip is filled with fun and excitement. Try to get some good sleep. Have a great night James.

  4. Hi James! I just found out you have your own page! I been following you guys on Facebook and it looks like you’re having fun!!! I’m so proud of you for doing this! I hope you’re sleeping alright. I miss you so much. I’m praying for you. I love you!
    Love mom =)

  5. Hello James,

    You do not know me but my name is Wendy Heath. I work with Remembrance Ranch and had the pleasure of going with the girls last week as a weekend warrior. A weekend warrior comes up just for the hiking portion of the camp. I had never gone hiking before and it was an amazing experience, one that I would gladly do again!!!! I hope you have an amazing experience also James!!!! I am praying that God will be able to speak to you this week as He did for me last week! I pray that you are able to feel just how much God is on your side during this week of camp and after camp!!!!!! I pray that God is able to touch you and help you to grow!

    You got this week James, I know you do!!!!!!

    Wendy Heath

  6. Hi again. I sure hope you are enjoying your time at camp. I also pray that you are making new friends and lifelong connections.

  7. Hi honey! So glad you got this chance. Camp is so much fun! Grandpa and I love you and we will still get you Up North before school!

  8. Hi James!
    It’s Hannahs friend Sam. I just wanted to wish you the best while you’re at camp! I hope you make new connections with people and with God and I cant wait to hear about it when you come home. Praying for you.

  9. Hey James, I want you to know that even tho I don’t get to see you much I am so so proud of you and everything you’ve done in life. I love you so much and I hope you’re having lots of fun. Big hugs I miss youuuπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  10. Hey James

    Hope you had fun today! What’s your horses name?

    I am praying for you I know it’s hard being away from home.

    You can rest in the fact that God is with you every step of the way and He loves you so much!!


  11. Goodmorning Brother. Its so cool you get to take care of your very own horse. Maybe one day you’ll have your own ranch! And I can bring the boys and you can teach them how to ride πŸ˜‰ cling to the friends you make there! There’s something miraculous about god and his timing. Im guessing there’s some pretty great guys there for you to build real friendships with and God knew that’s what you needed!! Stay strong- the first couple days are the hardest and everyone feels homesick but then you’ll find out pretty soon you won’t wanna leave! Especially bc you’ll miss Alpha!
    Im staying at moms for the week again to watch winter. Angel will be here when you come back.
    We love and miss you. Joel misses you too. ❀

  12. Hi James…
    I’m Quinntin’s Mom.
    I hope you are having fun and making some new friends!!
    From the pictures it looks like you guys are having fun!! I hope hiking the river is as fun as riding the horses! Can’t wait to see what you guys have done today.
    We pray for you guys everyday!! I pray that God is helping you find not only Him, but yourself!! God is an Awesome God!! He hears you always!! God Bless you!!

      1. You are so welcome!! I hope that you have another great day today!! You can do anything with faith and God in your heart!!!

  13. Hello James. So I hear you met Alpha. Horses are wonderful. They can be work brushing them and cleaning their hoofs but I’m sure the love and fun they give back makes it worth it. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself so far. I hope the rest of your trip is just as much fun. Hav a wonderful night James.

  14. Hi again,
    Elijah’s mom here. Just wanted to say that I hope you had an amazing day! Keep smiling you wear it well.

  15. Hi James! It looks like you’re having so much fun and learning alot about the horses! Are you enjoying yourself? I hope you are doing good. I know you’re in good hands. I love seeing the pictures and videos of you everyday. So does Winter! We sure do miss you honey! Love you so much!
    Love Mom β€β€β€πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  16. Hey James,

    Looks like it was has been a fun day! I love watching the round pen it’s such a cool connection with how our relationship with God can be. It can sometimes be hard to trust God with stuff but He will always be there no matter what.

    Hope you have a great night of sleep!

  17. Hey James!
    This js Gavin Zimmer. I heard that you were at camp so wanted to send you a message! I hope you’re having a great time & hope to see you at school soon!

  18. Hey James, quit being camera shy! You are an awesome dude!! You don’t have to feel like you can’t be in the camera anymore bc now you know nothing defines you but god!! Say cheese! ❀ you my favorite brother. So proud of you. Love seeing the pictures and videos of you guys. 4 more days til we see you!
    Im almost feeling up for a bike ride!

  19. Hey James

    Looked like you had a lot of fun again today. I am praying for a great night of sleep tonight since you start your hike tomorrow.

    Are you excited about the hike or nervous? I will be lifting you up in prayer!


    1. I’m exited and nervous but either way I’m still gonna have a blast thank you and bless you😁 πŸ™πŸΌ

  20. Hi honey. I am glad to see you having a great time! I miss you every day! Glad they are treating you good. I knew they would! 3 more days till you come home! I can’t wait! Neither can Winter! I think we should go out to eat “inside” a restaurant when you get home! Love you so much!
    Mom =) <3

  21. Hi James!

    Hope this first part of the hike has been a good one! Praying that God has been able to speak to you through this experience.

    James I hope you walk away from camp knowing that you matter to so many people but most importantly you matter to God. He created you in His image and loves you with the deepest love ever.

    Praying for a good night of rest and an awesome day of Hiking tomorrow.

    πŸ’™ Melissa

  22. Hey James,

    How have you been doing? I have been praying for you. How is school going? Are you online or in person?

    Are you in any sports this fall? Looking forward to anything?

    We are in the process of moving so its been a little crazy at our house.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you specifically?

    Blessings, Melissa your prayer partner

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