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  1. Good Morning Kabita!
    My name is Tara Vandermolen and I am blessed with the opportunity to be in prayer with you. My husband and I live and Allendale, have three boys, and one crazy dog. Praying this week fills you with hope and encouragement. I pray you can truly embrace God’s creation in nature and enjoy all the beauty his has provided for us. Wishing you a terrific first day, enjoy!

  2. Kabita! What a first day! The climbing wall looked like a challenge! I have to admit I have never climbed a wall as big as this one! Sometimes God puts challenges in our life to help us grow spiritually, we depend on him for his guidance and grace. I pray that you can find his grace not only in yourself but in others. I also pray that you girls can work as a team, learn to work together. Looks like a little rain, it never hurts to jump in a few puddles!

    1. Hello and thank you for this wonderful message! Yes, the rock climbing was challenging and I got tired pretty quickly but I still reached a higher place since the staff at Remembrance ranch encouraged me and the others a lot.
      Once again, thank you!

  3. Hi Kabita!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to see you ladies off yesterday, but I cant wait to meet you all on Wednesday and spend the day at camp. I will be your new case manager for the year and will be praying specifically for God to move in mighty ways this week and throughout the year! I hope that you are having a blast and I can’t wait to hear some of your favorite camp stories! See you soon!

  4. Hey! How was your first day! Hope it was a blast, can’t wait to hear about it!

    Have Fun!

    1. My first day was making me nervous but in the end, it turned out all good. It was okay, thank you for the message!

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying the company of horses! I grew up with horses, my parents owned a small horse farm. I never became a great rider but I learned one lesson from them, trust! The horses can sense your fear and anxiety. The moment I released my fear and trusted the horse, the horse would do the same, and we would have a great ride! Kinda like trusting in God, he will take care of you! He wants you to have a great life, but you must trust in his plan! Praying for trust, that you can trust not only the horse, but your your fellow camp members and leaders for guidance and worship.

    1. Yes! I changed my horse from Missy to Cody because Missy is a little too fast, one of the fastest. Cody is one of the slowest and I definently like it!
      Thank you for the message!

  6. Kabita,

    You do not know me, but I work with Remembrance Ranch and will be joining you this year on the hike as a Weekend Warrior. I am so looking forward to meeting you and spending 4 days in God’s country with you and the other girls/staff! I have read through all of your postings and it sounds like you are having a great time and really challenging yourself Kabita!!!!! That is wonderful!!!!!!

    I, personally, have never been hiking, like we are about to and have to admit I am a little nervous about the experience. I am having to rely on my faith in God to help me to get through some of my super anxious moments! Aleena’s mom posted something that reminded me to remember my faith in God. I hope if you are ever in a moment of struggle that this helps you as much as it helped me. The quote is: “I have amazing potential, I can make good choices, I am never alone, I can do hard things, I am beautiful inside and out, I am of great worth/value, He has a plan for me, I know who I am, I am a daughter of God!”

    You see Kabita, God already loves you and me and all people just the way we are!!!!! He sees our beauty and knows of our potentials. He puts us in places and experiences to help us grow and learn about the daughter’s we are supposed to be……..this is awesome!!!!!!

    These words also come from the Bible, they remind me that if I take a breath, give my worries/fears to God, slow down and work on calming my mind and body, eventually God speaks to me. He gives me ideas or I run into somebody that ends up teaching me a lesson through their story……..the point is if you allow God to speak to you, He will, then you don’t have to be so anxious!!!!!!

    As a returning camper, I know you got this girl!!!! My prayer for you, is that you will grow more in your relationship with God and learn just how amazing you are through God’s eyes, this week at camp! I also pray for you to continue challenging yourself so that you can discover more wonderful things about YOU!!!! See you soon!!!!!! Love you girl!!!!

    -Wendy Heath:)

    1. Thank you for this long wonderful comment you have sent!
      I am looking forward to the hike and it is my 2nd year at Camp.
      Looking forward to meeting you!

