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  1. Hey Micah,

    My name is Michelle. I was at the send off yesterday. I wanted you to know I will be praying for you this week. I know God has big plans for you this week. May you be open to every experience.

    How was the Rock Climbing wall? Looks like everyone had fun.

    Right now you are probably finishing up morning devotions. I pray that you hear what God has prepared your heart for this week.

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey Honey,

    We have been thinking about you since we dropped you off! We love you and miss you already! Boy is it quiet though!😉

    We are looking forward to hearing what you are doing!! Have fun – Take hold of all the new opportunities taking part in the new adventures and new friendships!!

    Be the great encouraging leader you are and help where ever you can.

    And, seek and listen to the Lords leading – He has abundant blessings instore for you!!

    Not to mention, be safe “BBB”!!😆 I couldn’t resist!!!

    Hugs and Kisses!!! Mom

    1. Hi mom it’s been fun and I’ve been missing you guys to and I did really well on the rock wall and almost complicated all the levels. And I love you guys.

      1. Thanks for taking time to touch base Micah!

        I am so proud of you trusting us and going! I am ao glad you are having fun and spending time wirh God.

        Are you going to be able to do the wall again?

        Make any friends yet?

        I can’t wait to find out more!


        1. Hi mom and yes I am doing ok and I have made some really good friends with some kids and I even got one’s discord and I met som others that I’m getting along with good.

  3. Hi Micah. Hope that you had a great day doing the activities. praying that the climbing wall brought you some challenges and that you could accomplish what you had in mind. Please do rest well tonight so that tomorrow you will be ready for all the fun things planned for you. Have a restful night in the Lord, God bless you as you go along your week Phyllis you Prayer Partner,

  4. Hi Micah, I’m Michelle. I’m Elijah’s adopted aunt. I’m just wishing all of you will have a great time camping. I hope you will make some new friends from this adventure. There’s a lot of fun planned for your group so try to get some good sleep. Have a great night Micah.

  5. Hi Micah. Praying you had a great day. Looks like you had a pleasant day for grooming the horses and riding. Hope you had a great day learning how to handle the horse. Praying that tomorrow will be just as much fun and that you will enjoy your night resting in the safe arms of God. Sleep well. God bless and keep you.

  6. Hi again.

    I hope you have made some good memories with your horse and archery.
    Looks so fun
    Have a great night.

  7. Hey Buddy,

    How did you do with archery?

    And I forgot to ask, what is your horse’s name?

    And, the cat’s name? Did you find the cat or did the cat find you? I actually had a cat exactly like that one, he was named Smokey.

    What has the Lord placed on your heart these last couple of days?

    OK, I am done with the questions … For now anyways! But, I can’t wait to hear back from you!!!

    I love you! Sweet dreams!

    Your Mom😚

    1. Thanks mom and sry for not responding I was just busy and yes it was fun throwing tomohowks and ziplinging and all the putter things thx I love and mis you.

  8. Hey Micah,
    Hope all is well. Looks like you are having a great time! Thinking of you always.
    Take care,

  9. Hello again Micah. I hope you enjoyed meeting your horse and doing the rock climbing. In a day or 2 you will be going into the forest. I hope you’re excited. Hopefully the bugs won’t be too bad. Well have have a wonderful night Micah.

  10. Hi again,
    Elijah’s mom here. Just wanted to say that I hope you had an amazing day!
    Keep smiling you wear it well.

  11. Hey Micah, it is Nolan Mokma from school! I was supposed to go to camp with u and be a jr. leader, but I went on vacation with my family. I know that god will be this u on this jureny and hope u are have fun praying for u.

  12. HI Micah
    I hope that you enjoyed your activities. How did it go with the archery. Hope you to all the arrows right in the middle. Praying you had a really great day out in the nature enjoying all of God’s great Creation. Have a blessed, restful night and God give you a wonderful day tomorrow. God bless.

  13. Praying that your night will give you great rest. Please have a really great time on the hike and the camping out. Have a enjoyable time together with your friends. God bless.

  14. I want you to know that I believe in you, you are special,important and strong.
    I don’t believe this alone. god believes it as well

  15. Hi Micah,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. I am up north and hoping to go fishing. Since you are at camp i might have a shot at catching a fish.😁

  16. Hi Micah,
    I am Quinntin’s Mom.
    I hope you are enjoying camp and making new friendships!!
    We pray for you guys everyday! I hope you are not only connecting with the guys but also God!! He is amazing!!
    Can’t wait to see how you guys like hiking the river!! Good luck!!
    God Bless!! Have another great day!!

  17. Hope you had a good day. Hope the hiking the trails you saw some beautiful creation. Praying you had a good night sleep and that your hiking will be good today also. God bless you fellow.

  18. Hi Micah
    Hang in there young man. You can do it.
    Praying you will feel God’s hand of strength and encouragement upon you. God bless.

  19. hey micah how have u been doin since the camp i hope it is going well because you have shown much improvement on the camp and the hike with helping with everybody pack up and unpack and just all together you were great.

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