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Coming home!

We are on the road with an awesome group of guys! The rain held off this morning so we were able to pack and get out on time. We apologize that we were not able to get any post out this weekend as we did not have good reception.  Here’s  a quick summary  of how the last three days have gone on the trail.

Our  first day was actually our longest hike. We made it to our first campground with a Riverview and the boys did great! Lots of encouragement on the trail and lots of beautiful nature. When we set up we learned how to set up our tents,  cook spaghetti for dinner, put up our food at night with bear bags, and then had a devotional and social time around the campfire. Great view of the river and all that Manistee River Trail has an offer.
The next morning we woke up and learned how to make omelettes in a bag 🙂 Patty led us in a devotional then we headed out for a great swim spot near some waterfalls. Lots of fun playing in the river, looking for Petoskty stones , floating downstream, and catching crayfish to cook for dinner :-). Saw a bald eagle,  osprey, deer along the river.

our last day was spent traveling to the suspension bridge. A lot of other hikers on the trail and the boys did a great job of saying hello. I think a lot of the other hikers were impressed to see a group of a dozen young men making their way with full packs. we made it to a group camping site on Seaton creek where are the van Met is to bring us real food —hamburgers,  hotdogs, chips, pop, and a desert to celebrate all we have done .

At our devotional time four boys asked God to be their Savior and Jesus to live in their heart. Three boys recommitted themselves to being disciples of Christ! Lots of encouragement for each other and a few testimonials from leaders of how we have seen God encourage us

The best part of the trip is that this is only the beginning and not the end! Dan will be following up with the boys in their schools and at their homes to help them follow through on the goals that they set this week. I personally will look forward to seeing them at some of our social events including a hockey game, Craigs cruisers, and other opportunities.  Look for prayer requests and updates from your prayer partner coordinator.

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Coming Together!

Even though Monday started rainy and wet,  we started off with a good breakfast and got to the horses right away! It is amazing and how quickly the boys are advancing in their confidence and skills in working with the horses. Many of them know how to approach a horse saddle it tie the correct knots mounted and guided around the arena after only a couple of lessons! While some were riding the horses others worked the chores in the barn and learn what it takes to take care of these beautiful animals.

We took a break from the horses to work on a creative thinking and problem-solving activity. The boys were presented with a problem of How to figure out how to survive in the desert, But the real goal was to see Learn in their ability to problem solve and work as a team.

Were you able to log into Facebook live to see our archery activity? If not you can see a recording on our Facebook page. The afternoon was classic summer camp activities including swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and archery.

Mr. Dan (the boys case manager) was able to drive up from Grand Rapids and spend the day with us. It was great to continue a relationship with him as he will help with the follow up care.

We ended the day with more horse skills including riding lessons and how to wash and groom the horses.

After supper was a campfire and Patrick shared his testimony. The kids responded well and his son Patty finished the night with a stirring prayer and a call to live for God.