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  1. Hi Amiya!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to see you ladies off yesterday, but I am so looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday when I come to spend the day at camp. I will be your new case manager for the year and will be praying specifically for God to move in mighty ways this week and throughout the year! I hope that you are having a blast and enjoying camp! See you soon!

  2. Hi Amiya! How far did you make it on the climbing wall? I’m hoping to come see you all either Tuesday or Wednesday! Keep smiling!

  3. HI Amiya!

    Looks like you are doing great so far! Can’t wait to hear about your day went today!

    Have fun!

  4. Amiya,

    You see Amiya, God already loves you and me and all people, just the way we are!!!!! He sees our beauty and knows of our potentials. He puts us in places and experiences to help us grow and learn about the daughter’s we are supposed to be……..this is awesome!!!!!! These words also come from the Bible, they remind me that if I take a breath, give my worries/fears to God, slow down and work on calming my mind and body, eventually God speaks to me. He gives me ideas or I run into somebody that ends up teaching me a lesson through their story……..the point is if you allow God to speak to you, He will, then you don’t have to be so anxious!!!!!! You got this girl!!!!!!! You are surrounded by many people working through God’s love that love you at camp and they will make sure you are safe! I want you to think about what God has in store for you this week and taking steps toward opening your heart and listening for God’s answers. So, my prayer for you, is that you will grow more in your relationship with God and learn just how amazing you are through God’s eyes, this week at camp! See you soon!!!!!! Love you girl!!!!


    1. Thank you! 😊 and yes God loves everyone even people who don’t believe him and I’m having a blast at camp can’t wait to meet you too! And learning more about god is opening me up more to be a new person!😊

      1. Amiya that is really cool!!!!!!! I stopped by your house today to check in on your mom for you and had the pleasure of meeting your little sister, boy she is cute!!!!! Your mom said that she has been watching stuff on facebook. Everything seemed to be going well:)

        You are exactly correct, God does love people that do not yet know him or even believe in him……that is how amazing God is!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you…..only 2 more days until the hike and I can’t wait!!!! I am getting really excited!!!!!!!!!

        I saw you with your horse on FB live video and you looked so confident and calm!!!!! That is awesome!!!!! I don’t know that I could look or feel that way standing next to such a large animal but you did it so well!!!!! I pray for you to continue growing in your confidence and your relationship with God!!!! See you soon:)


        1. thank you so much for stopping by and helping my mom out with the blogs, i appreciate it so much. i cant wait for the hike and i cant wait to meet you. i am so excited to experience such new things. the horses here are incredible, thank u for joining our live sessions. please continue to pray for me.

  5. Hello Kabita,

    We are Josh and Melissa Baumbach,

    We are so sorry for the late posts. We were in Colorado and away from technology. We prayed for you tonight at dinner and we are hoping you are having an exciting time with friends and the counselors. We look forward to watching your journey and pray that you experience God’s presence during this week and beyond.

    Josh and Melissa

  6. Hey Amiya😃
    Looks like your having a lot of fun, we miss you!!!! Nae nae said hurry back Amiya lol. Love you , have fun…&see you soon!!!😘😘😘

    1. hi mom i miss you to and i’m having a lot of fun and tell man man and nae nae i miss them to and cant wait to see you to love you and have a great day!

  7. Hi Amiya,
    I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. I read the blog about tubing down the river listening to worship music…. that does sound relaxing. I was in Colorado last week and we white water rafted on the Colorado River. It was very exciting through the rapids then turned into a very relaxing adventure. I remember looking around and thinking GOD created this. The mountains and the water. I thought to myself how could someone not believe, who could possibly create such beauty. I hope you are experiencing the beauty of GODS creation too.

    ~Remember as God made the beauty of the world, he also made you perfect in his image.

    Have a blessed day.

    1. going down the river it was fun ,but i was scared at first and had a lot of fun and yes i love how god made the mountain and the water and the earth god did a lot for us and i happy he did he a good creator

      have a nice day


  8. Amiya! It’s been so great to see your beautiful smile! Remember to breath slowly when your feeling overwhelmed! You got this hike in the bag!

  9. Hey Amiya!!! Girl, can I first and foremost say you are amazing and pushing through some hard things! You are conquering fears one at a time and I truly hope you find pride in that!!! I loved having the chance to meet you ladies yesterday, as well as seeing the big smile on your face and hear your giggles throughout the day. You were so amazing on the horse trail and I know you will also do amazingly on the hike this weekend. I look forward to getting to know you better and walking alongside you as you conquer even more throughout the next year. I will be praying for you as you leave on the hike this morning, and praying that God will fill you with the strength, endurance, and joy throughout the entire hike! See you Sunday when you all arrive back home!

  10. Hello Amiya,

    I hope you are enjoying your time and getting to experience some fun new things. The horse back riding looked so fun! There is something about being outside and experiencing all that God has provided for us. Something I take for granted at times. I’ll be praying for good weather, friendships and a peaceful journey..

    *Have a wonderful time in Manistee!!!!*

    God Bless

  11. What an amazing opportunity this is for you girls…. sounds like something I would love to do as an adult. Such a memorable adventure that you get to walk with the Lord and seek all his goodness. Keep up the great job!

    •In the season where we feel like the sky is falling, remember GOD is still in control. •
    ~ unknown

    GoD BLeSs

  12. Hi Amiya,
    I have the blessed opportunity to be one of your prayer partners! During your adventure I was on my own out west with family (for two weeks) and was not able to have reliable connection, but just know, you were on my heart and in my prayers the entire time. It’s been great catching up with all you have done over this week! I wanted to drop in and say a hello 🙂

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