Monday Re-Cap!

Hi Everyone!

We made it through our first day/night, and it was a success! Yesterday was a busy one, with the rainstorm, lunch, cabin move-in, swim time and games, campfire dinner, a solo hike and a bonfire. They boys were very tired by the end of the day, and enjoyed the thunderstorm as they settled in for bed in the cabin.

We have seen a lot of the boys begin to open up and talk about goals for themselves and their families. They have demonstrated responsibility, team work and learning to accept others differences. we expect that this will continue with more in depth activities and groups throughout the week.

K.R. showed a lot of leadership yesterday. He was very encouraging and participated well during the “All Aboard Activity” in which all the boys had to stand on a small piece of wood together. K.R. has vocalized his desire for change, and seems to be searching for direction. Please continue to pray that he finds direction in his search for personal change, as well as leadership and mentors from others to develop his skills and strength.

J.O. was the core of the “All Aboard Activity” yesterday. Without J.O., none of the boys would have been able to stand together. This position allowed him to step out of his comfort zone, which is a very difficult thing for young men! Please continue to pray that J.O. will establish a personal relationship with God and his peers during the trip, and that he continues to have fun!

A.D. is our laid back group member. He is very accepting of others and has been very social! He has demonstrated some leadership skills, and is doing great with connecting and encouraging with others. Please pray that God will allow him to further open up and discuss his goals for himself and his family throughout this process. 

M.T. is having a blast! He is a very generous young man, always volunteering to help out whenever possible! M.T. prayed over dinner last night, specifically asking for safety of his peers and family. M.T. is seeking out growth opportunities as our youngest group member. Please pray that he stays energized but is able to focus on his personal goals and strength during camp. 

J.B. is a very caring and intuitive young man. He has been very helpful during meal times and cabin clean up. J.B. has a great sense of humor, and loves to crack jokes and make others laugh. Please pray that he has the strength and endurance to battle the emotional aspects of camp, and that he continues to vocalize his desire for change. 

L.Q. is very creative and thinks out of the box. During our “All Aboard Activity” he discovered a very creative solution to a loop-hole, which allowed each of his group members to complete the activity. L.Q. is a great team player and is taking his time here at camp very seriously. Please continue to pray that he vocalizes his feelings and desires/goals. L.Q. has great things to say…and we want to hear more!

Its been a very fun 24 hours. The staff is energized by our students, and we are looking forward to another fun, hot and active day. Please continue to pray for all of us that we are safe, energized and focused on GOD and what he can do for Remembrance Ranch. We can do ALL things through Jesus Christ……and HE is working in these kids and the staff already. Thanks be to GOD!!! 

Just a note…we are having some internet issues, so its difficult to get onto the computer at times.


We made it!!

We made it! It was a wet and rainy drive, but God protected us! We are all checked in and the guys are currently playing games and getting to know each other. The boys were very quiet on the way here, but they are warming up and we are starting to see smiles and hear laughter! Please continue to pray for a safe and memorial week! 

Parents, if you need to contact me, feel free to email at

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Getting Close!

Hello!  I am so excited for Monday!  Let me give all of you a quick recap of what has happened thus far and what will happen next week!  So far, each of our 6 teens have been partnered with a prayer warrior who has already started praying for them and for their families.  They are praying for their salvation, for their needs, safety, that God would begin working in their hearts even before they arrive at camp, and so much more.  Jenn and I have been meeting with each family to assess any needs and prepare them for next week.  Jenn is also preparing a goal plan for each teen which they will be working through while at camp.  We traveled to Eagle Village (camp location) for staff training and were amazed by the expertise and professionalism the Eagle Village team provided us!  Kevin and I were able to come together with the Eagle Village staff during a team building exercise they called “Boards & Logs.”  I was amazed as Sarah, one of our team leaders, used every possible experience to teach us and showed us how we could apply each of those circumstances to our own lives.

On Monday, our team & each teen, along with their parents/guardians, will meet in the parking lot of Life Stream Church.  Each teen will be given a youth bible.  We will extend our hand over the teens while Pastor Jim of Life Stream leads us in prayer over the teens.  We will then make the 2 hour trip north to Hershey, MI where we will check in at Eagle Village.  During our first three days we will be out on the Manistee River Trail beginning at Red Bridge; hiking, setting up camp, and enjoying the beautiful wilderness God has created!  Each day we will utilize a specific character sketch to teach the teens about specific characteristics which can be applied to their lives; for example, the Salmon is used to teach about Determination.  On the third day, we will pack up camp and canoe the Manistee River back down to Red Bridge, and then hike back to Eagle Village.  We’ll move into our rustic cabin (no electricity or running water), and process our hiking trip.  On Friday, the team will experience the ropes course and the archery range.  Each night will end with a camp fire and possibly a night hike.  On Saturday, we will be river tubing down the Muskegon River and have lunch on the river.  Sunday is “Water Day” and the rock climbing wall.  On Monday, we will pack up camp, clean our cabin, and head to the awards ceremony where each teen will receive an award based on their experience at camp.  