      1. Kabita,

        I saw you with your horse today!!!! You looked so confident and calm with your horse!!!!!! Being confident and calm looks good on you!!!!! I pray that you continue to grow in your confidence and your relationship with God during this week at camp:) See you in 2 days….I’m getting excited!!!!!

        1. Hello Wendy! Thank you for this message, I appreciate it.
          I did feel a little more confident than yesterday and trotting has become a lot easier since Kody, my horse, is slow haha.
          Looking forward to meeting you!

  7. Hello Kabita,

    We are Josh and Melissa Baumbach,

    We are so sorry for the late posts. We were in Colorado and away from technology. We prayed for you tonight at dinner and we are hoping you are having an exciting time with friends and the counselors. We look forward to watching your journey and pray that you experience God’s presence during this week and beyond.

    Josh and Melissa

    1. Thank you Josh and Melissa for this wonderful message! It is completely okay.
      Have a very great day! I will be hiking after two days I think, with the rest of my other teammates at Remembrance Ranch.

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed your horseback ride! I too had to change my ride from time to time. Some of those horses have a little more spunk than others! I see you have enjoyed some archery. My husband and two of my sons love to hunt! Bow season is their favorite. They said shooting a bow is much more challenging, it makes the reward that much better.! It takes a lot of practice and confidence. Confidence can be tough! It can take some time, but is so essential when believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing gives you more peace than the confidence of knowing God’s plan for your life and his constant provision over you! We go through many difficult situations in our life and and it is confidence in him that he will get you through them! Enjoy this beautiful day! Praying for you to have confidence not only in him, but your leaders and staff.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful message!
      Yes, the Archery activity was and is very fun! At first I couldn’t really shoot cause I didn’t know if the string of the bow would stretch farther and it felt so hard to pull it back. Some of my other teammates were doing it easily, even the smaller and younger ones. Thankfully some of the staffs and some of the teammates helped out and taught me what to do. Stretching the string is much more easier now.

      Thank you once again! Have a nice day!

  9. Hi Kabita,
    I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. I read the blog about tubing down the river listening to worship music…. that does sound relaxing. I was in Colorado last week and we white water rafted on the Colorado River. It was very exciting through the rapids then turned into a very relaxing adventure. I remember looking around and thinking GOD created this. The mountains and the water. I thought to myself how could someone not believe, who could possibly create such beauty. I hope you are experiencing the beauty of GODS creation too.

    ~Remember as God made the beauty of the world, he also made you perfect in his image.

    Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful message, Melissa!
      I appreciate it and I really love tubing, it was very fun and others also enjoyed it as well.

      Once again Thank you!

  10. Good morning Kabita! Sounds like another fun day at camp! I’m glad your figured out how to use your bow. It took me a while too. Looks like tubing was a blast! We have a cabin not far from your camp and we tube the same river. I bet the water was freezing! But, probably felt good with the hot day! You got to enjoy some beautiful nature, God’s creation! I had knee extensive knee surgery and have been on crutches for the past six weeks. Very limited on what I can do. What I found out was I truly enjoy just sitting on my deck and listening to the birds and enjoying all the beauty surrounding me. Gods beauty is EVERYWHERE! You do not need to go far to see it! Enjoy another beautiful day at camp! Cannot wait to hear about your adventures!

    1. Thank you for this wonderful message, Melissa!
      I appreciate it and I really love tubing, it was very fun and others also enjoyed it as well.

      Once again Thank you!

  11. Another beautiful day Kabita! A great day for a hike! What an awesome way for you to bond with your staff and fellow campers! Just follow the path and keep on going! Same for your relationship with God. He has a path for you and he wants you to follow it. You will have some steep hills to climb, just like the struggles in your life, but as long as you stay on the right path, God will take care of you! Praying for endurance and insight for you today. Enjoy the trails!

    1. Thank you for this awesome message!
      I appreciate it.
      The hike was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot along with my friends!
      I made new friends and met my previous ones as well from my first year of camp.

