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  1. I had fun but I finish the very hard side on the rock wall and I was so tired last night and I was out last night love you mom

  2. Hi Marissa!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to see you ladies off yesterday, but I am so looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday. I will be heading to camp for the day and spending the day with you all. I am your new case manager for the year and will be praying specifically for God to move in mighty ways this week and throughout the year! I hope that you are having a blast and enjoying camp! See you soon!

  3. Hello! How was the first day! Looks like the climbing was a blast! Blessed to have you back at camp this year! Love the new haircut, super cute!
    Can’t wait to hear about your day!

  4. Hi Marissa! My name is Erin Talsma, and I have been chosen to be your prayer partner. I am looking forward to learning more about you. It looks like you are off to a great start at camp. The rock wall sounded like it was exciting but yet challenging. God places challenges in our lives at times, but in my experience, I only grow and learn from those challenges. Hope you have another exciting day!


  5. Marissa,

    Hey there, I see that things are going well at camp this year and wanted to let you know I will be joining you this year on the hike as a Weekend Warrior. I am so looking forward to seeing you and spending 4 days in God’s country with you and the other girls/staff! I have read through all of your postings and it sounds like you are having a great time and really challenging yourself Marissa!!!!! That is wonderful!!!!!!

    I, personally, have never been hiking, like we are about to and have to admit I am a little nervous about the experience. I am having to rely on my faith in God to help me to get through some of my super anxious moments! Aleena’s mom posted something that reminded me to remember my faith in God. I hope if you are ever in a moment of struggle that this helps you as much as it helped me. The quote is: “I have amazing potential, I can make good choices, I am never alone, I can do hard things, I am beautiful inside and out, I am of great worth/value, He has a plan for me, I know who I am, I am a daughter of God!”

    You see Marissa, God already loves you and me and all people just the way we are!!!!! He sees our beauty and knows of our potentials. He puts us in places and experiences to help us grow and learn about the daughter’s we are supposed to be……..this is awesome!!!!!!

    These words also come from the Bible, they remind me that if I take a breath, give my worries/fears to God, slow down and work on calming my mind and body, eventually God speaks to me. He gives me ideas or I run into somebody that ends up teaching me a lesson through their story……..the point is if you allow God to speak to you, He will, then you don’t have to be so anxious!!!!!!

    As a returning camper, I know you got this girl!!!! My prayer for you, is that you will grow more in your relationship with God and learn just how amazing you are through God’s eyes, this week at camp! I also pray for you to continue challenging yourself so that you can discover more wonderful things about YOU!!!! See you soon!!!!!! Love you girl!!!!

    -Wendy Heath:)

    1. Me too Marissa!!!!!! I saw you on the FB live video standing next to your horse, you looked so happy/confident/relaxed!!!!! It looks good on you girl!!!!! I pray that you continue to grow in your confidence during this week of camp! See you in 2 days:)


  6. Hey sissy what all you do today? Mom misses you how you doing on the horses? Are you making new friends? I love you sissy

    1. Miss you to just my house is taller than me and yes I have had a lot of fun 🐎 horse did not trot yesterday day at one point my horse ran love you to mom

  7. Looks like you all had fun riding the horses. Have you ever rode a horse before? It can be very intimidating. Be proud of yourself! I hope you are meeting some new friends.

    Praying For You!


  8. Hi sissy what you do fun today? Also cole asked if he could write you so he may be leaving a message for you. Love you sissy hoping you are doing amazing things

  9. Hey Marissa!!! I am so thankful I had the chance to meet you ladies yesterday and be a part of the fun for one day! I loved the time I had chatting with you ….through the sneezes….and watching you ride the tallest horse I’ve ever seen! You bring such a joy and light to those that are around you, and I look forward to getting the chance to meet with you throughout the next year. I will be praying for you as you leave on the hike this morning and praying you will enjoy being in God’s beautiful nature as well as seeing His love all around you! I will see you Sunday when you all arrive back home!

  10. Hi Marissa,
    How was your hike? Hopefully it wasn’t too hot for you girls. How far did you go? I’ve never been on a long hike before. Hopefully you were able to take some time to pause and look around at all of God’s beautiful scenery. 🌲

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!


  11. How was your night? Looks like you learned how to start a fire and make spaghetti. I’m sure you are getting tired. Keep plugging away. There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment. Lean on God to keep pushing you along. He will never fail you!


  12. Marissa, just checking in to see how you are doing? How is school going? Are you attending in person or are you doing online schooling?

    It’s such a crazy time, and so many unknowns with what has gone on in 2020, but I am reminded constantly that ultimately, God is in control. It’s so important to lean on him during these times. The best part, he is always there. He never fails us. We don’t always know why things are happening when they are going on, but there is a reason. God only wants the best for us.

    When things get tough, just keep plugging away and keep on praying. He can be your best friend!

    Much love and prayers!


  13. Hey Marissa it’s Wendy Heath from camp. I am also one of your Prayer Partners. I heard that you moved away. We have been trying to connect with you and your family….get in touch girl! I hope and pray you and your family are doing well. I look forward to hearing from you!

  14. Hi Marissa! Hope you are doing well! Sounds like you have a great Christmas party filled with lots of fun events. It’s such a crazy year, so it’s good to hear you had a fun event planned. Do you like snow? I am not a fan, so I enjoy seeing grass this time of year. Although, it feels less like Christmas without it.
    I am praying that you are staying safe, and are able to celebrate Christ’s birth safely also. It’s easy to get side tracked on the real meaning of Christmas with all the hustle and bustle. Try to take some quiet time to reflect on the true meaning. Keep him close to your heart.

    Merry Christmas 🎄


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