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  1. Hello Quinntin!

    My name is Carla, I am praying for you. I hope you have fun, meet new people and learn new adventures. I pray your days are filled with my any memories and gods word. I live to read my bible, I always learn new things and know I am blessed by the grace of god. I will continue praying for you and look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  2. Hello Quinntin, I’m Michelle. I’m Elijah’s adopted aunt. How’s the trip going so far? I’m hoping you will have such a great time having this experience. I know you did some rock climbing. I hope you enjoyed that.
    I hope you will have some new friendships from this trip too. There’s a lot of events planned for you so try to get some good sleep. Have a great night Quinntin.

  3. Quinntin,

    My name is Wendy Heath and I work for Remembrance Ranch:) You may not remember me but I was on the zoom call we had a little while back for you teens regarding camp. I am praying that God continues to help you develop your leadership skills, as you are doing a wonderful job so far! I pray that God speaks to you through your experiences this week! I pray that you have an open heart and can be receptive to what God is speaking into you. You got this Quinntin!!!!!!!

    Wendy Heath

  4. Hi Quinntin!!
    Tony and I hope you are having a great time and challenging yourself in this leader ship roll this year. We are really proud of how far you are coming in growing personally, growing with God, and being in a leadership roll. I hope camp and the guys will give you a push on staying faithful to reading the bible and talking to God everyday. You’re doing a great job with that, keep it up!!
    Hope you all are having a blast and we miss you very much!!

  5. Hey Quenntin,

    My name is Nate and I’ve been praying for you the past couple of days and am praying for you throughout this week! Is there anything in particular that you would like me to be praying for you about?

  6. Hi again,
    I am son proud of you boys. It sounds like you are all looking out for each other.
    I love you are making new friends and life long memories.

  7. Quinntin… This is to the whole group!!I hope all of you guys are enjoying yourselves, making new friends and memories!! Believe in the power of God, He is with you on your journey this week. All of you are in our prayers!!
    Quinntin—– We love you and miss you lots!! Seeing you for 1 week wasn’t enough!! xoxo

  8. Hey Quinntin and guys…
    Hope you all are having a blast at camp!!
    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!!

  9. Hi Quinntin! So it’s day 3 of camping. Are you enjoying the experiences so far? I heard you all got to meet your horses. Is it a lot of work taking care of a horse? I hope you enjoy the rest of your camping. Have a great night Quinntin.

  10. Hi again,
    Elijah’s mom here. Just wanted to say that I hope you had an amazing day!

    Keep smiling you wear it well.

  11. Hey Quinntin,

    As you learn to lead people through this week, I am hoping that you are learning to follow Jesus more carefully. Great leaders follow Him closely. His grace for when we take a wrong step is a wonderful gift as well.

  12. I want you to know that I believe in you, you are special,important and strong.
    I don’t believe this alone. god believes it as well

  13. Hi Quinntin!!!
    Glad to hear that you’re having a blast!! I know you love those horses but I know this is your favorite part of camp.. The hiking.
    I have been praying not only for all you guys but for you to really shine with your leadership skills and that you will bring them home with you!! How you are at camp this week is how we need you to be at home with me. I know you have it in you!! I pray that between God talking to you, feeling him in your heart and inside you that you will succeed with these struggles. You’re doing so much better!! Keep it up and please keep growing with God!! You are an amazing kiddo!! Keep up your hard work!!!
    I love you!! We all miss you!! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!!

  14. Hey Quinntin…
    I hope you and the guys are having a great time and you are building better connections with God and new friendships!!
    Can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you guys have done. I will try to get on tonight or tomorrow and see how you are doing. I am heading to Melissa’s to go kayaking and have a moms weekend with no kiddos for the first time in many yrs. LOL!! She doesn’t have the best service up there but I will try to check in on you.
    Tony and I love you and miss you very much!! Can’t wait to see you on sunday!!! XoxO

  15. Hey Quinntin!

    It might feel like your experience in the wilderness was ages ago, and you are getting used to a new routine with school and other activities. I’ve been praying for you that you remember the truth God revealed to you this summer is still truth today. As a friend of mine says, “Don’t doubt in the dark what God revealed in the light.” God bless you with many days in His light through the grace of Jesus Christ.

  16. Hey Quinntin,

    In the uncertainty of the world and our lives I love God’s encouragement to not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petitions with thanksgiving make your requests known to Him. Whenever you get worried about something, whatever it is, God’s desire is for you to have peace by talking to Him about it and being thankful for what you have seen God do already.

    Forever in His grip of grace,

  17. Happy December Quinntin!

    As we wrap up this year, I hope that you have been able to spend time reflecting on what has gone well in 2020. While many think such a list would be short, the fact that you are part of this program show that there are indeed many blessings that God has given you. I find it helpful to stop every once in a while and think of three things that I’m thankful for. That changes my attitude dramatically.
    As we prepare for the (most likely) oddest Christmas of our lives, remember how odd it is that the King of the Universe, the Creator of All, chose to become a weak baby in the dirt because of His love for you.

    God bless you and your family!

    Continuing to pray with/for you,

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