  12. Hey K! I am so thankful I had the chance to hang with you ladies yesterday and was able to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better this next year and hopefully seeing some of your drawings! You did great on the horse trail last night and I will be praying for you as you leave this morning for the hike. I will be praying for fresh and new experinces, but also for peace, joy, and endurance as you spend time in God’s nature. I will see you on Sunday when you all arrive back home.

  13. I hope you are enjoying your hike! I have been praying for you! I love to hike! One of my favorite things to do! I takes motivation! It takes motivation to love the Lord Jesus Christ as well. Our motivation is to know him, to follow his plan, and serve him. Our motivation is loving the Lord! I pray you are filled with that motivation today and everyday!

    1. Yes i enjoyed my hike and I tried to for the next two days of hiking as well.
      It was hard but I pushed myself through it.
      Thank you!

  14. Looks like you are having a great time with your hike! As I was praying for you today I was thinking about prayer and how awesome it is to be able to talk to God. We can pray for anything! He is always listening and he always answers! We may not always get the answer we would like, but that is because his answer is always better. His answer may not come right away but with patience it always appears. Praying you can connect with prayer! Prayer is a great way to release fear and stress in your life. When all solutions seem to run out, you always have prayer!

    1. Thank you for this message! We are currently driving back home in the Van.
      I enjoyed the hike and currently have great bonds with some of them.

      Have a nice day!

  15. Last day of camp, what awesome memories for you! You received the good friend award! Congratulations! True friends are a blessing! As you leave camp today know that God is with you always, not just at camp. He is the one that provides you with true happiness no matter what your circumstances. I will continue to pray that you take God with you everywhere you go, that you can see his guidance and trust in his word. Wishing you all the best in this upcoming school year!

  16. What an amazing opportunity this is for you girls…. sounds like something I would love to do as an adult. Such a memorable adventure that you get to walk with the Lord and seek all his goodness. Keep up the great job!

    •In the season where we feel like the sky is falling, remember GOD is still in control. •
    ~ unknown

    GoD BLeSs

  17. Hi Kabita! Feeling blessed to be able to connect with you! I hope you have found the guidance and grace needed in your everyday life. I have and will continue to pray for strength and wisdom that God so graciously gives you to work through your difficulties and struggles. We face obstacles everyday, God gets us through those. Prayer, patience, and his infinite wisdom will prevail! May you find peace in him and continue to follow his plan for your life.

  18. Wrapping you up in prayer. Praying you can open your heart to Jamie and your mom. May you allow them to help you follow God and his word. May you see his guidance and gain confidence in him. Sometimes we don’t always like what we are commanded to do, but if it is in gods will then it is right. I pray you find trust in Jamie as she ties to guide you. Praying you find a connection with her and your mom.

  19. Hi Kabita, so glad to hear you are doing well in school! So important to stay structured and disciplined. This will help you find your career path and get there! Virtual school is tough, Covid is tough on everyone but there is only one person that will relieve the struggles you are facing, God. He is the only one we can truly rely on in this adversity. Praying that you can find peace with it. Also praying for a connection with your mom. God gave us a mom for a reason Kabita, the reason someday you will realize. Praying for relief of your family financial burden. May God meet the needs of you and your family.

  20. Merry Christmas Kabita! So glad to hear you are doing well in school! Online can be tough! God gave you the strength and courage to remain focused and committed. Proud of you! Praying for you and your family this Christmas. Praying that you can develop a better relationship with your mom. Family is so important, especially right now with Covid and Christmas. Family is a blessing from God to get your through those hard times, no matter what they are. Praying that your family be relieved of the financial burden solved upon them. Through Christ we can do all things!!

  21. Merry Christmas Kabita! This is such a wonderful holiday to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Without him, he would not have died on the cross and payed for our sins. The true meaning of Christmas!! Some days are tough but we all have blessings to be thankful for. I try to reflect on what I have, not on what I do not. Praying this new year brings you peace and contentment. Merry Christmas!

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