Every activity will be an experience and the teens will learn skills they can take with them for eternity!  Please be in prayer for us and follow along as we experience wilderness adventures through Remembrance Ranch!  

You are all encouraged to comment and cheer on the team as we will make sure the teens hear every word you post!  Be Blessed!


Reminder to Parents/Guardians!

Hey Parents/Guardians!

I wanted to remind you all of the medication policy for camp!

Please remember to bring only the amount of medication that will be needed for your child’s time at the ranch. (Example: if your child takes a medication once per day, please only include 8 pills for all 8 days of camp. There should not be any extra.) All medication needs to be in the original bottle and up to date. On the Monday morning of camp, we will be filling out medication sheets and I will be checking in your child’s medication. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call one of the staff!



Hi Everyone!!

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Jenn Harrod, therapists for the WAR Program at Remembrance Ranch! I am SUPER excited to leave in a week for this life changing event, but wanted to give you an update on what I have been working on so far:

We have completed 5 assessments, with another scheduled this week. During the assessment process, I will meet with the parent/guardian of each child separately, then meet with the child. During these meetings, we discuss the families history and need for Remembrance Ranch, complete a brief bio-psycho-social-spiritual history, and discuss needs. The process takes on average an hour from start to finish. While I am meeting with each child, Patrick is discussing the schedule at camp, the packing list, and handling any questions the parent/guardian may have. Its an exciting process, and we have met incredible families who are embarking on this journey with us.

Each of our 5 WAR participants are special. They have individual talents that we are excited to utilize during the week. From photography, to drawing, engineering and athletic skills…we are sure they will all be an asset to the team and will help each other grow and learn new and exciting skills to bring home.

I am very excited, as I am sure all of our families are as well. The week will be full of opportunity, memories and spiritual growth. I am pumped to see how God is going to use each of us to fill his purpose for the Kingdom, and am amazed at how he has prepared the camp, the staff and the families for a week full of amazing opportunity. We are so blessed, with the thanks going to GOD!

See you all on Monday at 7:30am! Be BLESSED!

So pumped!

I am excited to get into the lives of these kids. I know the value of being told that everyone deserves a second chance at making good choices. I was a rebellious fool for most of my younger life, but there comes a time when we have to say enough is enough and change our destructive pattern of living. That time came for me, as it does for many people, when I found myself in Christ Jesus. Most of the boys probably feel like they are beyond that second, third or fourth chance in life. Thank God that we can never out run our amazing God.
Can’t wait to see what He has planned! 

Welcome to W.A.R.!

Welcome to the W.A.R. Blog!  

WAR (Wilderness Adventure Ranch) is an 8-day power-packed program being offered this summer.  The program will focus on the WAR each teenager faces inside and at the world around them!  WAR will offer Wilderness Adventures & Survival, as well as Leadership & Teambuilding in an environment free from the everyday distractions of life.

WAR is a camp experience for pre-teens for early intervention.  This program is for youth beginning to have difficulty managing their anger and emotions, struggling to transition into a place of personal responsibility, and lacking respect for others.  The ranch site is at Eagle Village in Hershey, MI.

The outcome of this program includes:

  • Gaining a sense of personal self-worth

  • Understanding their role on family and community

  • Learn the importance of making healthy decisions, and the consequences of unhealthy ones

  • Respect for themselves, the boundaries of others and the values of their community

  • Realize their potential by taking positive risks and learning new things

  • Improves social, emotional and behavioral functioning

  • More productive ways of managing daily stressors and conflicts

  • Ability to step out of personal comfort zone and try new things

  • Positive growth experience for youth

WAR will include intensive programming and structure, skill-building modules, real-life applications and goal setting that are appropriate for each age level.

During the week of June 18th, you will be able to follow our team as we venture into the wilderness of northern Michigan!  Our Ranch Leaders and Therapist will update this page daily with daily happenings, projects, prayer requests, and everything else!  Please comment as you are able to lift our team and the teens up in prayer and support!

Remembrance Ranch exists to transform the lives of struggling teenagers and their families through the power of Jesus Christ impacting today’s culture for the glory of God and the benefit of society.